Almost Every Caption I’ve Ever Made

Dear TFs R Us Readers,

For your viewing pleasure, I have decided to consolidate practically all of the captions I’ve ever made into one location. These include ones that have been published on Purseboy, Brabound, Tfs R Us, and even some that have never before seen the light of day. To see them, please click on the link at the bottom of this post. But first, a few warnings:

  1. These captions are NSFW
  2. Seriously, when the thumbnails load, they will be obviously NSFW, so don’t even click on the link until you are in the safety of your own home!
  3. Not all of these captions have to do with TFs. There are also shrinking caps, TG caps, and age regression caps, but I have done my best to organize these into appropriate folders.
  4. Please be patient with the organization! I tried my best to organize these intuitively (such as folders for clothing, body part, and object TFs, as well as subfolders for each, such as lingerie, nylons, etc.), but sometimes it was difficult to decide where a certain caption belonged (Example: In a caption where a witch is transforming someone into her breasts, but mentions that she previously transformed someone else into her bra; should it go in the breast folder? The multiple TF folder?). So, if you’re having trouble finding a caption, please have patience, and try taking a look at the other folders.
  5. Some of the themes present in these captions may be offensive to you (such as incest, AR, etc.) Please keep this in mind as you decide to click on the link below, and if you feel like the potential risks outweigh the benefits, please don’t click the link.
  6. Some captions might not make any sense, or may seem like sequels (such as there only being one caption titled “Ultimate Caption 3,” implying there were two previous entries in the “Ultimate Caption” series). Those were probably made as caption trades or in response to other people’s caption stories. I apologize if they don’t make any sense, but I hope that you will enjoy them even on their own.

Great, now that we’ve gotten that taken care of, onto the fun stuff! I hope you enjoy!



16 thoughts on “Almost Every Caption I’ve Ever Made

    • Thank you very much! Funny story: originally, I was like, “I’m only 100 captions away from 1,000 captions. I need to make these 100 before I can post the archive!” And then, after I finished making them, I realized that I had miscounted, and there were already 1,000 captions. Oops.

      Also, for everyone who doesn’t know, check out Shuma-Gorath’s website! He does awesome captions and stories!

  1. Didn’t even know you did shrinking, Really looking forward to reading through all these! Just downloaded the whole thing!

    • I hope you enjoy them! The first fetish I was into was actually shrinking. The problem is that I have absolutely no talent as an artist, so I couldn’t draw or collage. A lot of my shrinking captions require imagination, and include other aspects, such as cross-dressing or absorption. But I hope they’re enjoyable nevertheless!

  2. lol when you clean your harddrive and clear space and then this gets posted looks like ive got to make more room goodbye starcraft 2

    • Unfortunately, I only have my own work. But if there are any other artists out there who no longer have a home for their captions, I’d be happy to add them in a separate folder in the dropbox for as long as I have available space.

  3. Hello. I just wanted to know: are you French? Because one of your legends is in French in your collection.

    Otherwise you do an excellent job! Continue please! 🙂 Thank you.

    • Thank you! I’m actually from the US, but I’m flattered that you think I’m French! I took French in school, but I’ve forgotten most of it since then… The reason why there’s a caption in French is because I received a request for one. I’m always happily astounded that people from non-English speaking countries read these captions, so I was glad to oblige!

  4. So many great captions! Wow I’ve missed some of these and then there’s some that I’ve never even seen before. “Alice’s Punishment” really stood out to me. That was a great sequence. “Her John Hancock” was really good too. Loved those two specifically but there were so many good ones! Seeing your captions about Alice also made me miss her work. I know she has a blog but it’s been inactive for some time and not all of her captions are on there. I remember the two of you had a series of captions that went back and forth, you’d change her and she’d change you. Fun stuff. It all makes me wish that the TF community would pick up steam again. It’s still alive but not like it use to be it seems. Thanks for all the great captions!! 😉

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