Captions by Jess

Halloween_Cap_1_-_Ungrateful_PartnersHalloween_Cap_2_-_Friday_Rule_63Halloween_Cap_3_-_A_Very_TFRU_HalloweenHalloween_Cap_4_-_White_Witch_Black_Witch_1Halloween_Cap_5_-_White_Witch_Black_Witch_2Halloween_Cap_6_-_White_Witch_Black_Witch_3Halloween_Cap_7_-_White_Witch_Black_Witch_4a_Bad_EndsHalloween_Cap_8_-_White_Witch_Black_Witch_4b_Good_EndsHalloween_Cap_9_-_White_Witch_Black_Witch_Grey_Witch_Alt._EndingSquawky's Princess OutfitSmart Choice by a SmartassDumb Choice by a DumbassMarie's New Work SkirtWhen Two Wish Upon A StarA C.U.T.E CaretakerMisfile at TFsRusSeeing the World through Rose-Colored-StrapssesBe a Doll and Wear This For Me, DearSmile Gar-Uh, ''Natasha''Tenue de TroisEarring-Jess The Hot Pink Mess

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