Blue Dress part 6

Jess looks into the mirror and asks, “Well I was thinking…John will find out in the end right?”  She takes a deep breath before she continues, “Maybe we should tell him….and then you might not be so embarrassed, because you would be participating instead.”

I sigh, before I respond, “How about you guys have fun one more time.”  Realizing after I say that I am giving her permission.  Knowing there is no turning back as I add, “Then after you guys finish you can tell him.  I want to see it once more without him knowing I am there.”

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Blue Dress part 5

I can see Jess grin and then smile into the mirror as she turns her head to look at John.   Jess responds back without really thinking thing through, “Nope it is just me in here.”  I can see in the reflection John smiling and then close the door behind himself. Continue reading