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The changed person becomes a dress.

Saving for a Dress

Saving for a Dress

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by | 28 May, 2018 · 00:55

Party Dress

Party Dress


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The Anniversary


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Double Caption, A dress and a pair of Tights.

A Dress and a pair of Tights

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by | 28 June, 2017 · 23:46

So, what do you think?

So, what do you think?


by | 28 June, 2017 · 21:59


Every once in a while, I think about my old life, before I met Delia.  There’s little point to thinking back, since meeting Delia changed everything.  It’s not like there was anything special to remember about my old life anyway.  But every now and again I think back to that fateful day.  I imagine if I had stayed in the house a little bit later watching television, or if I had taken my car to the store instead of walking.  I wonder if she would have not taken interest in me if I’d dressed a little differently, or if she would have pursued me if I hadn’t stopped to speak with her.  But in the end, I had met Delia, and she had decided that she’d wanted me, and that was all that matters.

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Prom Chaperone


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by | 19 January, 2017 · 16:14