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The changed person becomes a high heel or pair of high heels.

Unexpected Problem

Emily opened up her wardrobe and quickly grabbed the nearest blouse and matching skirt, as she turned around to close the closet door she was brought back by a voice calling her name from the shoe rack “Urrm.. Emily..” the voice said with concern

“Oh right yeah..” she said as she bent down and picked up the pair of heels that were once her boyfriend a few months ago “I’ll wear you today” she said as if it were nothing, truth be told she had no idea if she had promised him that she would wear him today or not.

“No it’s not that” Alex said as he felt her fingers enter both his openings, one being his mouth and the other his anus; something felt very wrong and it wasn’t the fact that he was a pair of heels. He was dropped off at the foot of the bed and he watched as Emily carefully placed the blouse and skirt on the bed, he was a little jealous of the gentle way she was treating her clothes as opposed to her heels but it was something he was used to.

“Emily.. I woke this morning and I felt different..” he said with concern once more to her as she walked out of view for a moment and then returned with a pair of sheer nude tights and began to roll them on after sitting on the edge of the bed above Alex

“Uh-huh” Emily said feigning interest in the conversation, she had gotten used to having Alex around long ago sand the novelty of having him as a talking pair of heels had long since worn off.

“Yeah when I woke I felt..deflated..and angled wrong” he continued trying to make sense of the situation “Do I look ok?” he questioned

“Yeah sure” she said as she stood up and faced the bed, Emily then picked up the skirt and shimied into it followed by putting her arms through the sleeves of the cotton blouse

“Because I don’t feel right..” Alex continued as he looked up at her now sitting on the edge of the bed buttoning up her blouse.

“Everything is fine” she said as she finished buttoning up the top button then patting it down slightly “I’m going to wear you aren’t I? You like that don’t you?” she said as she moved her feet over him and unceremoniously slipped him on quickly, as much as she hated to admit it she loved the fact that when her foot entered her shoe it would effectively gag him causing him to be unable to speak to her for the rest of the day; after all there was only so much of Alex she could take when he accidentally became a pair of her heels.

“No wait I ju—” Alex tried to get out as her foot entered him, with both feet firmly in place he now knew there was something terribly wrong and tried his best to cry out to Emily to make sure she never stood up but his efforts were useless as she stood up from the bed then immediately toppled over back onto the bed as soon as she put her weight down onto the heels.

“What the..?” Emily said to herself as she looked down at the floor, it felt like she had stepped onto something squishy but there was nothing there. With caution she slowly put her left foot down to the ground and was shocked to discover her heel stem bending in an unnatural way instead of supporting her up, as she stared she continued to push the squishy heel into the ground feeling the openings of both heels tightening around her foot unsure as to why this was happening.

Emily took off her right heel which was currently the opening to Alex anus and inspected it closer, with her free hand she extended a finger and began to twirl the now floppy stiletto around fascinated by the fact it had no hardness too it “Alex? Whats wrong?” she said to the heel in her hand but after a few moments of silence she realised her mistake and put the right heel down next to her on the bed before taking off her left heel which was in the same state as the right

“It’s what I was trying to tell you!” Alex blurted out when his mouth was finally free of her foot “It was so painful when you stood up Emily!” he continued

“I didn’t know..” Emily said looking down at the floppy heel in her hand “..isn’t this your cock?” she asked giving it a little tug with her free hand

“Ow!” Alex exclaimed “Its sensitive like this!” he continued as she let go of his heel

“So what now? It’s no longer hard material and instead you have gone soft?” she said trying to figure it out “Are you usually turned on when I wear you?” she questioned looking down at the heel in her hand

“I..urrm..It just that..Urrm” Alex stammered out

“You are!” Emily exclaimed “You have enjoyed being my heels so much that its made you hard enough for me to walk on them for the last few months?” she said with a teasing grin “Did you want to be accidentally turned into my heels?” she teased

“’s not like that..its just the initial thought of being your heels was rather hot to me but now..” he said trailing off “now I am just used to it” he said defeated

“So I don’t turn you on any more ?” she said feigning sadness

“No! you do!” Alex said panicked “It’s not you!” he tried to redeem himself

“Looks to me that way” she said as she gently flicked the floppy heel a little disappointing “I guess I will just have to wear my other heels..” she said about to stand up and walk to the closet

“No!” Alex exclaimed once more “Please I need to be worn!” he almost begged “Just put me on and give me a moment I can do this!” he said hoping to have a chance

“Ok.. but I can’t exactly have a faulty pair of heels all day” she said as lowered him down to her foot giving him a chance, as gently as she could she slid her foot into his mouth, his opening almost sucking on her feet as they swallowed it whole, once the left heel was on the right heel soon followed; she made a habit of putting on the left before the right so that she didn’t have to hear his moans of embarrassment and pleasure as her foot slid into his backside.

“Here we go..” she said as she stood up from the bed and once again put her full weight down onto the heels, but they were still floppy and uneven “come on..” she said as she slowly tapped her feet onto the ground a couple of times “I don’t think it will work..” she said a little disappointed.

Alex was in absolute agony as she stepped down onto his flaccid heel, there was no way he could get hard with this much displeasure, he looked up into her eyes and silently pleaded for her to take him off but all she done was roll her eyes and start to walk across the room with him still on her feet

“If this doesn’t do it..” Emily mumbled under her breath and she rummaged through the draw in front of her before she finally found the thing she was looking for.

Alex was confused and wondered why she was still wearing him he wanted nothing more than to be returned to the closet, that was until he saw what Emily pulled from the draw; dangling from her finger tips like a carrot on a stick was a pink satin thong, one of his favourites of hers back when he was a man

“Think these are enough?” Emily asked giving them a little shake while looking directly down at her heels

Alex felt something stir deep inside as his eyes fixated on the thong

“Maybe staring up at these all day might be just what you need” she said with a wink as she bent down bringing the thong closer to her heels “..maybe even occasionally touching them?” she whispered as she slowly rubbed the satin fabric on where Alex face would be and as she done so she felt a little twitch coming from the base of her heels

With a grin Emily expertly dropped her current panties down from her waist letting them land on her heels before stepping out of them then slowly and deliberately stepping into the satin thong and sliding them up her thighs until they were snug into place “Better?” she said as she felt herself beginning to rise from the floor as her heels began to hidden

“Oh my..” she said looking down at the heels “You must be a little taller than the last time I wore you” she said noting the slight height difference “Maybe I over done it slightly?” Emily giggled as she tapped at the panties through her skirt, she then turned to the door to begin her work day; her mind swimming with all sorts of possible ways to make her heels as hard as they could be.


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