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The changed person becomes a petticoat.

Clipping Part 2

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Clipping Part 1

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A kept man

a kept man


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Dancing Advice

Dancing advice


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Two of a kind

I don't believe this, is that you Scott? Chase? Yeah, you had yourself made into a petticoat for Natasha's birthday?! Thats what we agreed... Why are you a petticoat as well? No... I was meant to be the petticoat, you were meant to be a dress! Can't you get it reversed and get made into a dress instead? No, you will have to get reversed... I chose the permanent option. That could be a problem then... Why? I chose the permanent option too... We had better hope Natasha really likes petticoats then.

(Chase) I don’t believe this, is that you Scott?
(Chase)Yeah, you had yourself made into a petticoat for Natasha’s birthday?!
(Scott)Thats what we agreed… Why are you a petticoat as well?
(Chase)No… I was meant to be the petticoat, you were meant to be a dress!
(Scott)Can’t you get it reversed and get made into a dress instead?
(Chase)No, you will have to get reversed… I chose the permanent option.
(Scott)That could be a problem then…
(Scott)I chose the permanent option too…
(Chase)We had better hope Natasha really likes petticoats then.

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A technical hitch


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by | 12 May, 2014 · 09:18

Wrong Address

‘Something’s wrong!’ Alex kept saying to himself, he started to panic in his tight prison ‘She should have opened me by now! I know I shouldn’t have done this without her knowing..’ he scolded himself.

Two days prior Alex had transformed himself into a pink petticoat as a surprise for his girlfriend Emily, but he had been in transit for far to long and has only just been handed over to his girlfriend.

After a short time had passed light finally burst into his prison as the boxes lid had been opened up, but what stared back at him shocked him dearly “Your..Your not Emily! Alex said swiftly starting up at the unknown woman before him.

“No I’m not, I’m Marie..and you are?” replied the woman as she reached into the box to grab the documentation and read it over “Aww that’s so sweet, you got yourself turned into this for her birthday?” she said as she continued reading “Seems you have the wrong address” she giggled.

“Would you help me get back to the clinic? I need to get changed back soon” he said with slight fear in his voice, suddenly without warning he was lifted from his box and into the air by Marie.

“Of course I will, you look so pretty” Marie said admiring the petticoat in her hands “ scratch my back and I will scratch yours” she said stroking Alex’s fabric “You need help getting back to the clinic, and I need help with my outfit tonight” she giggled as she pulled the petticoat over the dressing dummy next to her.

“Oooh” moaned the petticoat “Tha-that opening! It’s too sensitive!” he managed to get out “..and you want to wear me?” he managed to say as he watched her bite her lip then nod, it was his only way to get back to his girlfriend so he reluctantly agreed.

Marie clapped excitedly and ran up the stairs to get ready for a night out on the town, leaving the petticoat alone to himself wondering what he had gotten himself into.

About and hour passed and Alex was still on his own, he was just sitting on the dummy swaying his skirt back and forth bored out of his mind; he suddenly froze when he heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

Marie came down in a stunning dress and heel with her hair and make-up all done perfectly “You look gorgeous!” Alex said in a stunned voice looking her up and down.

Marie blushed “..Thanks..” she giggled “..but It’s missing something” she said with a grin, Alex was a little confused when she started to come towards him, it was at this point he realised what she was referring to and with one single pull he was pulled off the dummy.

“Ooh!” escaped his lips once more, the feeling of having something inserted into his waist band was quite pleasurable “I don’t think I can go through with this, it feels wrong” he told her, starting to feel a little uncomfortable.

“Aww come on..” Marie pleaded with the best puppy dog eyes she could muster “You sure you don’t want to be wrapped up against this body?” she said while running her free hand down her body, Alex could not say no to that.

“This is for Emily, nothing more” he said to himself and was soon lowered to the floor as he said it, he felt a leg enter him, followed by another as she slowly slide him up her legs “Oooh this is nice” he managed to get out, the feelings overloading him with pleasure.

Once she had the petticoat all the way up she bent down in front of a mirror and lifted the hem of her dress slightly “We look so cute together!” she beamed “Oooh, and you can move too” she continued as she felt the fabric dance across her legs.

Marie stood up and looked at her self in the mirror, straightening herself out as she spoke “My husband wont be able to keep his hands off us, and they way he is with petticoats..” she blushed “..we might get some fun later”

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by | 1 May, 2014 · 17:42