Party Dress

Party Dress


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Positively Humiliating

Positively Humiliating

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A Sissy Maid

“I actually can’t believe this is happening..” Alex said, his voice coming from the box on the bed “When I agreed to this I thought I would be worn by you” he continued to talk to Marie as he shifted uncomfortably inside.

Marie just giggled as she continued to put on John’s make up “I said I needed a maids outfit for a night and you agreed” she said as she put down the eye liner and picked up the lipstick getting ready to put it onto a very grumpy husband “I never said you would be MY outfit” she grinned as she applied the lipstick, John never said a word and just grumbled

“Ok well I have changed my mind, change me back” Alex said after some thought

“I explained the spell to you, three times..” Marie said as she put away the makeup and looked into the box “You need to be used before you can be changed back, so that means John needs to put on all your pieces and use you.. then the spell can be reversed” Marie repeated for the fourth time

“That’s fine! But YOU use me instead of John and then turn me back..” he said up as Marie whose giant face was now looming above him “I didn’t want to be worn by a man” he continued

Marie giggled at Alex’s comment as she reached in and pulled out the dress inside “But you wont be worn by a real man” she said as she turned the dress to face John who was now fully made up to look like a woman

“Oh..” Alex said a little stunned at the sight in front of him “I wouldn’t have known that was John” he said in awe as the man before him looked 100% like a woman

“I know!” Marie exclaimed “What can I say? I’m an artist!” she said admiring her handy work

“But shes.. I mean he is still a guy..I wont do it!” Alex responded

“Honey I think he is right, we can do this another time” John pipped up but Marie put her finger up to his lip in a hushing motion

“Shhh, pretty little maids should be seen and not heard” Marie said to John as she pulled her finger away “Besides we can’t do what he wants, there are made for me” she said as she dropped the dress into his lap “..Now dress!” she commanded as she swapped placed with John and was now sitting on the bed watching him get dressed

John reluctantly got up and started to lower the dress to the floor “No wait, please!” the dress pleaded as he felt the silent John step into him and felt grossed out as he began to shimmy him up into place, once there Marie straightened out his petticoat so it was at maximum puffiness and added breast forms to enhance his look “Ok I have been used, please turn me back” said Alex with a shiver.

Marie looked at the dress with a cocked eyebrow “Can’t you feel the rest of you?” she asked as she reached into the box and pulled out two black fish net stockings without breaking eye contact with the dress and handed them to John “Now these” she said as she scrunched up one of the stockings and handed it over to John.

Alex felt like his leg was being squished up but that feeling soon faded as he felt John’s leg penetrate his as the stocking was rolled up to its resting spot, it was a weird feeling but it actually felt like he had one of his legs back just not under his control; he was trying to get used to the feeling but was alarmed when he felt the exact same thing happening to his other leg, he now had two legs that felt like phantom limbs

The weirdness only got weirder when Marie pulled out a pair of heels, Alex knew instantly they were his feet as they were placed on the floor and John slowly stepped into them. For Alex it felt like John’s stocking clad feet were sliding directly into the insides of his feet, what made it weirder was the fact that since the stocking where his legs it felt like he was wearing the heels as well

Marie clapped excitedly at the almost finished product in front of her “You both look perfect!”

“Now can you turn me back” said the embarrassed dress in front of her “I can feel his cock!” he said disgusted

“Oh no!” Marie giggled at his statement “but you still haven’t been used yet” she said with a grin as she pulled out another item from the box, as her hand gripped it Alex’s eyes went wide

“That isn’t?!” he exclaimed as he watched Marie pull out a feather duster from the box, a duster that felt exactly like his cock in her tight grip

“It is..” Marie nodded as she lightly tickled the dress and her husband with the feathers causing the dress to moan with pleasure

“No..Please..!” Alex managed to get out between moans “This isn’t right!” he exclaimed

“Your right..” Marie said feigning sadness “I guess it’s real use is for dusting..” she said as she lifted Alex’s hem up and looked into Alex’s fabric eyes as she continued “..or its use when me and John are around..” she said as she quickly tickled John’s now exposed penis

“NO!” Alex wanted to blurt out but what instead came out was an orgasm like moan

“Awww, he likes it!” Marie teased looking up at the blushing John “..and it looks like you do too” she said with a grin as she pulled away the feathers and handed it to John “You will be using that on me later!” she said as she looked back at Alex the dress “Hey!” she said as she ruffled his petticoat to gain his attention after the orgasm

“Marie!” Alex blurted out “I have been used, please!” he begged wanting to be turned back

Marie grinned “Not all of you..” she said looking over at the box while still holding his hem up

“Wha–whats left in there?” Alex asked looking at the box, he had no clue what was waiting inside

“Have you not realised that your voice is still coming from that box?” she said as she put her hand inside and played about with what was waiting for her

Alex could still not see what she was playing with, but he felt her fingers dance along his lips and surprisingly slip between them gagging him briefly “What is it?!” he exclaimed, Marie didn’t say a word; instead she lifted up a pink chastity device and held it delicately in her hands.


“Thats cant be!” Alex stuttered as he heard his voice coming from the object in her hands “I will not be part of this, change me back now!”

“Aww, are you going to be like this all night?” Marie asked almost teasingly

“I am not kidding around Marie!” Alex responded

Marie looked sad “You just want me to get it over with?”

“Yes, NOW!” Alex demanded

“Ok..” Marie said with a wicked grin as she slowly moved the pink device towards John’s flaccid penis

“No, I want you to turn me back now not this!” Alex said with panic, but Marie continued her movement “No wait Marie listen I—-mmmpphhh” was all Alex managed to say before John’s penis was pushed passed his lips and down his plastic throat.

Marie put the lock onto the device and gave it a good tap to put it into place as she let the hem fall down over it “There we go, all ready for the night ahead! she said as she looked up at John “Now go fetch me a drink” she said to her husband with a grin “If you’re a good little maid I will turn him into something you will enjoy” she said to John as he turned around and headed to the kitchen

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The Fabricator PT1

After weeks of planning Alex was finally ready, today was the day he would try out his fantasy of cross dressing with the help of a device Marie was in possession of; the Fabricator.

This device was state of the art, it was new and expensive technology that would alter the fibers of any item of clothing it is directed at and shape it into another; a skirt could become a blouse, a dress could become heels all at the push of a button, in theory a person could own only a couple of items of clothing but have access to a wide range of styles – marketed as a woman’s best friend.

Alex took advantage of Marie’s kindness to achieve his goal, his plan wasn’t to ask her to use the device as that would have deeply embarrassed him; instead he was going to have a little too much drink at their monthly d&d meeting knowing Marie will make him stay the night to sober up and also knowing full well that Marie was working the following day giving him plenty of alone time with the device.

Once he woke  he put the plan into action checking the entire house to ensure it was empty, he checked every room before finally stopping off at his main destination; Marie’s room. When he looked inside he went straight to the closet and opened it up, it was a little bit of a shock when he saw what was inside the almost empty space but it was standard to those who own a Fabricator.

He looked at the multiples of white cloth hanging from the hangers with nothing but the company logo down the side; these were the basic material used when transforming the clothing supplied by the company, easy to store and wash. Alex was glad to see a little bit of colour in the wardrobe as there were some already made outfits behind all the basic material which were possibly some favourites Marie liked to keep out.

Alex admired the clothes briefly but then remembered his plan, he turned to the door he had just opened and looked at the device sitting in its charging slot, with a shaky hand he reached over to the device and plucked it up and looked it over in his hand; he couldn’t believe he was actually holding one.

As he held the device it suddenly lit up ‘Hello, unknown user; please select a profile’ flashed across the screen with two options ‘Marie’ and ‘John’. Given Alex’s intent he selected the first option and was given a wide range of options with details on every single item of clothing Marie had ever programmed into the machine.

Giddy with excitement Alex could hardly hold on to the device, he couldn’t beleive this was finally happening; he had no idea where to begin as he scrolled through the options but quickly found the favourites option at the top and selected it, after all he loved what Marie wore daily so why not try something of her tastes.

The first option that appeared was a swing dress, he looked over at the mirror located on the other door to the wardrobe and looked at what he was currently wearing; just his t-shirt and boxers from the night before but that would soon be changing.

He turned around and pointed the device at his reflection, he was unsure if he was ready for this so he closed his eyes and slowly pressed down on the accept button. He felt a tingle all over his body as he felt his clothing melt away in parts and form in others after a few seconds he slowly opened his eyes and gasped, he was now wearing the outfit that was programmed.

Alex looked at his reflection for a moment, this was something he had been waiting a long time for and now the moment was finally here and he just couldn’t believe it. He looked down at his current outfit, it was far different to what he slept in; he now had black patent high heels, what felt like white stockings connected to a garter belt, a fluffy petticoat, tight panties that felt snug on his privates, what felt like a bra stuffed to actually give him the appearance of breasts and of course the original swing dress.

He absolutely loved it, so much so that the panties were starting to tighten down below making his face blush. Alex walked around in his new heels wobbling about the place, something he was slowly getting used to before he sat down on the bed and looked at the other options ‘Work – Meeting’ was another of the options, he stood up and pointed the device at the mirror again, this time watching the changes as he pressed the button.

He watched as his stiletto shrunk slightly to suit a work day, his white stockings turned nude as they travelled up his legs and formed with the garter belt to create a pair of pantyhose, the petticoat beneath his dress constricted against his legs as it turned into a black pencil skirt as the dress receded up into a modest silk blouse. Alex was now wearing the exact outfit he saw Marie wear to work a few days ago and smiled at his reflection, he imagined walking to work and sitting down at the desk in his new skirt and typing away on his computer in his new blouse.

Alex continued to scroll through the favourite section, there were many items listed under work and the very last one being ‘Work – Flirty’, he really wanted to see what Marie considered flirty in her work attire but before he made the selection the option below it caught his eye and made him grin, he pointed the device at his reflection once more and closed his eyes and pressed the button; he wanted this to surprise himself.

Once he felt the changes subside he looked at his new reflection, instead of a work outfit he was now wearing a dainty little French maid outfit, he stared at the reflection admiring the outfit and how sexy it looked; his heels had once again raised to 6 inch heels, the nude pantyhose now a pair of sheet black holdup stockings peeking out from the now very short satin hem of the main outfit, the skirt once again a petite petticoat and the blouse a short satin French maid outfit with cute capped sleeves.

Alex became aroused looking at the sight before him, it was so daring it got the blood pumping but this soon ended in pain as soon as his penis got a little erect it and it  almost brought him to his knees; quickly he lifted up the hem of his skirt to find the source of the pain inside his panties, he looked down at the little bulge where the pain originated from and slowly reached with his free hand to peak inside.

When he pulled back the waist band of the panties he saw a small chastity device wrapped around his penis, for a moment he was confused but he penny soon dropped “This is a favourite for John?!” he exclaimed out loud as he tapped his nails on the hard device around his privates “Well well well” Alex said with a grin as he let the hem of his dress drop down “I better play the part” he said with a grin as he placed the device back into the charging slot and headed out the bedroom to clean the house after last nights session, it was the least he could do after secretly using Marie’s device.

Cleaning the house in his cute little maids outfit somehow kept Alex’s mind off the fact the whole situation was arousing resulting in much less pain down below, so much so that he lost track of time and cleaned more than he needed to; once finished he looked at the clock “Shoot!” he scolded “Marie will be home in about an hour” he said saddened knowing that he needed to get back to normal and leave the house before she got back, he headed back up stairs and picked up the device and stood in front of the mirror admiring the look once more.

“I need a memento!” he quickly said as he put the device down on the dresses and looked around the room for his phone, but before he could remember it was downstairs he heard a car pull into the drive way; he quickly walked over to the window and peered out just in time to see Marie getting her purse out from the back “Shoot shoot shoot!” he said blushing deeply “The memento can wait!” he quickly said as he rushed over to the device and reached out to grab it.

In doing so he knocked over a small glass of water that was sitting beside it, the water splashed down and drenched the device causing a little bit of a spark “nonono” he quick said as he picked it up, the display now flashing red ‘Warning: Safety Protocols Compromised DO NOT USE’ kept flashing.

In a panic Alex dried the device on his hem and tapped frantically at the screen to get the warning message to go away, his tapping became more frantic as he heard the keys jingle into the door. Finally the message disappeared and the options appeared once more, he quickly navigated to Johns section through the glitchy mess of an interface and selected ‘Work – Casual’ and pointed it at his reflection.

He quickly pressed the button and saw the items of clothing melt away from his skin, he then felt the whole outfit forming on his chest and flowing downwards into a navy shift dress “This isnt Johns!” he whispered to himself as he looked down at the device which has apparently glitched out and selected Marie’s outfit from the same row “No come on!” he said as he scrolled down to the next option of Johns and pressed the button.

This time the shift dress didnt melt away, instead the colour of his skin started to melt away until it was just a shiny white material  all down his left arm “Huh?” Alex said confused as he watched his right arm take on the same white shine; Alex put the device back into the charging slot as he was unsure what was happening, his hands began to shrink into his arms forming what looked like a cuff “What?!” he exclaimed as he heard the front door opening and at the same time a ringing sound came from the device ‘Factory reset complete – Feel free to use’.

Alex went to grab the device but found his arms were now completely hollow and his silky touch could not grip it correctly, before he could react he felt himself shrinking into his dress so even if he could hold onto the device he couldn’t reach it, with panic in his eyes he looked at his reflection once more just in time to see his head shrink into his shoulders before his sight was blocked by the dress he was wearing.

Soon Alex found himself laying flat on his back inside the dress, with haste he tried to remove himself from the material blocking his view but found he did not have the strength to move the simple fabric of the shift dress, he soon stopped his efforts when he heard the creaking of the bedroom door open and someone enter.



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The Wedding Curse

Marie walked into her bridal study, her hair was already made up and a veil was following behind her, she wasn’t wearing her dress yet but instead had a purple nightdress on with a matching sheer robe with satin trim “Hello honey” she said as she closed the door behind her and took a step inside

“Marie!” Came the excited voice of her husband, or well technically former husband as he was nothing but a dress for the last three years – her wedding dress to be exact “it’s so good to see you again” he almost cried


“It’s good to see you too” she said as she walked over to the dress “you look as pretty as ever” she said as she ran her hands through his skirt

“Thank you” John replied, he would never get used to being called that, no matter how many times it is said “You to too” he said admiring the woman before him.

Marie looked down at what she was wearing and blushed “I tried to make an effort for you, it’s what you loved to see me in” she said pulling at the satin ribbon to reveal what was underneath

“today is the day..” he started after he stopped admiring her “I can finally break this wish and be a man again”

“Yeah..” Marie said sorrowfully “that damn wish of mine to fulfil my fantasies cost us our marriage, it’s all my fault” a single tear forming on her cheek

“Hey now, it wasn’t your fault” her dress responded “you made the innocent wish, I was the stupid one who thought wedding dress” he said with a chuckle “and it was the stupid genies fault for making it so my purpose had to be fulfilled in order to be turned back..”

“I really thought giving you to Sam for her wedding would get you back to normal” Marie said as the tear rolled down her cheek and into the floor, the dress wished he could wipe it away but with no arms it was rather difficult; instead he used his skirt to caress her hand

“That was a wild ride..” the dress said remembering the day he was worn by her “I endured all of that with the hopes of getting back to your arms as a man and not a dress” he said still caressing her “the whole ceremony, being worn by someone who wasn’t you, the after party and the.. consummation..” He said with a shudder “all that to spend a month as a dress on their honeymoon cruise before I could get back to you with the bad news”

“I know honey, I know” she said in a smoothing tone as she stroked the fabric of the dress “but now you get to do all that again with me..” she said not thinking about what she was saying, the silence from the dress told her everything she needed to know “..I mean.. it’s with me this time at least” she stumbled to say

“It’s ok honey, I have had time to process this all..” he said trying to reassure her “I know what is going to happen and what you have been through, some would say it is even harder than what I have had to go through” he said “I am of course not ok with it, who would be ok with their wife falling in love with another man..” he continued, Marie went to say something in response but the dress continued “..but it was something that had to happen for me to get my body back, you had to move on with your life to make a legit reason to wear me.. and I am thankful for that”

Marie was on the verge of tears but held them back as to not ruin her expensive makeup “I still love you..” she said

“I know.. I love you too” the dress sounded very saddened saying it “but we can’t destroy another man’s life, you will never forgive yourself if you did” the dress said “this is the way it has to be”

“There is another way..” Marie mentioned as she wiped away the tear and blinked a few times trying to hold it all in “I spoke to a friend of mine, you know the witch who tried to break the spell for us..” she continued “I was with her the other month talking to her about the wedding and about you and it got too much and I just broke down”

The dress felt awful, his wife was in despair and all he would have been doing in that moment in time was hang in closet wait for this day to come “what did she say” he moved on the conversation

“Well..” Marie paused, unsure if she should suggest it or not “..she said there is a way for you to stay with me and” she said looking down at the dress “once you’re a man again you are free of the curse, but she said she can curse you again for our benefit”

“You mean like amnesia?” The dress asked a little shocked but also thinking it would ease the pain of the situation completely

“No! That would be like killing you” Marie exclaimed in haste “nothing like that! I wouldn’t dare” She rambled on

“Then what is it ? “ the dress asked curious as to what sort of curse would be beneficial

“She said she can infuse her magic into me and I will have complete control over your could be my dress forever” Marie quickly said unsure of how he would react

The dress was shocked, if it had eyes they would be wide “you mean we have to go through all of this for me not to be your wedding dress and your solution is to make me a wedding dress again?” The dress asked getting a little angry “why even change me back in the first place, just throw me right into the back of the closet as that’s where I’ll be for the rest of my life”

“You miss understand..” Marie said quickly stroking him trying to calm him down “you can’t be with me as a man, it’s unfair to my new husband..” she said “but he can’t exactly be jealous of clothing can he?” She said “you can be my work for skirt, or my nightdress to sleep in” she said with a smile “or a sexy pair of panties while I have some alone time” she said with a grin “anything I want at any moment in time, you can still be with me” she said pausing for it all to sink in

“Oh..” replied the dress “you would do that for me?” He asked, it wasn’t something he wanted to do but if it meant staying with his wife he would do anything

“I would do anything for you” she replied, although the situation was bad she couldn’t help but feel excited about the fact that she would have an unlimited supply of clothing in the form of her former husband

“I..Well..I think.. I just don’t know” the dress stammered “I don’t know what to do” he continued “I have been used to this for so long it just feels oddly right, and being worn is one of the best feelings I have ever experienced”

“That’s right!” Marie chimed in trying to convince him “Just think, I could wear you every day as a form I want instead of once in a while as this..” she said holding her arms out to gesture to the dress he currently is “Wouldn’t the be nice?” she asked

“Yes..” the dress said meekly

“Is that a yes to the idea then?” Marie asked with a grin

The dress paused for a moment then answered “..yes..” he said a little embarrassed, the caused Marie to excitedly clap her hands

“She will meet us before the honeymoon, this is going to be great!” she said as she let the sheer robe drop off her shoulders and onto the floor “Now enjoy the show” she said with a wink “There will be a lot more where this came from” she said as the nightdress soon followed.


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His Queen

His Queen

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Wishing to speak

Wishing to speak

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