Hello everyone!  I’ve done captions on and off for the last few years, and Natasha and Jessica have been gracious enough to give me author privileges on their awesome blog.  As anyone who’s seen my caps can surmise my fantasy in life is to be turned into a dress, but I’ll settle for making captions on the subject.  I look forward to sharing what I have to offer with everyone!

Blue Dress part 4

I feel Jessica’s breasts bounce a little as I try to keep them somewhat secure.  Since they are bouncing this causes my vision to bounce up and down as she scampers down the stairs towards the taxi.  I feel the cool night air and breeze around me.  I notice that it is cold, but it doesn’t actually feel uncomfortable since I am guessing I am no longer alive.  Feeling the cool breeze blow my skirt around her as it must feel cold on her bare skin.  I watch as John opens the door for Jessica as she slides into the car I feel the pendant portion of me sliding across her chest between her breasts until she are fully upright again.  I hear John run around and get in the car on the other side and place his arm around her and me.  Feeling him pulling her closer to him as she rests her head on his on shoulder as he caresses her shoulders as we.

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