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Rental Service 11


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Rental Service 9


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La Belle Mere Forte


Translation (hopefully):

Thank you so much, Nathan! You’ve really made an excellent Power Girl costume!

Nng…you’re welcome…But did you really have to make me so tight?

Of course! I wanted to make the costume exactly right!

But I’m practically smashed against your breasts and crotch! Are you sure my girlfriend came up with this idea?

Well…actually, I lied about that. My daughter has no idea you’re here with me.

What!? Why did you lie to me!

Well, I love dressing up, and for the past few years I’ve been using my daughter as my costume. She gets very mad when I do, so I decided you could help both your girlfriend and your future mother-in-law by being my costume!

Why did she hate it so much?

Well, my husband really likes me in costumes…

Oh, ew!


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“You can’t do this to me!” came a voice from the bed, Alex had been transformed by his girlfriends best friend and was tossed onto the bed, he trashed about as much as he could but being such thin material caused him to just flutter a little.

“I can do this to you, and I just did” Michelle giggled as she walked past the bed naked, giving Alex a full view of her body, she grinned as she walked over to the closet and pulled out a pair of heels “That shut you up a little” she giggled while she slipped on the heels are walked over to the bed.

“Please, Emily will be worried I’m gone; you had had me two days now!” he pleaded with the naked woman standing before him; he could not help but look up at her breasts in lust. Michelle just looked down and smiled, she opened her mouth and was about to say something when her phone went off.

“That would be her now!” she said in delight as she picked up the phone from the nightstand, she read the message and replied with a slight laugh, when the phone went off again she turned the screen to face Alex “Well it looks like you won’t be turning up” she said with a giggle.

Before Alex had a chance to respond he was hurled into the air and crunched up, he felt himself being pulled down over her ample body, hugging her curves tightly and falling just short of her thighs. She swung herself over to the full length mirror by the bed and Alex saw himself for the first time in two days; there before him was Michelle wearing him as a R2D2 dress for the comic convention today. “Michelle, take me off this isn’t right! Text Emilyand tell her I am here and to come collect me, show her what you done to me!” the dress demanded.

Michelle sighed and rolled her eyes “fine, whatever” she said as she grabbed her phone from the bed and walked back in front of the mirror “Say cheese” she said sarcastically as she took the photo and sent it off to Emily. Michelle received a text back almost immediately an read it with a giggle “That’s true” she said to herself.

“True? What’s true? What did she say?” Alexsaid in haste, he watched as Michelle lowered the phone to her breasts and held it there so he could read “What?! You can’t be serious, Text her the rea—“ he was cut off mid sentence

“..annnd silence” Michelle said as she cast the muting spell on her dress “Now be a good dress and I will give you back to Emilyto do as she pleases; change you back, use you, donate you – whatever, not my problem” she said as she stroked her dress “ a bad dress on the other hand..” she said cautiously “..and I’ll give you back without going through a wash; and trust me you are going to want to be washed” she giggled.

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