Maybe Later

“Urm, honey? you just walked past the clinic” John said as he tried to swivel his vision around to look at the clinic

“I know” Marie said as she continued walking, she didn’t even look back to the clinic

“But I thought we were going back to see if the servers were back up” John stated “You know, to see if my files didn’t get destroyed meaning I can be your man again”

“I know” Marie said again still walking towards the town, leaving John a little bit confused

“But don’t you want me back as your man?” John questioned

Marie bit her lip “Yeah..” she said with a pause “But didn’t you see what I put on with you this morning? I found a top yesterday that matches you perfectly! and these heels havent seen the light of day in years” she said with a little skip to her step “The files, if they are even there, would still be in working order when we get back from lunch with the girls; I just want to enjoy my outfit” she said as she squared her glasses

“The girls?! I can’t let them see me like this! It will be so awkward..” John said with panic, partly because he wanted to know if he would even be human again but mostly because he didn’t want anyone close to him to know he was something so girly.

Marie giggled “Don’t be silly, I have already told them all about you, they cant wait to see you matching with something!” she said with another giggle

“Marie!” John said really embarrassed

“Shh now, we are almost there” she said as they turned the corner, Charlotte’s eye’s already honed in onto John .


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Double Caption, A dress and a pair of Tights.

A Dress and a pair of Tights

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by | 28 June, 2017 · 23:46

Squirming blouse

Squirming blouse

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Pretending to pretend

Pretending to pretend


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Don’t Spare the Details

Don't Spare The Details

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So, what do you think?

So, what do you think?


by | 28 June, 2017 · 21:59

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