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Protected: Easy Come, Easy Go

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Protected: Dying Wishes

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Protected: Not Really a Choice

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Today Alex woke up as a pair of heels, this was not unusual for Alex as his girlfriend had received a wand a while back from her family that allowed her to transform him into anything she wanted.

It had its plus sides, Emily could be very creative and it defiantly spiced up their sex life; most of the time he agreed to be transformed, but every once in a while he would find himself waking up and unable to move all for Emily’s amusement and benefit, she would never admit it but she loved the complete control she had over Alex.

The gentle hum of the shower stopped and Alex waited for his girlfriend to emerge from the door in front of him, it took a while but she eventually came out fully dressed for work bar one thing – her shoes; Alex stared in awe at her nylon encased feet and couldn’t wait to be worn by her.

Emily started to walk towards the shoes but unceremoniously stepped over them and started to get her make-up ready at the vanity table, she did not even acknowledge his existence.

Alex pondered what she was up to, this was very unusual for her to do this, his thoughts were cut short when he felt her delicate fingers pinch the two halves of him together; he felt one finger in the side of his mouth and the other in the side of his anus as he was lifted into the air and carried down the stairs.

Alex was deposited by another paid of shoes as Emily sat down on the couch behind him, he soon heard giggling followed by her nylon foot teasing the edge of his mouth before sliding it in and then right back out again; she had done the same with the other shoe causing him to shudder with pleasure as the foot entered his anus.

Emily started to tease one of the stilettos with her finger tips while teasing the other with her foot, she bent down and whispered to the heels “I’m going to leave you like this all day, and when I get back..” she trailed off “..I’m going to blow your mind” she giggled as she slipped her feet into the heels next to him and walked towards the front door.

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Helping Out

Alex walked up to the door and raised his hand to knock, as he done so a draft slowly opened the door causing a note to fall off; Alex picked it up and read it ‘We are upstairs getting ready, make yourself at home int he guest bedroom’ was writing across the front in Natasha’s hand writing.

Alex put the note in his pocket and slowly opened the door “Hello?” he called out softly, he felt a little rude just walking into someone’s house, even with permission. He made his way to the guest bedroom and took a seat on the bed, nervously looking around for something to do; he pulled the note out again and re-read it ‘We?’ he thought to himself ‘I thought it was just going to be her’ he continued as he looked towards the stairs though the open door.

A couple of minutes passed and he started to feel a little strange, the couch felt even more comfy than it was before and he felt himself sink into it; he started to feel a tingle spread throughout his body causing him to feel a little dizzy. The tingling in his feet grew more intense causing him to be a little uncomfortable, Alex reached down and itched his ankle and was shocked by what he felt, instead of feeling the cotton of his socks he instead felt sleek leather.

Looking down he saw that his feet where now seemingly encased in these very feminine shoes, he watched in shock as his feet simply popped off and fell to the floor. The tingling intensified as it crept up his leg and he saw white stocking beginning to form slowly up his leg leaving a flat trail of nylon in its wake; Alex reached down to the flimsy material and let the silky nylon slide thought his hands, he could still feel his legs when he touched the limp material.

Alex lent back and was dumbfounded by what was happening, his legs had finished their transformation and fell to the floor covering his shoes. He leant his head back as the dizziness got worse, he tried lifting his right hand to place it on his head but couldn’t, he looked down at it confused as he watched both his arms slowly melt away into the dress he was currently wearing ‘A dress?!’ he shouted in his mind looking over the light blue dress that was no draped over his body, before he had time to react he head began to decompress on itself until there was no trace of Alex left on the bed.

Alex tried to come to his senses but was a little scared, he had no idea what has just happened to him; his thought trail was cut short as he heard footsteps coming towards him and soon after an excited clapping sound filled the air “Yay! You actually came” Natasha’s voice came from the door; Alex felt her hands on his feet as she lifted them up into the air and placed them next to him “Though..I should have been here to pick your style, a little too old fashion; but we can fix that” she giggled.

“What?!” Alex exclaimed in panic as he saw the giant Natasha before him “What have you done?” he demanded with fright in his tone as she loomed over him, Natasha looked over his form and frowned slightly.

“You’re a dress” she grinned looking down at him “..and a cute pair of shoes, and if im not mistaken..” she trailed off as she disappeared from view before popping back up again “..stockings!” she squealed as she ran her fingers along them as she set the down “I didn’t kind of explain this to you last week”.

“I-I didn’t think you meant this, you never mentioned anything about being the help” he said as he started to feel a little uncomfortable since he couldn’t move.

“I might have missed that but out” she said with an innocent face as he twirled her hair “but it will be so much fun! There is more to come I promise” Natasha pleaded.

“Don’t you give me them puppy dog eyes!” Alex said up to her, but she knew he wouldn’t resist “..ugh! ok fine, so what are you going to do; wear me?” he said looking her up and down.

Natasha simply crunched up her nose and shook her head “No silly! Gary is going to wear you, but not like that; we need to change your style first” Natasha said as she tapped the dress with her wand.

“Wait, what? Gary is goi–” Alex’s speech turned to moans as the spell too over, his body tingled as it began to take on a different shape causing him to reach climax; It even felt as if something had been pushed into his rectum. The tingling soon stopped and Alex regained his composure, as he focused himself he noticed another woman standing next to Natasha and got a little worried as they were both giggling.

“Enjoy yourself?” came a voice from the other woman, it was a deeper voice than he had expected but sounded rather seductive. As the orgasm’s aftershock died down he finally realized who the woman was “I hope you don’t mind, I have already slipped the stockings on” he said down to Alex “From experience I know exactly what part this is” he said as he ran his finger across the top of the stocking.

Gary picked Alex up while ignoring his little protests “Don’t you think he’s a little..slutty?” Gary questioned as he flipped Alex over and pulled him over his head. Alex felt himself slide over Gary’s body which was very feminine considering he was a guy; but the face he had real breasts made Alex believe Natasha’s wand had something to do with it “What do you think?” Gary said as he put his hands behind his back and smiled to Natasha.

“I think this is wrong” Alex said in reply to Gary’s question “..and there is something poking at my legs, but I can’t quite figure out what” Alex trailed off when the sudden realisation hit him “Is that his..penis?!” he said alarmed

Natasha giggled and grabbed her wand “I can fix that” she said with a smile as she tapped Gary on the head, a popping sound could be heard and the penis dropped to the floor; Alex sighed with relief since it was no longer poking him, “Hmmm” Natasha said while taking a step back “I think you’re right, he does look a little slutty; I’ll change the style in the next spell when you both change”.

“Both?” Alex spluttered “What more can you do to Gary? He is already a bombshell!” Alex said as he realised the context of his words he mentally blushed; Gary turned to face the mirror thar was behind them and started to pull seductive poses.

“I like watching the transformation” Gary said as he ran his delicate hand down the dress, giggling could be heard from behind causing Alex to start panicking. Alex looked up at Gary though the mirror and saw the wand looming over his head, it slowly dropped and touched his blonde hair causing Gary to yelp with surprise. Alex watched in horror as Gary’s face began to change becoming firmer with a porcelain like sheen; his long hair started to become longer taking on an artificial look, the changed then started on him.

Alex felt the magic take over, spreading throughout his body was more before the pleasure got too much he watched in the mirror as he became lacier; as his second orgasm came he noticed the room starting to get bigger but was too engrosses with the sensations he was feeling he failed to notice. As he came to his senses he could no longer se the mirror, he looking up and could see the bottom of the frame; before he got a word out Natasha’s now giant hand covered him as she picked them both up from the floor and placed them on the counter “Wha-what have you done?!” Alex demanded in panic.

“She can’t hear you now” the doll giggled “Your voice is way to small for her to hear” the doll said as it looked up at Natasha who was smiling down on them both.

“Is he trying to speak?” Natasha’s voice boomed followed with a grin “I have to get ready for the convention, but first we should have some fun” Natasha giggled as he disappeared from sight to pick something up from the floor “You know what to do” she said as she came back into view, placing the now giant penis on the table. Alex was in shock as Gary started to talk towards it.

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Protected: A Different Type of Acting

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Protected: Living Stockings

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