Ball and Chain


Dear readers of TFs R Us,


I would like to take this time to thank all of you for your views and support of my captions! It’s been very fun to take all of my perverted ideas, put them down in captions, and post them, only to find that there are at least a few of you out there who enjoy them as well!

This will be the last of my once-a-day captions. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) my life has become very busy, making it infeasible for me to churn out captions like I once could. Once in a while I may be able to post a caption here again, but I make no promises!

I would like to thank Jessica and Natasha for kindly letting me post my captions on TFs R Us! They have been, and continue to be, excellent friends and sources of inspiration!

I would like to thank Kronostar for letting me post his captions on this site! Please check out his other captions at!

And I would like to thank and encourage the other artists who post on here as well: Alice, Asolix, Drakiraa, Katie, Shockbob, and Transformatrix. It is an honor to share space on this website with you, and I look forward to your future works!