Ooops (By ROBO)

A wonderful story by ROBO, that he has graciously allowed us to post here.

Amy was always one for playing jokes on her husband. The thing that was different was that Amy was a witch and used her powers in the Jokes whether her husband Jack liked it or not. Amy was just learning magic but always experimented on her husband and all this was driving him nuts. He loved Amy but he never knew what she was going to do to him next and some of the results had even surprised Amy as she really didn’t know what she was doing yet. She was using spells from a book she had got but was rather careless about casting them. So far Jack had spent a day as Pamela Anderson, been a cat, a dog, a horse, been age regressed to 3 years old for a day, and even turned into a wooden chair, and a female mannequin. These were just this month alone. Jack had told her that he didn’t like being her guinea pig, which she turned him into once as a joke, but she would pout and make him feel guilty or just do it to him as a joke, like the guinea pig incident. Today was no different.

When Jack got up in the morning he had his usual Monday Morning Shower. He always liked Mondays as he had those days off work and was looking forward to a relaxing day. When he went to get dressed Amy was waiting for him to try her newest trick she had just learned from her book. Jack had just enough time to see her in mid-cast and say “Oh Shit” and then the feeling hit him. The feeling was becoming far too familiar but it felt like his entire body had fallen asleep and he felt the tingling sensation all throughout his body as his molecular structure was re-written to what Amy had cast. Jack started to shrink and he felt extremely strange, more so than any other transformation. He tried to stand but fell to the ground and couldn’t get up. He continued to shrink but it seemed he was shrinking more from the waist up than his legs. He was also getting thinner and as he laid on the floor unable to move any more he saw Amy come into his field of view and she was jumping around saying “It worked!, It worked!” She picked Jack up and held him in front of a mirror and was shocked at what he had become, it was beyond belief. But there he was, is his wife’s hands……A pair of pantyhose!

She giggled at her handy work and then laid him on the bed and opened up a drawer. She took out a new box with pantyhose in it and removed them. She then picked up Jack and folded him up and put him in the box. She then giggled and said, “Now you stay out of trouble while I am at work, and don’t worry about Lisa, she will be leaving at 2pm for her flight back home. Bye honey……I’ll change you back when I get home at 4pm. She then shut the drawer and Jack felt very cramped in his folded position in the box. He could see out a little plastic window in the box but the drawer was pitch black.

It seemed like an eternity and then there was light again and he thought that 4pm had sure come quick. But to his horror it was Amy’s sister Lisa, who had come to stay with them while on holidays. She picked up the box containing Jack and said, “perfect” and returned to the guestroom. When she took Jack out of the box he was terrified as she laid him with the rest of her clothes on the bed and he knew she was planning to wear him. He was helpless to prevent it too as he couldn’t scream or move. He could only lay there and wait for the inevitable. Lisa then picked up Jack and crumpled him into a little ball and he felt her foot slip inside what felt like his foot. Then the other foot too and he felt her weight go onto his soles so he figured she was standing. She then grabbed his top and pulled him up her legs. It felt so odd as he body stretched and assumed the shape of Lisa’s legs. His face was in the crotch area facing outward so he could see. She walked over to a mirror and Jack could see his nylon body encasing her legs and she did look good. She then got dressed and Jack couldn’t see anything anymore as she put on a tight short skirt. He could see down a little but that’s all. She then left the house and got in her rental car and drove off. Jack could feel his body stretching as her feet worked the pedals and he didn’t like his toes jammed in her shoes either. She would also reach down occasionally and smooth him out on her legs. Jack wanted to cry out in anguish but couldn’t.

She then went somewhere and he could hear other people around but couldn’t really tell where he was. Then he heard a woman say “Will that be cash or charge” and Lisa said, “Mastercard”. Then she was off again and he heard her mutter “there should be just enough time.”

Then once again they were back in the car and a short time later he was sure they were back at Jack’s home but she was rushing around so fast he wasn’t sure what was happening and then she seemed to put her suitcase in the car and drive off again. Jack was really frightened now because that meant Lisa was going to the airport for her flight home. That would make it very hard for Amy to get to him to change him back. They went through airport security as he heard the metal detector go off. Then shortly after that she was boarding the plane. She sat in her seat with her legs crossed and kept reaching down to smooth him out on her legs which Jack was finding very annoying as he had no desire to be in the shape of her legs but had little choice in the matter. This time Amy’s little prank had gone too far and when he got changed back he was going to have a talk with her. He would just have to wait till Amy saw he was missing and she would figure out where he must have gone and she would come get him. It would be just a matter of time.

Lisa was sitting in her chair as the flight took off thinking that “It was a good thing that Amy had a new pair of pantyhose she could borrow as her last pair had got a run in them. But at least she had been able to get to the store and buy her a replacement one of the same brand so she’d never notice them gone.

Meanwhile at Jack and Amy’s Home

Amy was frantic she had tried the reversal spell 3 times and it still hadn’t worked. She held the pantyhose in her hands and said “I am so sorry honey………don’t worry I’ll figure out how to turn you back and then I’ll never play any tricks on you ever again.”


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