One from the archives

This photograph is from the archives of one of the largest Witches covens in the UK and appears to show three generations of Witches.
The words below are hand written on the reverse of the photograph.
“From left to right, Samantha and her fiancé Frank, Samantha’s mother Deborah with her husband Graham and Samantha’s grandmother Julia and her husband David”
Since we can see no men in the picture we can only assume they are either the dresses the Witches are wearing or the stockings they are putting on, sadly we will likely never know.


Not for boys

Natasha watched her fiancé finish getting dressed up.
(Natasha)”So, how do you feel?”
(Garry)”I feel a little silly… Being dressed up as a girl in front of you for the first time.”
(Natasha)”I wasn’t talking to you Babe, I was talking to Katie.”
(Katie)”Actually… When I said I would let you turn me into stockings I expected to be worn by you… Not your weird Boyfriend”
(Natasha)”That’s not very nice Katie, just for that I think he should keep you until you apologise!”
(Katie)”Fat chance of that!”
Natasha and her fiancé had a lot of fun that night, Katie never did apologise, Natasha and Garry came to the conclusion she was just being stubborn, but after a few years they did start to wonder.