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The changed person becomes makeup

His Queen

His Queen

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by | 4 February, 2018 · 23:56


Every once in a while, I think about my old life, before I met Delia.  There’s little point to thinking back, since meeting Delia changed everything.  It’s not like there was anything special to remember about my old life anyway.  But every now and again I think back to that fateful day.  I imagine if I had stayed in the house a little bit later watching television, or if I had taken my car to the store instead of walking.  I wonder if she would have not taken interest in me if I’d dressed a little differently, or if she would have pursued me if I hadn’t stopped to speak with her.  But in the end, I had met Delia, and she had decided that she’d wanted me, and that was all that matters.

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Rental Service 11


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by | 18 September, 2016 · 21:48

Poll 6 Caption


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by | 30 September, 2014 · 05:17

Just Another Lipstick



Alex slowly opened his eyes, his vision slowly focused to his surroundings which would have made him jump in shock if he were allowed to, instead to stood their motionless staring at a giant lipstick container in front of him.

Alex was amazed by how big the container was, he thought it to be some form of abstract art until he looked behind it; he stared in awe around the room as he noticed the wall was plastered in paintings of foliage, Alex knew only one place with walls like this; Natasha’s bathroom!

Alex looked frantically around the room, looked at the walls and the bath tub then back to the giant lipstick container standing in front oh him, he noticed a little shine in front of him; ‘Thats a mirror!’ the thought to himself in a panic as he looked directly at what appeared to be himself, a few seconds after the realisation he saw the door open up and Natasha step inside.

A muffled cry escaped Alex as he tried to call out to her but it felt like something was shoved into his mouth, as if she heard Alex’s call for help Natasha’s eyes darted to the lipstick “Oh” Natasha giggled, bring her head closer “Your finally awake!” she said giddy, Alex tried to call out again but all that came out was a muffled sound; “Oh yeah sorry!” Natasha swiftly said as her giant hand grabbed Alex from behind.

Alex felt a surge of panic as he was lifted into the air and turned to face Natasha, he felt her grip tighten around his head and almost screamed as she pulled it off but stopped himself when he noticed the object being withdrawn from his mouth, thought his mouth was free his penis now felt every exposed to the cold air around him.

Natasha placed the top half of the lipstick on shelf in front of her and positioned it so Alex could see, and what he did see was Natasha holding a tub of lipstick in her hand with the tip exposed “Na-Natasha” Alex whimpered “Whats have you done?” he continued.

“You dont remember?” Natasha looked down at the lid sitting on the shelf “Last night ring any bells?”, Alex was confused at first but the night flooded back to him; the drinks, the conversations, the confessions – all of it.

“Oh god, you were serious?! you actually turned me into your lipstick!” he said swiftly, still a little confused; he looked up at Natasha and saw she was looked a little down by his sudden out burst, “I’m sorry” Alex said trying to patch things up, “I just a little scared that’s all; I didn’t think it was real”

Natasha perked up a little bit “Its ok” she mumbled “I made it exactly as we discussed” she said a little happier trying to change the atmosphere “I made your head the lid with the hole being your mouth and..this..” she said while stretching her arm out “ your penis” she giggled

Alex was confused, he couldn’t believe this was happen thinking it might have been an alcohol induced dream. Alex’s trail of thought was cut off when Natasha continued to speak “Shall we get on with the second half of the deal?” she said as she looked into the mirror above Alex and slowly moved his other half to her lips.

“Whoa whoa whoa” he blurted out just before it reached her lips, she withdrew her hand and looked back at the lid on the shelf “Thats my..penis” he said with a shy tone “You can’t just rub it on your lips, what would Gary say?”

Natasha looked a little more confused “What would be the problem? It’s not like its cheating or anything..” she trailed off “..your just lipstick” she continued making Alex feel rather humiliated “And besides, Gary knows about this little arrangement; and to be honest is looking forward to a little more fun with you later”.

Alex was shocked by what was said but before he had time to reply she had already started to apply the lipstick to her lips, Alex’s mind exploded with an orgasm as he felt himself smear over her lips, no words just moans escaped Alex’s lips as she finished up her work, the orgasms kept coming as she withdrew the lipstick and rubbed her lips together; it felt like part of his penis remained on her lips.

“Perfect” Natasha uttered, the movement almost making him climax once more as he felt her breath dance over his penis, Alex was soon thrown out of the moment when Natasha picked his head back up, she bit her lip as she hovered Alex’s head over the rest of his body, as he moaned she quickly pushed the lid back on turning the loud moan into a muffle.

Alex’s eyes opened wide as he felt is penis being pushed back into his mouth mid orgasm, he flew through the air as Natasha brought him to her lips and kissed him lightly on the head “Enjoy” she breathed before helplessly dropping him into her purse like any other lipstick she owned.

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A technical hitch


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by | 12 May, 2014 · 09:18