Natasha checked around, luckily nobody was around. She looked down and whispered to the bodice of her dress.
(Natasha) “How do you feel Katie? Everything okay?”
(Katie) “Apart from being a wedding dress? Yeah, everything is peachy…”
(Natasha) “You’re not still angry at me are you? It was a simple misunderstanding”
(Katie) “Why are you still trying to keep up this pretence? You knew very well what I meant…”
(Natasha) “Look, Katie I’m sorry… I honestly forgot your Birthday last month, then when I asked how I could make it up to you, you said ‘Just use your magic and make me something’. How was I meant to know you meant you wanted me to magic up a present…”
(Katie) “And how is being your wedding dress a present for me exactly?”
(Natasha) “It isn’t, I thought you wanted to be an object and I needed a wedding dress… Anyway, in a couple of hours the ceremony will be over and I can get changed at the reception”
(Katie) “Great… Hanging in a bag again… I get to have all the fun”
(Natasha) “Want me to keep you on for tonight?”
(Katie) “Since its likely my last chance to see a naked guy… I think I want to… Even if it is your husband”

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