8 thoughts on “Pantyversary Day 280

  1. I love this series a lot, it’s honestly my favourite I’ve read on this site! Would you be willing to make something like this for me?

    I have a best friend named Lena, we have known eachother for years now. She found my history on my phone and now knows about my desire to be transformed. I confessed to her that I would love to be turned into a body part, or even panties or a bra. She said she’d let me be her panties or boobs if it were possible. I asked her if she would treat me like the object I became and never acknowledge my existence again, she said gladly!

    I would obviously choose to be her panties πŸ˜€

  2. Wow, this series has been incredible! The teasing is awesome, and you’ve done a fantastic job blurring the line of whether or not she cares about her partner. But one thing is going to gnaw at my mind: is he actually the pantyhose she’s wearing, or was he already thrown out!!?

  3. i love when the captions are a serie, but…

    could be a pantie tf? and please, more “mmmphphhpmphphpmphh”

    i love when panties babble because the skirt / pants cover it and they pass
    what he wants to say

  4. This is pretty much my favorite TF series ever. I hope we get to see more of these sometime soon! So curious what the long-long-term future looks like for them!

    • There’s a day 365 and 366 on Deviantart. Should be easy to find by just searching Pantyversery. I think they stand up to the quality of the ones posted here. Reply to this if you have trouble finding them.

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