Spying on the Wife

Spying on the Wife

Because the writing is so small I have added the text below.

Part 1
It had been a very long day for John…
It had all begun with the rumours that his wife Marie was in fact not going to sales conferences overseas, but she was cheating on him and using work as an excuse.
John did not have the confidence to directly accuse Marie, if he was wrong it would ruin his marriage. A lot of research later, John found a Witch that promised she could brew a potion that would allow his soul to merge with an inanimate object.
After careful consideration John had decided that he would become the skirt his wife would wear during her flight. That way he could see anyone that she met at the airport and she would hang in him in the hotel wardrobe, so he would know if she brought a man back to the room.
John waited for Marie to go into the bathroom to get ready for her flight. He drank the vial of disgusting liquid and then went to touch the dress she had laid out on the bed, but instead his fingers brushed the nude tights instead.
John then felt his entire form sucked into the flimsy nylon, his whole body had also been oddly rearranged, he did not realise how oddly until Marie had balled him up, rolled him up her legs and pulled his waistband over her bum.
Once on John found himself being stretched to the limit, with his face pressed into the carpet as it had somehow ended up on the sole section of her left foot. John thought was unbearable until he saw her high heel zooming toward him.
The journey to the airport, the flight and the journey to the hotel room seemed to last for an age, John could not see or hear anything as it was so dark and all he could hear was his own nylon body rubbing against the walls of the high heel.
He was so glad when he felt Marie lifting her foot and he saw light as the heel was finally removed.

Part 2
John felt like he could finally breathe, although as a pair of tights he had no lungs, the air blowing across his face felt nice after his hours and hours inside the shoe.
He looked around the very small room and felt happy that she was alone, he was also looking forward to Marie taking him off, after he had spent most of the day encasing her legs, feet and bum, the idea of being empty, even discarded, screwed up in a hamper seemed like a dream come true.
John’s dream was short lived, Marie was so tired from the long flight and she laid back on the bed, curled her legs up and fell asleep without even getting changed. John was annoyed he was still being worn, but with the way her legs were, he could at least see.
While idly glancing around the room while his wife slept, John felt a shiver go though his flimsy material form, he had a horrid feeling his suspicions were about to come true as he heard a key being used in the hotel room door.
The door slowly creaked open and John felt a wave of relief wash over him when he saw a hotel maid peer inside. The maid saw Marie sleeping and then glanced past her looking toward the side of the bed. John then felt that relief turn back into horror, he wanted to shout to Marie as he watched the maid very quietly take hold of her still packed luggage case and wheel it out of the room.
John was utterly horrified that he was so powerless to stop the woman from stealing his wife’s belongings, he also felt incredibly guilty that he had seen who had done it, but would never be able to tell her. Even after he was a man again, he wouldn’t be able to admit that he was spying on her.

Part 3
When Marie woke up John wanted to comfort her as she started to panic when she noticed her luggage missing, John knew that she had everything in there that she needed for the whole week away. Now she was stuck with just the clothes she was wearing until she could get to a clothing store.
He also knew she was stuck with only one pair of tights, him… Of course, he knew that Marie would buy another pair when she could and he would get some rest, but he also remembered Marie telling him how she had back to back meetings for the first two days.
As the insole of the high heel began rushing at his face again, John started to come to terms with the fact that for the next few days he was likely going to be spending most of the day on his wife’s legs and the nights hanging on the shower rail after she hand washed him.
Still it could be worse, he thought to himself, at least once he was a man again, he would be able to buy her a new wardrobe and make her feel better.
At that moment with his face squashed into her shoe, his body stretched awkwardly around hers and his ears filled with the sound of nylon rubbing on shoe leather he had a thought… He had no idea how or when he would turn back. What about if he got laddered or if he was thrown away after she bought a replacement pair. The Witch never actually mentioned turning back, John had just assumed he would.
He started to panic as the realisation set in that he might be spying on his wife forever…

1 thought on “Spying on the Wife

  1. I love this! I love the helplessness as the suitcase is stolen and the realization that he will be worn continuously and get dirtier and smellier!

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