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Push His Button

Emily sat there quietly working through the paperwork she had before her, this was a normal day for her except for one little detail; today her blouse was currently her boss, “This work is so boring…” came a voice from the blouse followed by a fake yawn “..can’t we do something else?” it continued

Emily rolled her eyes as she responded “No..” she said a little coldly “..I am doing the work you set out for me, then after that I have to continue with the rest of your boring work” she said as she flipped the pages “Not all of us can get ‘accidentally’ turned into a blouse for the whole work day” she said motioning her hands to show air quotations

“Hey!” Alex protested “It was an accident” he continued truthfully as it was in fact a complete accident “ was I meant to know you tweaked with the settings last night? All I wanted was for it change the fabric of your blouse to satin”

“And it did just that” she said looking down at her satin blouse which this morning was just a plain cotton one “and it used your essence to do so” she said as she circled a few things on the paper in front of her “If you weren’t such a pervert this day could have been so much different..” she said with a sigh referring to the business dinner they had planned tonight with some new clients; she planned to get a little tipsy and spill the beans that she had a little crush on Alex and see where the night went from there, but that would all have to be cancelled now.

“The plans can still go ahead, the device should be charged enough soon that I can get myself back to normal” Alex said reassuringly

“You’re right, but wrong” Emily said as she organised the paper in front of her before pulling out a small manual from her desk and flipping to the right page “The device will be charged enough to transform you back from object to man” she said pointing at the charge chart “but not enough to get your essence out of my blouse”

“Right..?” Alex asked confused “I don’t see the problem, it’s the same thing!” he exclaimed

“No..the first one means my blouse becomes you, which means no blouse!” she exclaimed out of frustration “the second one just reverses what you done to it..and you!”

“Just change into what you were going to wear for the dinner..” Alex responded

“I was wearing dinner clothes, they worked in both environments..” she rolled her eyes at his ignorance

“Oh..” was all Alex could respond as he watched her reach over to grab the files from his desk “..those are mine, we can leave those and just do something else? Eight hours of this hell is enough..”

“What do you suggest we do? Hmm?” Emily said as she looked down at Alex “An outfit like this works well in an office and what.. maybe a date? or a fancy dinner?” she said spitballing ideas that were just absurd to do “Maybe I should wear you out for the dinner with the client, just me and him” she said with a chuckle “..then maybe the plans I had after the dinner can continue with him rather than you..” she said

“..with me?” Alex asked feigning confusion, he had an idea of what she meant and felt the same way

“Yeah!” she said out of frustration “I just wanted to have fun after we nailed the meeting with the client; have a few drinks, explore the city for a bit before returning home to…explore each other” she said with a blush “But no!” she exclaimed before continuing “Your perverted desires got in the way and now I have to make do and finish off all this damn paperwork” she said as since opened the first page “..or should I just teach you a lesson?”

“A..lesson?” Alex responded nervously

A grin grew on Emily’s face “That dinner plan sounded rather good don’t you think?” she asked rhetorically “Teach you a lesson on not messing with the prototypes by showing you what you would have missed out on tonight, all the way up till the very end” she said with a teasing giggle, knowing full well that she wouldn’t actually do this to her boss

Alex said nothing, he was speechless and so aroused by the thought that the part of him in blouse form that used to be his penis moved slightly

Emily noticed this and was a little confused “Di..Did your button just twitch?” she stammered as she looked down at the button on the blouse that was buttoned just by her breasts

“No..” Alex quickly said sounding a little flustered

Emily slowly reached for the button and rubbed in slightly hearing a quiet moan coming from Alex “Oh my god..” she said with a giggle “My blouse is actually turned on, is that really your penis?”

Alex’s button twitched once more when she called him a blouse “No it’s not that..” he said a little but more flustered

Emily saw it twitch once more and rubbed in again causing Alex to moan a bit louder this time “Aww that is so cute!” she exclaimed with a giggle “This tiny little button is now your tiny little cock” she teased as she tapped it lightly with her pen “And I thought that was your cute little button nose” she said with a giggle but before Alex could respond she continued “So what was it?” she asked “Was it the idea of me and you that..” she paused with a grin before she continued with a giggle “..pushed your buttons..or was it the idea of me, you and him hmm?” she said but didn’t need an answer as she saw the button twitch

Alex was conflicted he did but also didn’t want this to happen “Emily wait I–” he tried to get out but was silence by her shushing

“shh” she said putting her pinkie gently onto the button and gave it a gentle rub to shut him up “Actions speak louder than words” she said as she removed her finger “So tell me, does my blouse want me to wear it tonight to the dinner?” she asked and got her confirmation as the button twitched

“Emily please, it’s not what you think” he lied as it was in fact turning him on

“Aww” Emily fake pouted “You mean that isn’t something my pretty little blouse would want?”

“It isn’t!” Alex exclaimed

Emily brought he pinkie finger back up to the button and slowly started to rub it “Are you sure? we could have a lot of fun together”

Alex went to protest but instead moaned in pleasure “I–ooh” was all he managed to get out

“you could sit there all night tight against my body in your silky satin form..” she said slowly increasing her pace

“Emily..” Alex whimpered between moans

“Front row seats to the dinner were I will be successfully flirting and seducing our way to a new client” she said teasingly

“xxx” Alex moaned

“Then you have the choice; do I take you off and let you watch from a hanger or leave you on” she said quickening her pace “All you have to do is tell me you want it”

“I can’t..” Alex managed to muster up, the pleasure he was receiving building up and up

“Oh but you can..” she said with a grin “Just tell me you want to be my blouse for the night..”

Alex moaned, he was getting closer and closer to climax as Emily played with his button “I’ll do it!” he managed to blurt out “I’ll be your blouse!” he said just as he was about to reach orgasm, but Emily quickly removed her finger from the button as he heard what she wanted

“There’s a good blouse..” she said as she reached over and pressed the intercom button with the same pinkie finger she was using just seconds ago to pleasure Alex “Sophie?” Emily said into the microphone “Can you call Mr Jenson back and tell him there has been a change of plans, the meeting is still on..” she said as she let go of the buzzer

“Are you really going to do this?” Alex asked a little frustrated that she stopped just as soon as he was about to orgasm

“Of course, I have your permission” she said with a smile “Now if you be a good blouse for the rest of the night you will be rewarded” she said as she lightly licked the tip of her finger then rubbed it against the button causing it to moan even more “but be a bad blouse…” she said as she gave it a little flick and felt her entire blouse winch in a little bit of pain.

“Now I must go get ready..” Emily said as she stood up from her desk and walked towards the office doors, just as she reached the door the device beeped loudly twice indicating that a full charge has just been achieve and Alex’s essence could be removed, Emily looked over at the device and giggled “Oh look a full charge” she said as she opened up the office door “But we wont be needing that tonight” she said as she flicked off the light and started to walk down the hallway.

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One Night Stand

Emily walked towards the cafe where she was meeting her best friend, she was coming directly from the apartment of her previous nights conquest after a night of partying; gossiping with her friend over a hot cup of chocolate was the best hangover cure imaginable. Once she reached the cafe she opened up the door and spotted her friend, Marie, sitting in the far corner behind two freshly made cups of choco, Emily quickly made her way over after Marie gave her an excited wave “Oooh! glamorous!” Marie commented on Emily’s outfit

“This old thing?” she said with a smile looking down at her blouse “It’s just something I quickly threw together last night after my other one got messy” she said with a grin

“You mean that’s..?” Marie said looking down at the blouse in amazement

“Oh no no..” Emily said brushing of her comment, Marie was one of the few people who knew about Emily’s witch like powers and what she liked to do with them “..This isnt Alex, this is just some fun from last night” she said with a wink

“Some fun..?” Marie asked a little confused trying to figure it out “Oh!” she said once the penny dropped when she realised it was a one night stand “OH!” she practically exclaimed when she noticed the size of the pussy bow she was currently wearing “Just how big was his cock Emily?!” she blurted knowing full well Emily liked to have her clothes ‘make sense’ when transformed.

Emily giggled when she looked down at the bow Marie was staring at “I wish..” she said as she gently picked up part of the bow in her hands “I had to make these his legs and the other part just wasn’t up to the task” she said as she let go of them “I knew exactly what I wanted but knew it would not do the bow any justice so I made it something else”

Marie looked at the blouse squinting her eyes slightly trying to figure it out “What did you make it then?” she said after not finding anything noticeable

Emily picked up the bow again and lifted it up in one hand so that Marie could see underneath “Cute right?” Emily said as she used her free hand to gently rub a small button in the middle of the neckline which caused her fabric to simmer in the light as it shivered, she then quickly gave it a little flick to stop it and allowed the bow to hang limply once again covering up the button

“He must have been gifted in the other departments then” Marie commented “I just still can’t believe you and Alex have a relationship where that sort of thing is deemed..normal..” she said taking a sip from her cup

“Oh trust me he was..” she said looking up and sort of day dreaming about the night before “Lets just say I was half tempted to make him into my panties after he used that tongue of his” she said with a giggle

“Then why didn’t you?” Marie said curious

“Well first off I wouldnt be able to have a straight conversation with you if I had” she said with a giggle “and secondly I wanted him as this as a treat for Alex when I change him back, you know how much he loves satin”

Marie’s eyes went wide once more “Alex? You mean he went with you?” she asked in shock as she looked down at the heels, then the nude pantyhose, then the skirt trying to figure out what he was

“Of course!” Emily beamed “I’m not the only one who gets the enjoy these nights of pleasure” she continued noticing Marie was looking at her outfit “I’m not wearing him right now if that’s what you want to ask” she said

“Was he the blouse that got..messy?” she asked wondering how Alex would be feeling about being cummed on, which is what she assumed the ‘messy’ part meant

“Oh no he wasnt, but I can only assume he wished that was him” she said with a giggle “He had much more things to worry about than a little bit of a stain” she said with another giggle as she reached into her purse and pulled out what looked like a sunglasses case and placed it on the table “He started out as my panties, but when it was revealed the size of my partners..appendage he was required as something a little different” she said as she motioned towards the sunglasses case

Marie picked up the case and wondered why sunglasses would have been needed, with a cautious glance to Emily then back to the case she slowly opened it but then slammed it shut when she saw what was inside “Emily!” she playfully snapped “You could have given me a little warning” she said with a laugh as she looked around the room to make sure no one could see then slowly opened it again

Inside the case there was a small condom filled with cum that was sealed in by a knot “I just can’t believe this..” she said looking down at the condom, as if it was reacting to her voice the condom began to wiggle as best it could causing Marie to jump slightly with surprise “Alex?” she whispered as the wiggling got more intense

“He can’t respond” she said with a grin “His mouth is a little too full” she said with a giggle

“You didn’t?” Marie replied looking down at the knotted part of the condom in disbelief “Nono” Marie quickly said as she give the case a little shake causing the condom to roll back into the centre of the case, it had almost wiggled itself free “And he likes this?” she said as she closed the lid to the case and handed it back to Emily

Emily chuckled “No he didnt” she said as she placed the case back into her purse “He protested right up until he deep-throated that tiny thing” she said with a giggle “After the fun I took him to the bathroom to get washed up and back into the form of my panties but some..questionable things..came from that little mouth of his” she said with a stern look down at the purse “So i knotted him up and wore my sunglasses home” she said referring to the panties she was wearing

“That is so naughty!” Marie said “When do you plan on turning him back?”

“Once he learns his a week or two” she said with a grin “You said you wanted to talk with me about something?” Emily said remembering the phone call from yesterday

Marie couldn’t tell if she was joking or not, two weeks is a long time and with cum in your mouth it would not be a very pleasurable experience “Oh right yeah that..” Marie said with a blush as she looked around the room once more to make sure no one was looking “I changed his batteries the other day and it just isn’t the same” she whispered as she leaned in closer

“Changed his batteries?” Emily asked rather confused but then realised what she was on about “You mean John?” she said with a little bit of shock “I changed him a month ago for you and still havent transformed him back using the incarnation i provided ? you say im the naughty one..” she said with a giggle

“I was going to change him back last night since when I popped the new batteries in I just didn’t get the same satisfaction but I thought maybe you might have a solution”

“Well that’s because his original batteries were his balls” she said rather abruptly causing Marie to blush even more, which is why Emily said it “You somehow managed to drain their entire sexual energy, no other batteries can even compare to that” she said with a giggle “Do you have the batteries on you?”

Marie shook her head no “I didn’t think they were the problem”

“Well make sure you keep them, they will need to be back inside him when you turn him back or he wont have..well you get the picture” she said with a smile “And since I assume he wont be turning back any time soon..” she said as she snapped her fingers causing two batteries to fall from under her pussy bow landing in her lap “ can have his” she said as she picked them up and placed them on the table

Marie watched as the blouse simmered once more in the light as she grabbed the batteries and quickly popped them into her own purse “..thanks” she said shyly as her face started to turn her normal shade “He wont mind?” she said looking at her blouse”

“Blouses don’t need them do they?” she said looking down, “it’s not like he would be using them again” Emily continued as she lifted up her pinkie finger and wiggled it referring to his penis “Just don’t tell your husband that you will be shoving a strangers balls into him” she said with a wink as she finished her hot chocolate and prepared to go home

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Gum Pt1

“I don’t know honey this seems pretty damn risky” Alex said as he watched Emily looking through her spell book, she didn’t even take her eyes off the book when she responded

“It isn’t any more risky than that time you became my stocking remember?” she asked as she flipped through the pages of the book “so delicate, so frail..” she mumbled to herself remember the time she had him stretched over one of her legs “nothing bad happened then did it?” she asked finally looking up at him

“This is so much different, you wont even know which one is me!” he exclaimed in protest as he sat down on the bed beside her

“Thats part of the fun” she giggled as she gave him a peck on the cheek before going back to find the spell she was looking for

“Fun..” Alex mumbled “Just like that time as your pen..” he said thinking back with a shudder to the time he was used during her busy work day “Why don’t we just do th–” Alex began to say but was cut off when Emily finally found all she needed

“Got it!” she squealed as she stood up from the bed and placed the book down where she was sitting “You ready from some sexy russian roulette?” she said with a giggle as she pulled out a packet of gum from her pocket and shook it between her fingers

“Not really..” he said looking at the gum then down at the book “I really don’t feel comfortable with the–” Alex said but was cut off when Emily finished his sentence

“..Risk..” she said a little saddened “..but can’t you see how fun this will be? she said as she put the packet down on the spell book “I will chew one of these sticks of gums every day, maybe it will be you; maybe it wont” she said as she pulled one of the sticks of gum out of the packet

“I will treat each and every one the same, chew them for the entire day; blow many bubbles and just an all round sensual massage each day” she continued as she carefully slide the gum out of the foil packaging

“Then right at the end of the day, I will spit the gum out of my mouth onto the bed where one of two things would happen” she said as she laid the foil down on the bed next to Alex “ would just be a bit of gum I spat out on the bed that will just be thrown away” she said as she picked up the spell book with the packet of gum still on top

“Or two.. the conditions of the spell are met, your malleable form has just hit my freshly made satin sheets where you turn back after a whole day of sexual stimulation..” she said looking down at the growing bulge in his pants, with a grin she continued “..I would be standing there in the satin nightie I will be buying on the first day of chewing waiting for you to take out all that pent-up frustration” she said as she saw his now full pitched tent pole

Alex was immensely aroused by the whole scenario that was put forward to him that the risks he first thought just melted away “Do it..” he quickly said as he shifted uncomfortable with this dick at full mast

“Huh?” Emily asked teasingly

“Do it!” Alex exclaimed as he pushed down at his erection

“I already did..” Emily said with a grin as she picked up the packet of gum off the spell book before snapping it shut and putting it back into the nightstand
“Oh..” Alex said as he felt a familiar tingle all over his body, his clothes melted away as he shrunk down onto the bed, it was a strange sight as he looked at Emily; his whole body was shrinking but his penis stayed the same “This is odd” he remarked as he body was slowly melting into his own dick

“Just a little more fun I have added” she said with a wink “..and maybe a bit of flavour” she said with a giggle knowing full well the whole packet would taste the same, Alex was now fully merged with his dick as Emily reached down to pick him up

“Oh Emily!” Alex exclaimed in pure ecstasy, he was just about to cum before Emily squeezed tight

“Nono” she said as she held him in her grip “I didn’t mean THAT flavour” she said as she slowly released her grip after successfully stopping him, she had to admit she was a little amazed as his pleas of an orgasm slowly faded out as the penis in her hand melted into a stick of gum “Perfect!” she said as she placed him down on the open foil on the bed

“I tell you what..” she said as she put the packet of gum next to him on the bed “When I go shopping tomorrow for that nightie..” she said as she started to folder the foil over his body “I will make sure to blow many, many bubbles while trying them on..” she said as she only had one more flap to fold “..So you better hope you are the first one used, because I will be trying on a lot of them” she said with a wink as she folded the final flap carefully

Emily straightened back up and looked down at her handy work “Now for the final part..” she said as she snapped her fingers, in a flash the packet of gum and her newly packaged boyfriend blinked out of existence for a moment before reappearing in an instant randomly mixed up in the packet

“Good luck..” she said as she popped the packet of gum into her purse.

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Emily came home one day and was confused at the fact her boyfriends car was already in the drive considering she was always home before him, she opened the front door and found Chaz sitting down on the sofa looking like he had been waiting there a while “we need to talk..” the words came from his mouth.

Emily gulped, the dreaded words no one in a relationship wanted to hear “ok..?” He asked shakily as she put her handbag down by the door and took her coat off before taking a seat on the recliner facing Chaz and looking him in the eyes; ‘he knows…’ she thought to herself wondering how to react when all is revealed
“So I have been thinking..” Chaz said slowly as he leaned on the edge of his seat “..and I know..” he said pausing slightly, he himself unsure how to proceed with what he wanted to say

Emily fidgeted on her seat ‘crap crap crap’ she repeated in her head over and over again “Look.. it’s not as bad as you think; it was only–” Emily began to say but was cut off by Chaz continuing what he was saying

Chaz put his hand up to stop her and continued with what he was saying “..I know our relationship have been a little rocky lately and I know I am mostly to blame” he said clearly very nervous “I think it’s mainly the fact I am being less affectionate towards you as of late..” he said with sorrow in his voice “I feel I am maybe not appreciating you as much as I should but I have found a way to resolve it” he said as he took a little bit of folded paper out of his pocket and slid it over the coffee table between to Emily

Emily slowly picked up the paper from the table, her mind still swimming with the thought she almost revealed her secret to him and still wondering what brought all this on. She unfolded it while looking at Chaz but finally looked down when it was fully revealed “What is this?” she asked looking back up at Chaz then looking back down at the paper with random letters sprawled together trying to make a sentence “Ke rah m–“

Emily began to try to phonetically speak it but was quickly stopped by Chaz

“Whoa whoa” he snapped, leaning forward and taking the paper from her hand and putting it back down on the table “Lets talk first…” he said leaning back in the chair, his eyes darting between her and the paper; this only left her even more confused “It’s a spell..” Chaz said “For me, used by you”. He could tell from the face of the speechless Emily sitting across from him that he should explain more “It’s a way to reignite my appreciation for you but don’t worry; it doesn’t affect my mind..just body..”

“Chaz.. I don’t understand” Emily said as she picked the paper again and looked it over “Who even gave you this?” she asked, hoping it wasn’t the answer she was expecting “and what does it even do?” she asked remembering what he said

“I went to see Sloane, you guys spend a lot of time together and I just wanted to see where I was going wrong” he said “She opened my eyes to a lot of things and finally suggest this” he said pointing at the paper in her hand “you just say the words, imagine what you want me to be and poof” he said as he waved his hand in the air mimicking smoke.

‘Sloane…’ Emily thought to herself ‘..What did she say to him?’ she continued to think wondering if she revealing anything more about what was going on “So you want to BE something for me?” she asked receiving a nod from Chaz “..and you think this will make you appreciate me more?” she asked and once again received another nod “I…I don’t know..” she said nervously

“Please Emily, I can be better for you and this will help” he said getting himself comfortable on the sofa “Sloane said to come and see her for the reversal spell when we are ready”

Emily was about to protest but the look on Chaz’s face showed that he was serious, she thought for a moment and as a grin started to form on her lips she started to recite the words on the paper in front of her while picturing what she wanted “Ke rah me toh” came the words from her grin as he looked up at Chaz’s now shocked face.

“That didn’t take much convincing” Chaz said a little worried by the speed she accepted

“Sorry!” Emily exclaimed very apologetic “You just seemed into it I was doing it for us” she said feeling a little bad

“No, no; don’t be sorry this is what I wanted, you see we will—oooh” Chaz began to say but was caught off guard when he felt his whole body tingle and his clothes begin to morph turning a shade of green and taken on a floral pattern as it became shorted and more snug until he was left wearing nothing but a floral play suit. Chaz looked down at what he was now wearing “you just wanted me to wear a dress?” he asked confused as he tugged at the play suit he was wearing

“urrm..” Emily looked quizzically at Chaz “I think I might have messed it up?” she continued “..and its a play suit not a dress” she said pointing at the shorts part of the outfit

“Messed it up? what was it meant to do?” he asked but then felt the tingle on his body “Wait, hang on..” he said looking at his hands as they slowly started to shrink into his outfit and then merge into the sleeves “Whoa..” they both said in unison as Chaz began to move his sleeve closer to his face to inspect the now hollow arm attached to his body, while he was doing this he failed to realise his feet and legs and followed suit and he was now just a head on top of a play suit

“Err..Chaz?” Emily said looking down at his body that was now starting to become hollow

“Oh..” Chaz replied “You wanted to make me INTO a play dress?” he said as he head started to shrink into the outfit and merge like the rest

Emily stood up and walked towards her now hollow boyfriend “SUIT” she said teasing “playSUIT” she repeated putting more emphasis on the last word as she looked at the play suit on the sofa which was exactly how she imagined it, a little excited she reached for the outfit on the bed and was a little shocked when she heard it yelp as she picked it up “You can still talk?” Emily asked with surprise

“And move..” Chaz said as he used his hollow sleeves to give Emily’s arm a light hug

“This could take some getting used to” Emily said with a light giggle

“Your telling me..” Chaz replied has he relaxed and hung there like an outfit should – inanimate and limp

“Oh right yeah” Emily said as she put her boyfriend back down on the sofa and while in front of him started to unbutton her blouse with a playful grin

“What are you doing?” stammered a nervous Chaz looking up at his girlfriend as she slipped out of her blouse then began to unzip her skirt

“Getting changed..” Emily replied

“Into me?!” Chaz exclaimed

“Who else, silly?” Emily replied in a clam voice “You said I had to go see Sloane”

“No not now, that was for—” was all Chaz managed to get out as when Emily snapped her fingers he found himself unable to speak or move

“Ah ah” Emily said shaking her finger at her outfit “Play suits don’t talk now do they?” she said getting a little into it as she picked up her boyfriend from the sofa “Sloane has shown me this before on an ex of hers, I know all the bells and whistles” she said as she turned him around and undid his button at the back “Ready?” she asked knowing no answer would come as she lowered him to the floor and stepped into him before redoing his button when he was snug in place and walking over to the mirror

“How do I look?” she asked as she snapped her fingers allowing him to talk

“Beautiful..” was the first words to come out of Chaz’s mouth, the last couple of minutes for him was a roller coaster ride of emotions and feelings as he went from hollow to full after being worn by his girlfriend

“Tell me you love me” Emily said in an almost demanding voice as she bent and put her purse over her shoulder, inside she found her red lipstick

“I love you…” Chaz said still getting used to moving without control as she got her lipstick

“How much..” Emily said teasingly as she popped the lid off the lipstick and began to apply it to her lips

“So much!” Chaz said a little too giddy “This is really working, I can really feel it; I can feel YOU I jus—-” Chaz got cut off again at the sound of the snapping of her fingers

“Now let’s go and see Sloane” Emily said as she smacked her lips together getting her lipstick right “..I have a lot to show you..” she said as she headed out the door

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Unexpected Problem

Emily opened up her wardrobe and quickly grabbed the nearest blouse and matching skirt, as she turned around to close the closet door she was brought back by a voice calling her name from the shoe rack “Urrm.. Emily..” the voice said with concern

“Oh right yeah..” she said as she bent down and picked up the pair of heels that were once her boyfriend a few months ago “I’ll wear you today” she said as if it were nothing, truth be told she had no idea if she had promised him that she would wear him today or not.

“No it’s not that” Alex said as he felt her fingers enter both his openings, one being his mouth and the other his anus; something felt very wrong and it wasn’t the fact that he was a pair of heels. He was dropped off at the foot of the bed and he watched as Emily carefully placed the blouse and skirt on the bed, he was a little jealous of the gentle way she was treating her clothes as opposed to her heels but it was something he was used to.

“Emily.. I woke this morning and I felt different..” he said with concern once more to her as she walked out of view for a moment and then returned with a pair of sheer nude tights and began to roll them on after sitting on the edge of the bed above Alex

“Uh-huh” Emily said feigning interest in the conversation, she had gotten used to having Alex around long ago sand the novelty of having him as a talking pair of heels had long since worn off.

“Yeah when I woke I felt..deflated..and angled wrong” he continued trying to make sense of the situation “Do I look ok?” he questioned

“Yeah sure” she said as she stood up and faced the bed, Emily then picked up the skirt and shimied into it followed by putting her arms through the sleeves of the cotton blouse

“Because I don’t feel right..” Alex continued as he looked up at her now sitting on the edge of the bed buttoning up her blouse.

“Everything is fine” she said as she finished buttoning up the top button then patting it down slightly “I’m going to wear you aren’t I? You like that don’t you?” she said as she moved her feet over him and unceremoniously slipped him on quickly, as much as she hated to admit it she loved the fact that when her foot entered her shoe it would effectively gag him causing him to be unable to speak to her for the rest of the day; after all there was only so much of Alex she could take when he accidentally became a pair of her heels.

“No wait I ju—” Alex tried to get out as her foot entered him, with both feet firmly in place he now knew there was something terribly wrong and tried his best to cry out to Emily to make sure she never stood up but his efforts were useless as she stood up from the bed then immediately toppled over back onto the bed as soon as she put her weight down onto the heels.

“What the..?” Emily said to herself as she looked down at the floor, it felt like she had stepped onto something squishy but there was nothing there. With caution she slowly put her left foot down to the ground and was shocked to discover her heel stem bending in an unnatural way instead of supporting her up, as she stared she continued to push the squishy heel into the ground feeling the openings of both heels tightening around her foot unsure as to why this was happening.

Emily took off her right heel which was currently the opening to Alex anus and inspected it closer, with her free hand she extended a finger and began to twirl the now floppy stiletto around fascinated by the fact it had no hardness too it “Alex? Whats wrong?” she said to the heel in her hand but after a few moments of silence she realised her mistake and put the right heel down next to her on the bed before taking off her left heel which was in the same state as the right

“It’s what I was trying to tell you!” Alex blurted out when his mouth was finally free of her foot “It was so painful when you stood up Emily!” he continued

“I didn’t know..” Emily said looking down at the floppy heel in her hand “..isn’t this your cock?” she asked giving it a little tug with her free hand

“Ow!” Alex exclaimed “Its sensitive like this!” he continued as she let go of his heel

“So what now? It’s no longer hard material and instead you have gone soft?” she said trying to figure it out “Are you usually turned on when I wear you?” she questioned looking down at the heel in her hand

“I..urrm..It just that..Urrm” Alex stammered out

“You are!” Emily exclaimed “You have enjoyed being my heels so much that its made you hard enough for me to walk on them for the last few months?” she said with a teasing grin “Did you want to be accidentally turned into my heels?” she teased

“’s not like that..its just the initial thought of being your heels was rather hot to me but now..” he said trailing off “now I am just used to it” he said defeated

“So I don’t turn you on any more ?” she said feigning sadness

“No! you do!” Alex said panicked “It’s not you!” he tried to redeem himself

“Looks to me that way” she said as she gently flicked the floppy heel a little disappointing “I guess I will just have to wear my other heels..” she said about to stand up and walk to the closet

“No!” Alex exclaimed once more “Please I need to be worn!” he almost begged “Just put me on and give me a moment I can do this!” he said hoping to have a chance

“Ok.. but I can’t exactly have a faulty pair of heels all day” she said as lowered him down to her foot giving him a chance, as gently as she could she slid her foot into his mouth, his opening almost sucking on her feet as they swallowed it whole, once the left heel was on the right heel soon followed; she made a habit of putting on the left before the right so that she didn’t have to hear his moans of embarrassment and pleasure as her foot slid into his backside.

“Here we go..” she said as she stood up from the bed and once again put her full weight down onto the heels, but they were still floppy and uneven “come on..” she said as she slowly tapped her feet onto the ground a couple of times “I don’t think it will work..” she said a little disappointed.

Alex was in absolute agony as she stepped down onto his flaccid heel, there was no way he could get hard with this much displeasure, he looked up into her eyes and silently pleaded for her to take him off but all she done was roll her eyes and start to walk across the room with him still on her feet

“If this doesn’t do it..” Emily mumbled under her breath and she rummaged through the draw in front of her before she finally found the thing she was looking for.

Alex was confused and wondered why she was still wearing him he wanted nothing more than to be returned to the closet, that was until he saw what Emily pulled from the draw; dangling from her finger tips like a carrot on a stick was a pink satin thong, one of his favourites of hers back when he was a man

“Think these are enough?” Emily asked giving them a little shake while looking directly down at her heels

Alex felt something stir deep inside as his eyes fixated on the thong

“Maybe staring up at these all day might be just what you need” she said with a wink as she bent down bringing the thong closer to her heels “..maybe even occasionally touching them?” she whispered as she slowly rubbed the satin fabric on where Alex face would be and as she done so she felt a little twitch coming from the base of her heels

With a grin Emily expertly dropped her current panties down from her waist letting them land on her heels before stepping out of them then slowly and deliberately stepping into the satin thong and sliding them up her thighs until they were snug into place “Better?” she said as she felt herself beginning to rise from the floor as her heels began to hidden

“Oh my..” she said looking down at the heels “You must be a little taller than the last time I wore you” she said noting the slight height difference “Maybe I over done it slightly?” Emily giggled as she tapped at the panties through her skirt, she then turned to the door to begin her work day; her mind swimming with all sorts of possible ways to make her heels as hard as they could be.


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A Sissy Maid

“I actually can’t believe this is happening..” Alex said, his voice coming from the box on the bed “When I agreed to this I thought I would be worn by you” he continued to talk to Marie as he shifted uncomfortably inside.

Marie just giggled as she continued to put on John’s make up “I said I needed a maids outfit for a night and you agreed” she said as she put down the eye liner and picked up the lipstick getting ready to put it onto a very grumpy husband “I never said you would be MY outfit” she grinned as she applied the lipstick, John never said a word and just grumbled

“Ok well I have changed my mind, change me back” Alex said after some thought

“I explained the spell to you, three times..” Marie said as she put away the makeup and looked into the box “You need to be used before you can be changed back, so that means John needs to put on all your pieces and use you.. then the spell can be reversed” Marie repeated for the fourth time

“That’s fine! But YOU use me instead of John and then turn me back..” he said up as Marie whose giant face was now looming above him “I didn’t want to be worn by a man” he continued

Marie giggled at Alex’s comment as she reached in and pulled out the dress inside “But you wont be worn by a real man” she said as she turned the dress to face John who was now fully made up to look like a woman

“Oh..” Alex said a little stunned at the sight in front of him “I wouldn’t have known that was John” he said in awe as the man before him looked 100% like a woman

“I know!” Marie exclaimed “What can I say? I’m an artist!” she said admiring her handy work

“But shes.. I mean he is still a guy..I wont do it!” Alex responded

“Honey I think he is right, we can do this another time” John pipped up but Marie put her finger up to his lip in a hushing motion

“Shhh, pretty little maids should be seen and not heard” Marie said to John as she pulled her finger away “Besides we can’t do what he wants, there are made for me” she said as she dropped the dress into his lap “..Now dress!” she commanded as she swapped placed with John and was now sitting on the bed watching him get dressed

John reluctantly got up and started to lower the dress to the floor “No wait, please!” the dress pleaded as he felt the silent John step into him and felt grossed out as he began to shimmy him up into place, once there Marie straightened out his petticoat so it was at maximum puffiness and added breast forms to enhance his look “Ok I have been used, please turn me back” said Alex with a shiver.

Marie looked at the dress with a cocked eyebrow “Can’t you feel the rest of you?” she asked as she reached into the box and pulled out two black fish net stockings without breaking eye contact with the dress and handed them to John “Now these” she said as she scrunched up one of the stockings and handed it over to John.

Alex felt like his leg was being squished up but that feeling soon faded as he felt John’s leg penetrate his as the stocking was rolled up to its resting spot, it was a weird feeling but it actually felt like he had one of his legs back just not under his control; he was trying to get used to the feeling but was alarmed when he felt the exact same thing happening to his other leg, he now had two legs that felt like phantom limbs

The weirdness only got weirder when Marie pulled out a pair of heels, Alex knew instantly they were his feet as they were placed on the floor and John slowly stepped into them. For Alex it felt like John’s stocking clad feet were sliding directly into the insides of his feet, what made it weirder was the fact that since the stocking where his legs it felt like he was wearing the heels as well

Marie clapped excitedly at the almost finished product in front of her “You both look perfect!”

“Now can you turn me back” said the embarrassed dress in front of her “I can feel his cock!” he said disgusted

“Oh no!” Marie giggled at his statement “but you still haven’t been used yet” she said with a grin as she pulled out another item from the box, as her hand gripped it Alex’s eyes went wide

“That isn’t?!” he exclaimed as he watched Marie pull out a feather duster from the box, a duster that felt exactly like his cock in her tight grip

“It is..” Marie nodded as she lightly tickled the dress and her husband with the feathers causing the dress to moan with pleasure

“No..Please..!” Alex managed to get out between moans “This isn’t right!” he exclaimed

“Your right..” Marie said feigning sadness “I guess it’s real use is for dusting..” she said as she lifted Alex’s hem up and looked into Alex’s fabric eyes as she continued “..or its use when me and John are around..” she said as she quickly tickled John’s now exposed penis

“NO!” Alex wanted to blurt out but what instead came out was an orgasm like moan

“Awww, he likes it!” Marie teased looking up at the blushing John “..and it looks like you do too” she said with a grin as she pulled away the feathers and handed it to John “You will be using that on me later!” she said as she looked back at Alex the dress “Hey!” she said as she ruffled his petticoat to gain his attention after the orgasm

“Marie!” Alex blurted out “I have been used, please!” he begged wanting to be turned back

Marie grinned “Not all of you..” she said looking over at the box while still holding his hem up

“Wha–whats left in there?” Alex asked looking at the box, he had no clue what was waiting inside

“Have you not realised that your voice is still coming from that box?” she said as she put her hand inside and played about with what was waiting for her

Alex could still not see what she was playing with, but he felt her fingers dance along his lips and surprisingly slip between them gagging him briefly “What is it?!” he exclaimed, Marie didn’t say a word; instead she lifted up a pink chastity device and held it delicately in her hands.


“Thats cant be!” Alex stuttered as he heard his voice coming from the object in her hands “I will not be part of this, change me back now!”

“Aww, are you going to be like this all night?” Marie asked almost teasingly

“I am not kidding around Marie!” Alex responded

Marie looked sad “You just want me to get it over with?”

“Yes, NOW!” Alex demanded

“Ok..” Marie said with a wicked grin as she slowly moved the pink device towards John’s flaccid penis

“No, I want you to turn me back now not this!” Alex said with panic, but Marie continued her movement “No wait Marie listen I—-mmmpphhh” was all Alex managed to say before John’s penis was pushed passed his lips and down his plastic throat.

Marie put the lock onto the device and gave it a good tap to put it into place as she let the hem fall down over it “There we go, all ready for the night ahead! she said as she looked up at John “Now go fetch me a drink” she said to her husband with a grin “If you’re a good little maid I will turn him into something you will enjoy” she said to John as he turned around and headed to the kitchen

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The Fabricator PT1

After weeks of planning Alex was finally ready, today was the day he would try out his fantasy of cross dressing with the help of a device Marie was in possession of; the Fabricator.

This device was state of the art, it was new and expensive technology that would alter the fibers of any item of clothing it is directed at and shape it into another; a skirt could become a blouse, a dress could become heels all at the push of a button, in theory a person could own only a couple of items of clothing but have access to a wide range of styles – marketed as a woman’s best friend.

Alex took advantage of Marie’s kindness to achieve his goal, his plan wasn’t to ask her to use the device as that would have deeply embarrassed him; instead he was going to have a little too much drink at their monthly d&d meeting knowing Marie will make him stay the night to sober up and also knowing full well that Marie was working the following day giving him plenty of alone time with the device.

Once he woke  he put the plan into action checking the entire house to ensure it was empty, he checked every room before finally stopping off at his main destination; Marie’s room. When he looked inside he went straight to the closet and opened it up, it was a little bit of a shock when he saw what was inside the almost empty space but it was standard to those who own a Fabricator.

He looked at the multiples of white cloth hanging from the hangers with nothing but the company logo down the side; these were the basic material used when transforming the clothing supplied by the company, easy to store and wash. Alex was glad to see a little bit of colour in the wardrobe as there were some already made outfits behind all the basic material which were possibly some favourites Marie liked to keep out.

Alex admired the clothes briefly but then remembered his plan, he turned to the door he had just opened and looked at the device sitting in its charging slot, with a shaky hand he reached over to the device and plucked it up and looked it over in his hand; he couldn’t believe he was actually holding one.

As he held the device it suddenly lit up ‘Hello, unknown user; please select a profile’ flashed across the screen with two options ‘Marie’ and ‘John’. Given Alex’s intent he selected the first option and was given a wide range of options with details on every single item of clothing Marie had ever programmed into the machine.

Giddy with excitement Alex could hardly hold on to the device, he couldn’t beleive this was finally happening; he had no idea where to begin as he scrolled through the options but quickly found the favourites option at the top and selected it, after all he loved what Marie wore daily so why not try something of her tastes.

The first option that appeared was a swing dress, he looked over at the mirror located on the other door to the wardrobe and looked at what he was currently wearing; just his t-shirt and boxers from the night before but that would soon be changing.

He turned around and pointed the device at his reflection, he was unsure if he was ready for this so he closed his eyes and slowly pressed down on the accept button. He felt a tingle all over his body as he felt his clothing melt away in parts and form in others after a few seconds he slowly opened his eyes and gasped, he was now wearing the outfit that was programmed.

Alex looked at his reflection for a moment, this was something he had been waiting a long time for and now the moment was finally here and he just couldn’t believe it. He looked down at his current outfit, it was far different to what he slept in; he now had black patent high heels, what felt like white stockings connected to a garter belt, a fluffy petticoat, tight panties that felt snug on his privates, what felt like a bra stuffed to actually give him the appearance of breasts and of course the original swing dress.

He absolutely loved it, so much so that the panties were starting to tighten down below making his face blush. Alex walked around in his new heels wobbling about the place, something he was slowly getting used to before he sat down on the bed and looked at the other options ‘Work – Meeting’ was another of the options, he stood up and pointed the device at the mirror again, this time watching the changes as he pressed the button.

He watched as his stiletto shrunk slightly to suit a work day, his white stockings turned nude as they travelled up his legs and formed with the garter belt to create a pair of pantyhose, the petticoat beneath his dress constricted against his legs as it turned into a black pencil skirt as the dress receded up into a modest silk blouse. Alex was now wearing the exact outfit he saw Marie wear to work a few days ago and smiled at his reflection, he imagined walking to work and sitting down at the desk in his new skirt and typing away on his computer in his new blouse.

Alex continued to scroll through the favourite section, there were many items listed under work and the very last one being ‘Work – Flirty’, he really wanted to see what Marie considered flirty in her work attire but before he made the selection the option below it caught his eye and made him grin, he pointed the device at his reflection once more and closed his eyes and pressed the button; he wanted this to surprise himself.

Once he felt the changes subside he looked at his new reflection, instead of a work outfit he was now wearing a dainty little French maid outfit, he stared at the reflection admiring the outfit and how sexy it looked; his heels had once again raised to 6 inch heels, the nude pantyhose now a pair of sheet black holdup stockings peeking out from the now very short satin hem of the main outfit, the skirt once again a petite petticoat and the blouse a short satin French maid outfit with cute capped sleeves.

Alex became aroused looking at the sight before him, it was so daring it got the blood pumping but this soon ended in pain as soon as his penis got a little erect it and it  almost brought him to his knees; quickly he lifted up the hem of his skirt to find the source of the pain inside his panties, he looked down at the little bulge where the pain originated from and slowly reached with his free hand to peak inside.

When he pulled back the waist band of the panties he saw a small chastity device wrapped around his penis, for a moment he was confused but he penny soon dropped “This is a favourite for John?!” he exclaimed out loud as he tapped his nails on the hard device around his privates “Well well well” Alex said with a grin as he let the hem of his dress drop down “I better play the part” he said with a grin as he placed the device back into the charging slot and headed out the bedroom to clean the house after last nights session, it was the least he could do after secretly using Marie’s device.

Cleaning the house in his cute little maids outfit somehow kept Alex’s mind off the fact the whole situation was arousing resulting in much less pain down below, so much so that he lost track of time and cleaned more than he needed to; once finished he looked at the clock “Shoot!” he scolded “Marie will be home in about an hour” he said saddened knowing that he needed to get back to normal and leave the house before she got back, he headed back up stairs and picked up the device and stood in front of the mirror admiring the look once more.

“I need a memento!” he quickly said as he put the device down on the dresses and looked around the room for his phone, but before he could remember it was downstairs he heard a car pull into the drive way; he quickly walked over to the window and peered out just in time to see Marie getting her purse out from the back “Shoot shoot shoot!” he said blushing deeply “The memento can wait!” he quickly said as he rushed over to the device and reached out to grab it.

In doing so he knocked over a small glass of water that was sitting beside it, the water splashed down and drenched the device causing a little bit of a spark “nonono” he quick said as he picked it up, the display now flashing red ‘Warning: Safety Protocols Compromised DO NOT USE’ kept flashing.

In a panic Alex dried the device on his hem and tapped frantically at the screen to get the warning message to go away, his tapping became more frantic as he heard the keys jingle into the door. Finally the message disappeared and the options appeared once more, he quickly navigated to Johns section through the glitchy mess of an interface and selected ‘Work – Casual’ and pointed it at his reflection.

He quickly pressed the button and saw the items of clothing melt away from his skin, he then felt the whole outfit forming on his chest and flowing downwards into a navy shift dress “This isnt Johns!” he whispered to himself as he looked down at the device which has apparently glitched out and selected Marie’s outfit from the same row “No come on!” he said as he scrolled down to the next option of Johns and pressed the button.

This time the shift dress didnt melt away, instead the colour of his skin started to melt away until it was just a shiny white material  all down his left arm “Huh?” Alex said confused as he watched his right arm take on the same white shine; Alex put the device back into the charging slot as he was unsure what was happening, his hands began to shrink into his arms forming what looked like a cuff “What?!” he exclaimed as he heard the front door opening and at the same time a ringing sound came from the device ‘Factory reset complete – Feel free to use’.

Alex went to grab the device but found his arms were now completely hollow and his silky touch could not grip it correctly, before he could react he felt himself shrinking into his dress so even if he could hold onto the device he couldn’t reach it, with panic in his eyes he looked at his reflection once more just in time to see his head shrink into his shoulders before his sight was blocked by the dress he was wearing.

Soon Alex found himself laying flat on his back inside the dress, with haste he tried to remove himself from the material blocking his view but found he did not have the strength to move the simple fabric of the shift dress, he soon stopped his efforts when he heard the creaking of the bedroom door open and someone enter.



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