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The changed person becomes a blouse.

Forever is a long time

Forever is a long time

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Night Before the Interview

Leanne knocked on her daughter’s door. “Honey, are you doing okay?” She waited a moment and knocked again. “Leslie, honey, is everything alright? Steven, are you in there?” She waited and still heard no response. “Honey, I’m coming in.” Leanne opened the door and saw her daughter lying on the bed, eyes glazed over as she stared at the ceiling. “Honey, why didn’t you answer me?”
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Trouble in the Relationship

“Surprise!” Alex yelled as his girlfriend entered the room, Emily looked a little shocked as she looked around the empty bedroom looking for Alex but could not find him, Alex watched as she opened up the wardrobe on the other side of the room thinking he was hiding inside; when she saw that he wasn’t inside she sighed and turned around “I’m here!” Alex said excitedly as he lifted up his left arm which was now just the satin sleeve of his current form.

Emily squealed in fright as she threw a coat hanger at the blouse that just moved, it barely missed Alex “Wha-What have you done?!” she shouted as she walked over to the pink satin blouse that was hanging off the back of the door, she grabbed the sleeve and lifted it up then dropped it back down with a sort of disgusted look on her face; “Why?!”

“I told you last night and you didn’t seem to bothered, so I just went ahead and done it, Alex brought me back home and hung me here waiting for you” he told her as she just stared at him “I have opted for the special options too” he said excitedly “On my label there are two buttons, one will make me cease movement and the other will mute me, I figured it could be fun don’t you think?” he said looking up at her.

“I’m not into satin like you are, especially not as much as you are!” she said in a harsh tone, before Alex could answer she butted in “I can’t deal with this anymore; you want to be a blouse? Fine! You want me to wear satin during sex? Fine!” she said a little angry.

“What do yo—“ Alex’s voice was cut off and he fell limp all of a sudden, Emily had just used the special options and rendered him just a blouse, with a grin on her face she tried her black hair behind her back and slowly began to undo her blouse while staring at the blouse.

“I hope this is what you wanted, since you are now a blouse I don’t have a boyfriend, and without a boyfriend..well you get the picture” she winked as she threw her blouse across the room, In this situation Alex hopped he would be aroused and excited, instead he felt scared and humiliated.

Without saying a word she walked over to the bed and started to type away, within seconds her phone vibrated and she let out a little laugh and dropped her phone back into her purse, she turned around and strutted over to Alex her grin getting wider and wider as she got closer “Hmm..” she hummed as she ran her finger down the satin material, she withdrew her finger and put in into the side of her mouth and swayed back and forth innocently, “Adam’s coming over” she said with a giggle, Alex was mortified by what she just said, Adam had a massive crush on her and with what she just said it doesn’t take a genius to guess what for.

Alex’s dream was now turning into a nightmare, she started to slowly undo his buttons while teasing him the whole time “I might actually like satin after this” she giggled a she pulled him off the coat hanger “Your just so pretty..pretty helpless” she laughed as she unceremoniously pushed her arms through his sleeves, she pulled at him roughly to get him into position; she didn’t seem to care there was a living person inside.

Emily walked over to the leather chair while doing up the buttons on the blouse, as she finished the top few buttons she turned around and sat down, facing the door. Adam only lived a few houses away so it wasn’t long before Alex heard the front door open and footsteps climbing the stairs; he tried the best he could to communicate with Emily to try to get her to stop, hoping this was all just a joke, but to her and the rest of the world he was nothing more than a blouse on a beautiful woman.

Emily hiked up her pencil skirt and removed her panties as the door opened, she threw them at the emerging figure catching him of guard and uttered the words Alex didn’t want to hear “Take me..” she whispered as she rubbed her breast through the slick material covering them. In no time Adam was on her kissing her deeply, as she moved he moved and was rubbing against his now bare chest; Alex could have vomited at the idea.

While kissing Adam started to undo Alex’s buttons but was stopped by Emily “No..leave it on” she said between kisses, Adam eagerly complied as she started to stroke his penis with Alex’s satin cuff guiding it to her awaiting vagina, they were soon having passionate sex, both Emily and Alex hugged Adams body through no choice of his own as moans escaped both of their lips, he heard Emily whisper something into Adam’s ears causing him to moan even louder.

Before he could string together what was said Adam abruptly pulled out and started to stroke his own cock as Emily sat up smoothing her blouse, Alex was too late in connecting the dots as he began to get covered in a warm substance, Emily just giggled as she looked down at Adam finishing.

Adam walked out of the room to get cleaned up as Emily started to removed her blouse “Better than expected” she let out an evil sounding laugh, being careful to avoid the semen on her blouse she managed to get the blouse off and held it limp between her thumb and index finger “Tomorrow will be a new day for you” she whispered to the blouse “I’m sure the nice ladies down the charity shop will get that stain out she giggled as she dropped him to the floor “goodnight” she giggled as she kicked him under the bed, leaving him there soaking up Adam’s semen.Image


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Dealing with Depression

Alex had not been feeling himself for a while and felt depressed quite often, his girlfriend knew this and wanted to help him out any way she could; being a witch this would be a very easy task and she could provide him the love and support in the best way; escapism.

Emily presented Alex with a black dress form in the middle of the room, she explained that when ever the days got rough all he had to do was hug this dress form and he will melt into it and become what ever she needed for the day so that he could escape his.

Alex used the magic every so often and became an assortment of clothes for Emily to wear, even a few handbags but he wanted more “I want to be just an object tomorrow” he said out of the blue to Emily one night “I want you to completely forget about me for a day until I change back in the night” he said with sorrow in his eyes.

“What?” Emily said a little confused, she was about to protest and say that i was a silly idea but the look in his eyes changed her mind, she reluctantly sighed “Ok, but I don’t think you will like the reality it creates” she said to try to change his mind, but he was not budging.

The next morning Alex woke up early and tried his best not to wake the sleeping Emily next to him, she was so cute when she slept and it always made him a little happy to see her like that; he walked over to the dress form and hugged it.

Alex felt his body melt away, it started to take on a golden shine until he had eventually settled into place, just in time to watch Emily wake up from the bed; Alex tried to call out to her but found he could no longer more or speak which he could normally do in his many forms.

Emily got ready for work without laying an eye on the blouse that was on the dress form, this made Alex feel a little uncomfortable and started to regret his decision. Emily finished getting ready for work and walked right out the front door, not even taking notice of the blouse as she passed; Alex wanted to cry out to her as she walked passed by could do nothing, this is not what he expect at all and wished he could change back.

Alex stayed on the dress form for what seemed like hours, with absolutely nothing to do he slowly drifted off to sleep dwelling on his mistake but was suddenly woken by the door swinging open and his girlfriend flying through the door, obviously rushing.

“Stupid traffic!” she shouted as she threw her work clothes off and onto the bed “Damn, Damn, Damn!” she continued to mutter under her breath as she stumbled about the place getting dressed into her casual clothes “He will be there any minute now and you’re not even dressed!” she scolded herself while disappearing into the bathroom.

‘He?!’ Alex exclaimed in his head ‘Who the hell is she meeting?!’ he was very confused and angry as he intently watched the bathroom door, soon enough Emily came out of the door wearing everything except a blouse, she did a beeline for Alex on the dress dummy and it clicked that he was the blouse.

Emily hurriedly undone the buttons and slid the satin blouse off the dummy, for Alex it felt weird since she normally does this in a deductive way or at least careful; instead he was thrown over her shoulder as she trusted her arms though his sleeves.

As Emily started to do up the buttons causing Alex to feel whole once more just like the many times this has happened, except this time it was different; she didn’t seem to care this time around but then it dawned on him, he got his wish – just to be an object.

Emily only managed to get one cuff buttoned up in her hurried state and was fiddling around with the other when the door bell rang “Damn it!” she cursed under her breath while sighing, she rolled up the left sleeve and bunched it into place “It will have to do” she continued as she opened the door and was greeted face to face with her next door neighbour.

“Ready?” he asked as he looked her up and down “You look fantastic!” he complimented.

Alex was living in hell, no one knew where or who he was and it would be like this til the day was over ‘It can’t get much worse than this’ he thought with a defeated sigh.

“Michelle is going to kill me if I’m late for her art show, we better go!” she said as she pressed herself up against him causing Alex to press very tightly into his chest as she gave him a deep and passionate kiss

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A technical hitch


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