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Taking it Too Far

“Ok, this has gone too far now” Alex said as he looked into the full length mirror at his current form on his girlfriends body, he was currently her entire outfit after ending an argument with her. Emily pretended to ignore what he said, she simply ran her hand down the side of her body, feeling the soft satin of the blouse and the slick leather of her skirt

“Emily?” Alex tried again to get her attention “You were not serious were you?” he asked a little worried, their argument ended on less than ideal terms

Emily put her hand on her hip and looked sternly at the blouse “Deadly” she replied to then went back to fluffing her hair to give it a little volume

“It was just a heat of the moment thing, I didn’t mean any of it and I hope you didn’t too” the outfit pleaded with her, Alex hoped that she was making a show of it.

“You don’t trust me Alex, you never have” Emily said with a little anger “and now im just sick of it” she said calming down a little bit “I would never dream of cheating on you, but all you think is that every time I go out all I want is to pull other guys because of the clothes I wear” she said as she pulled open her make up bag and started to apply some cosmetics “..constantly checking up on me and not letting me just have fun” she said finishing her foundation.

“Emily..” Alex was shocked by what she was saying “I love you, I know I can be clingy”

Emily laughed “Clingy? You’re suffocating me Alex” she said as she picked up her eye liner and started to apply it “And what was that word you used? Hmm? Slut!” she said sternly

“I didn’t mean it..” Alex meekly said

“You did!” she said angrily pointing the eye pencil to the blouse in the mirror “You were always worried about what I might do, well guess what?” she said looking at the outfit “I’m down a boyfriend and up a sexy outfit that will allow me to achieve what you always feared” she said with a smirk

“ can’t” Alex pleaded

“Yeah, your right..” Emily said with a sigh, Alex was delighted to hear this, but was soon crushed “..somethings just missing” she said as she was tapping her bare lips with her index finger, a cheeky smile creeping in

Before he could say anything Alex found himself becoming very aroused, he felt his penis growing as if it was getting an erection, he looked down at his skirt in the mirror and was surprised as it started to bulge out due to a small circular object, Alex was relieved; she was turning him back!

The buldge looked much smaller than he expected, but he knew it was definitely his penis because he could feel it growing from his tights but before he could question anything it had dropped from the bottom of the skirt and Alex watched as it hit the floor with a clank, causing him to tighten up slightly in pain

Emily giggled as she bent down to pick up the object, holding it up in front of her blouse “Found it!” she said referring to the missing item

“Thats.. not my penis” Alex said confused by the sensations he was feeling

“Not with that attitude” Emily said as she popped the cap off the object in front of her exposing the shaded lipstick to the air

“That is my penis!” Alex exclaimed “Emily Please don–” Alex managed to get out before cutting himself off with his own moans as Emily started to twist the bottom of the lipstick exposing more of Alex’s penis

“Perfect colour for the night too” she said with a giggle, but before Alex could see the colour he exploded into the bed orgasm of his life as she started to apply the lipstick; Emily chuckled as she heard his pathetic moans due to being brought to climax.

Once she finished applying the lipstick Emily twisted the bottom back and replaced the cap, ceasing Alex’s arousal and moans “Finished?” she asked her outfit “This is the first time I have actually been happy for you to cum on my face” she said as she puckered her lips a few times

For the first time after orgasming Alex saw the shade she was wearing “Red..” he meekly blurted out

“Yep!” Emily said excitedly “you know how naughty I can get when I wear red” she said with a wink to her blouse “You ready?” She asked but didn’t receive an answer; the outfit hand already accepted its fate for the night


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Can’t Settle

“Are you sure?” Marie asked a little unsure as she twirled around in the mirror checking out her bum “Do you feel like your fitting correctly?” she asked her husband

“For the third time; yes, Marie” John replied from the skirt a little fed up all off the spinning around “I look absolutely fantastic on you, just like the two times before that” he said

Marie Chuckled “No honey, the first time you were way to short; I work in an office not a strip club” She stated “and the second time you came back a navy black with a bigger slit, just didn’t go with this blouse” she commented

“I thought they looked fine, defiantly not worth going through that machine again” John said with a shudder

“You would wouldn’t you” Marie said with a smirk “All you men are the same when it comes to womans clothes” she giggled as she remembered when she bent over with John as the short skirt giving an eye full to the guy behind the counter, she had only noticed since his face was bright red

John was trying his hardest not to go back into the machine “Your figure looks absolutely fantastic with me on” he said as he tightened up her bum area making it look firm “See look, perfection” he said as he held the figure

“Oooh” Marie cooed as she felt her husband tighten and boost her figure “A living skirt does have its perks” she said admiring his work. “Oh!” Marie exclaimed as she turned to face the mirror, bending slightly to show her cleavage “Imagine what a living bra could do!” she said as she squeezed her breasts together

“Another man on your breasts? No thank you!” John commented

Marie paid no attention as she continued “Or if this blouse was a man, Mmm” she said as she closed her eyes and rubbed her neck and shoulders “A constant silky massage would be bliss” she said as she opened her eyes and looked down at her skirt “maybe even..” she trailed off as her hand tapped on the front of John below her waist letting her mind wander

“Marie!” John exclaimed snapping her back to attention from her day dreams

“Your right, maybe you could be a little sorter” she said with a little grin “But that’s for next week” she said with a wink to the mirror “we will see how you behave at work” she said as she walked off to finalize Johns form.



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What the hell are you doing?

What the hell are you doing?

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by | 29 June, 2017 · 21:30

Maybe Later

“Urm, honey? you just walked past the clinic” John said as he tried to swivel his vision around to look at the clinic

“I know” Marie said as she continued walking, she didn’t even look back to the clinic

“But I thought we were going back to see if the servers were back up” John stated “You know, to see if my files didn’t get destroyed meaning I can be your man again”

“I know” Marie said again still walking towards the town, leaving John a little bit confused

“But don’t you want me back as your man?” John questioned

Marie bit her lip “Yeah..” she said with a pause “But didn’t you see what I put on with you this morning? I found a top yesterday that matches you perfectly! and these heels havent seen the light of day in years” she said with a little skip to her step “The files, if they are even there, would still be in working order when we get back from lunch with the girls; I just want to enjoy my outfit” she said as she squared her glasses

“The girls?! I can’t let them see me like this! It will be so awkward..” John said with panic, partly because he wanted to know if he would even be human again but mostly because he didn’t want anyone close to him to know he was something so girly.

Marie giggled “Don’t be silly, I have already told them all about you, they cant wait to see you matching with something!” she said with another giggle

“Marie!” John said really embarrassed

“Shh now, we are almost there” she said as they turned the corner, Charlotte’s eye’s already honed in onto John .


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Double Caption, A dress and a pair of Tights.

A Dress and a pair of Tights

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by | 28 June, 2017 · 23:46

Squirming blouse

Squirming blouse

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by | 28 June, 2017 · 22:07

Pretending to pretend

Pretending to pretend


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