A place where you can tell us what you want.

Maybe you would like one or both of us to make a certain type of caption, perhaps you would like to see a story with a particular theme or you could have an idea for the site itself. We do not promise to act on any requests, but everything will be considered.

169 responses to “Suggestions

  1. Liam

    I loved today’s caption, sibling love. Do you think someone could make a vagina tf with my name in it please?

  2. Phil

    I thought of a funny scenario were both the boyfriend and the girlfriend are trying to do something nice for each other. So the boyfriend turns himself into a sex toy, but the girlfriend has already turned herself into lube and he doesn’t know. Now they are stuck that way because the other one was supposed to change the other one back and now it’s to late. Maybe their roommate then picks them up not knowing its them and uses them.

  3. underwear

    would be nice something how:

    hi, this is Mike, are my panties (to her friends)

    hi mike


    (all the people laught by him)

    came on to take something, ¿do you want something mike?


    (more laught)

  4. panties

    a tf panties story?

    something interesant, and the bf turned into the panties of his gf speak like: “mmmphmphpmphphh mphphmphphph”

  5. Tiff

    Transform to Butt Plug for girlfriend, found by mother first 😉

  6. Mike

    Hi there!
    Could I request a caption of myself (Mike) being my girlfriend’s (Lily’s) favorite pair of cutesy, girly socks? X3; Maybe have me worn out/with holes in me from being on her feet so much? If that’s alright, of course. 🙂 Thanks!

  7. A-III

    hello, if you can make a story of a brother who is transformed into sperm and is swallowed by his sister or mother


  8. anon

    more maxipad / tampon captions!

  9. chocolate

    Could you please make a caption with this picture?

    Maybe she accidentally eats a magic chocolate that turned her into chocolate.

  10. Cody

    I have a request for transf0rmatrix
    I love yourpantyhose series a lot, it’s honestly my favourite I’ve read on this site! Would you be willing to make something like this for me?

    I have a best friend named Lena, we have known eachother for years now. She found my history on my phone and now knows about my desire to be transformed. I confessed to her that I would love to be turned into a body part, or even panties or a bra. She said she’d let me be her panties or boobs if it were possible. I asked her if she would treat me like the object I became and never acknowledge my existence again, she said gladly!

    I would obviously choose to be her panties 😀

  11. Hello everyone!

    I plan on making captions again soon, just wondering if there is any requests I could pick up?

    Also, if anyone wants to chat I am usually on YIM, comment with your address if you want to chat or something!

  12. dreaming of being transformed into black fully fashioned nylons, preferably forced under nyloned feet and rubbed into nylon fate

  13. sdgo

    Just seen this skittles advert again. Really want a caption where he get’s fed up of his co-worker showing him off for his ability/condition and turns her into skittles

  14. Bryan

    I know these probably are not the most popular, but I would love to see some posts where a guy is transformed into either the penis or briefs of another guy unwillingly. Maybe where the guy, let’s call him Bryan :), is a little too infatuated with a girl. In response, the girl lures him in and permanently transforms him into her bf’s penis or underware (crotch section) without her bf knowing.

  15. Joe

    Hello Jessica,

    Not sure if you are still here, since I haven’t see you post anything for a while. I love your work and would like to chat or maybe role play with you. I love your caps and would love to be worn by you or turned into things. Let me know if you would be interested. I would prefer not to share my email address so everyone could see it. Not sure if you can see what input or if there is a way you can private message or something. Let me know

  16. Alexis

    Hi, it’s not for a request. But I realy enjoy transforamtion into shoes, dress skirt or top. And I wonder if someone want to talk about it in a chat with me. If you are interrested contact me at
    I hope to see you here 🙂

  17. nonya

    Can you do a dress tf, cocktail dress, turns her bf. After a month he asks her to change back and she silences him, puts him on and goes on a date.

  18. Can you do this dress.

    My grirlfriend wants me to change into that for her birthday. We go down to the tf clinic, and I come with a remote that silences me. Its supposed to be for a week but at the end of the week she makes up some excuse and calls the clinic to extend the tf. This goes on for weeks till she brings me back in and has it made permanent after she unsilences me and I start screaming at her.

  19. You should really consider to make a tumblr blog to post the captions there. That would be an easy way to get more TF fans here.

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