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Hat Trick

Hat Trick
One more story

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Ella’s Manor

ellas manor


An old story from the oiwam blog.  Enjoy!

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More Ways for Fun

“I know I said I would wear you during my girly night out, but having you there under my foot..” Emily started to trail off while taking a seat on the bed; “..So much power” she quietly whispered.

Emily kicked her right shoe off and then began to slowly slide her boyfriend off her foot “I think i might stay in tonight, with you” she said seductively.

Alex stared up from the toes of the heel into his girlfriends eyes, with her foot finally out of his mouth he could talk; “Does this mean you are going to change me back?” he questioned, being so small and helpless made him feel a little uncomfortable “ I don’t think I could have taken all that pressure on my penis” he continued, glad that the pressure was relieved.

“That makes it even more fun!” Emily giggled with a slight blush, “We are going to have a different kind of fun tonight” she said as she ran her finger tips down the stem of the heel while licking her lips.


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Out of Time

“Hey Michelle, you look happy today! That dress is cute!” Emily asked when she met her friend on the street “Adam get it for you?”

“You bet I am..” Michelle beamed “..and this dress?” she said while grabbing the hem and giving a little twirl “Adam kind of got it for me.. it is him!” she giggled “Say hi Adam” Michelle continued while letting go of the telepathic block which stopped him from talking.

“Hi Emily, it’s errm..nice to see yo–” his speech was blocked off again without warning, he hated being such a girly dress; the colour and the style just was not him at all, it made him feel uncomfortable and what made matters worse was the fact she had complete control over him.

Michelle giggled “That’s enough talking from you, I keep teasing him like this all day; but I will make it up to him when I get him back to normal” she said with a wink.

“That’s where you’re going now?” Emily asked, eyeing the dress.

“Yup, just around this corner to the clinic, we have about 30 minutes left until its permanent” she replied but Emily’s face soon turned to horror “What’s up?” Michelle questioned.

“The clinic, it closed yesterday; i-it was it’s last day of business” Emily stammered “It closed in favour of the bigger clinic on the other side of town”

The fear spread to Michelle’s face and she felt her dress shiver, no words were spoken as Michelle dashed off back the way she came.


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“Sorry honey, but could you stop that?” said Alex who was now just a skirt dangling from his girlfriends legs “It feels weird to be lifted up like this” he continued.

Emily just giggled “But your just so floaty” she responded while swaying her hips from side to side, watching the hem float about.

“I don’t think I could ever get used to this” Alex managed to get out after the swaying stopped, regaining his position on her hips and thighs.

“Well It’s your fault you are stuck like this for the next 24 hours, so I thought instead of letting you lay on the bed all day I could wear you; plus the fact you go so well with this top means we will have to do it again!” she giddily replied.

“Wait..what? again?” Alex questioned running though this mornings events in his head; he remembered accidentally touching Emily’s wand when moving her days clothes off the bed, the clothes that she was now earing minus the skirt which was not present when he moved them “Hold planned this didn’t you?”

“Maaaaybe” Emily giggled while biting her lower lip “We can have fun like this..” she continued as she hugged her skirt around her upper thighs.

Alex sighed “..the things I do for love, you could have just asked you know?” he playfully said while hugging her back, slowly creeping his hem up.

Emily noticed what he was doing and playfully slapped the hem away, causing it to fall down and hang limply “None of that..yet..” she seductively told him off “We are off shopping first!” she continued with a giggle.

Alex would have rolled his eyes if he had any “Here we go..”


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Cheating on a witch

Pink Dress2


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