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Clipping Part 2

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by | 20 February, 2018 · 23:03

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Helpful Skirt

John was woke by the sound of violent rummaging, he quickly shot up thinking they were being burgled but soon saw that is was his wife going through all of the boxes they still had not unpacked yet “Where the hell is it!” she exclaimed as she tore open another box and started to shift things about inside

“Honey?” he asked a little confused “What are you doing?” he asked as he noticed her state of dress she was currently wearing; a white blouse covered by a light grey jacket with pantyhose and heels, what was missing was her skirt.

“I need my skirt John! where did you pack it?!” she snapped but didn’t mean to as she opened the next box, they had just moved house forĀ  Marie’s new job so unpacking was still in progress

John laughed “you don’t have work until Thursday remember? You have two days” he said thinking her nerves got the better of her and she had a brain fart

“My boss called today, he asked if I could help out with the production finance before the audit; with that unexpected chance of a promotion this early I need to make a good impression!” she said again as she opened up yet another box

John noticed how many boxes she had been through “I guess this is the curse of having too many clothes” he said jokingly but was met with a silent stare before she went back to the box she was currently in

John sighed at looked over at the night stand and pulled the wand from a small wooden box “You owe me” he said to her he tapped his head and vanished

“What?” she said turning around to ask what he said but John was gone from the bed “..John..?” she whispered but then gasped when she saw the wand roll off the pillow. Marie quickly ripped the duvet off the bed and saw the skirt she was looking for lying on the bed; quivering ever so slightly “John!” she exclaimed part happy part shocked

Marie quickly climbed on the bed and picked up the skirt, before plastering it with kisses she said thank you so many times it started to sound odd to her. Marie scooted over to the edge of the bed and put on her husband sliding him up her silky nylons.

Marie stood up and looked down at her skirt “Zip” she commanded as the skirt started to zip itself up into place, she patted herself down and looked into the mirror “I owe you so much!” she said happily as she gave her skirt a reassuring tap

“I will find a way to repay you!” she said as she moved the box in front of the door so that she could leave, inside was the latex catsuit John loved to see her in; Marie thought for a moment then scrunched her nose “You will have to do a lot more to get me in that thing” she giggled as she dropped the box and made her away to the office.


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Maybe, probably, quite possibly back?

Well Hello

I decided today to start posting again. How long this will last, I am unsure… But over the next few days I will be giving the site a bit of a clean up, like adding the appropriate tags to captions and stories (our other authors seem to miss the tags every time) as well as update the links (I may add links to DeviantArt posters that I like).

I am hoping to get this back up and running, but we shall see.

Anyway, Love you all lots,


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by | 4 February, 2018 · 23:56