Blue Dress part 6

Jess looks into the mirror and asks, “Well I was thinking…John will find out in the end right?”  She takes a deep breath before she continues, “Maybe we should tell him….and then you might not be so embarrassed, because you would be participating instead.”

I sigh, before I respond, “How about you guys have fun one more time.”  Realizing after I say that I am giving her permission.  Knowing there is no turning back as I add, “Then after you guys finish you can tell him.  I want to see it once more without him knowing I am there.”

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The Skirt Suit

Jessica closed her eyes, and she could almost feel him around her again…

She had walked shakily into the room she shared with her husband David.  With each step she asked herself if she was making the right decision; a meek voice in the back of her head told her that she was overreacting, that she didn’t need to take things this far, that she could tolerate him for a while longer and that maybe he would change on his own.  But another voice, one attempting to be brave and assertive but still fairly meek, insisted that it was time.  She had compromised and submitted and given up so much of the woman she had once been to David, no matter how much the abuse grew, and he would continue taking until nothing was left.  It was time. Continue reading

Blue Dress part 4

I feel Jessica’s breasts bounce a little as I try to keep them somewhat secure.  Since they are bouncing this causes my vision to bounce up and down as she scampers down the stairs towards the taxi.  I feel the cool night air and breeze around me.  I notice that it is cold, but it doesn’t actually feel uncomfortable since I am guessing I am no longer alive.  Feeling the cool breeze blow my skirt around her as it must feel cold on her bare skin.  I watch as John opens the door for Jessica as she slides into the car I feel the pendant portion of me sliding across her chest between her breasts until she are fully upright again.  I hear John run around and get in the car on the other side and place his arm around her and me.  Feeling him pulling her closer to him as she rests her head on his on shoulder as he caresses her shoulders as we.

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Blue Dress part 2

I hear Jessica sitting down on the couch and kicking her feet up onto the coffee table. The table vibrates around me as she sets her feet down next to me as it feels like an earthquake. A few moments later I hear a voice off in the distance saying “Are you in the living room honey?”

Jessica responds, “Yea I am, I just got back from shopping for tonight.” I hear heavy footsteps come moving closer and closer. I start to get nervous as the voice I probably hear is getting closer to Jessica and me.

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Blue Dress part 1

Awakening slowly, I quickly become confused and disorientated about where I am and how I got here. It is fairly dim and I feel smothered, as though something were pressed against me. I try to stand up and move, but quickly realize I can’t; it feels like something is wrong with me. I start to freak out as I am struck by a feeling like parts of me are missing. Hearing noises around me, I shift a little, although I am unsure how I just moved. The pressure increases as the movement becomes stronger. The noises and light intensify as they become increasingly closer. As more light illuminates my vision I see pink fabric in front of me. I start wondering if there is a pink sheet or something wrapped around me. Suddenly, the pink fabric is pulled away from me by a giant hand, and I realize that it is actually a pink dress on hanger.

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