La Belle Mere Forte


Translation (hopefully):

Thank you so much, Nathan! You’ve really made an excellent Power Girl costume!

Nng…you’re welcome…But did you really have to make me so tight?

Of course! I wanted to make the costume exactly right!

But I’m practically smashed against your breasts and crotch! Are you sure my girlfriend came up with this idea?

Well…actually, I lied about that. My daughter has no idea you’re here with me.

What!? Why did you lie to me!

Well, I love dressing up, and for the past few years I’ve been using my daughter as my costume. She gets very mad when I do, so I decided you could help both your girlfriend and your future mother-in-law by being my costume!

Why did she hate it so much?

Well, my husband really likes me in costumes…

Oh, ew!