The Experiment

Marie walked into the living room where John was playing his most recent game he brought “Honey…” she said as she sat down beside him in nothing but her nightdress “ know that guy from work I keep telling you about?” she said pausing to gauge his reaction.

John paused his game and set the controller down as he turned to face his wife, his face looked a mixture of confusion and anger as he did not know what to expect as this was not the first time he had been brought up in conversation “What has he done now?!” he almost shouted frustrated that this has been a thing for quite some time now and nothing he could do has helped causing his response to be a little snappy.

“Nothing! Nothing at all..” Marie yelped a little as she wasnt expecting such a rapid and stern response from him “’s just I still have that feeling you know? and I just can’t figure him out” she said with a puzzled look on her face as if she was trying to figure it out.

The first time Marie brought this up to John they both brushed it off, Alex from work would steal a quick glance at Marie and when eye contact was made would rapidly walk off in the opposite direction. The second time Marie brought it up to John he was a little concerned as it seemed that every so often Alex would take every opportunity to come to Marie’s office with seemingly useless information or paperwork that is usually dealt with by others almost as if it were an excuse to come see her. John has even confronted him about it after the third time at Marie’s office christmas party when he always wanted to be around her but it he played it off like he just loved her company and that was all, John was satisfied nothing fishy was going on but it always beat Marie in the back of her mind that something was off.

“The guy is harmless, I even spoke to him remember?” John reminded her “He hasn’t touched you has he? said anything inappropriate? They guy is just stealing glances and your most likely not the only one he is doing it to; it’s almost natural, all guys do it” He said sort of admiring that other guys wanted his wife but could not have, he married a good one!

“All guys?” Marie asked teasingly as she cocked her eyebrow looking at John, the way he tried to stammer out his response made Marie giggle quite a bit “I’m only teasing” she said playfully slapping his shoulder causing John to blush “but i think I have figured it out..”.

“You have?” John asked confused “So what is it?” he said after there was a longer pause then he expected as if she didn’t want to say or was still unsure about the whole thing.

“I did some experimenting and I think it has to do with..” she said creating a moment or two before saying “ outfit.. more specifically my blouse..” she said a little worried at how he would react to knowing she was trying to provoke the response from Alex by what she was about to say next “I found that when ever I wore a satin blouse to work the ‘random’ encounters I had with him increased quite bit as opposed to says where I wore my usual blouses or even a dress”.

John chuckled slightly “So the guy has a thing for satin? So pretty much harmless?” he said chuckling once more at the thought of it but then the penny dropped, Marie’s most recent spends had all been satin related “All those expensive blouses you brought recently were for.. him?” John asked a little jealous she was wearing blouses to enable Alex.

“No! not for him” Marie said in protest “For the experiments didn’t you listen? I can’t be wearing the same outfit twice in a month the girls would notice! I needed more variables” she said in defiance.

“Any old excuse to take up more wardrobe space, huh?” John teased as he picked up his controller and resumed his game, he felt that she had things undercontroll and that she just needed someone to vent to.

“No!” Marie giggled though her lie, a girl couldn’t have too many clothes “..but I need to be sure; is it the blouses or is it me?” she asked herself and John “..and that’s where I need your help..” she said biting her lip.

John was paying attention to his game now but was still listening “want me to talk to him again?” he asked a little confused as the next time he would see Alex with a reason would be the summer get together at her bosses house.

“I have something better..” she said pulling a spell book from under the couch and placing it on her lap, this caused John to put his controller down without pausing, causing his avatar to crash into the wall on the turn he was about to make allowing the other racers to take first place.

“What exactly to do plan on doing to the poor lad?” he asked looking down at the spell book “Are you going to make him confess or something, it’s a harmless fetish he doesn’t deserve what ever you are wanting to do to him”.

“Not to him..” was all Marie said looking a little guilty, there would be many things she could do to him but that is not something she wanted on her conscience.

“not to him? Then to who—oh..” John said when he realised he would be the target of what ever spell Marie was thinking of using “Don’t bring me into this little experiment, what are you even planning on doing?” he questioned looking down at the book as if he was afraid. he knew the powers of the book but failed to see how most of the things he was aware of would help “Turn me into a twin of you again? instead this time you wear a satin blouse and I wear a dress and see who he follows?” he said coming up with it on the spot.

“Damn, that’s a good idea but not practical!” Marie said as she pondering having John come to work with her as a clone “It just wouldn’t work..” she said shaking her head as she looked over John shoulder day dreaming a little over the idea.

“Hello?” John said waving his hand in front of his wifes face “I wasnt serious! I wont be doing that!” he said “We will save that stuff for the bedroom” he said with a chuckle “Why don’t you just confront him about it”.

Marie shook her head, both to get out of her daydream and as a response to his question “I don’t want to speak with him about it, there might be an issue of encouraging him to do it more if he knows I know..” she said not wanting that to happen “But if I just knew if it was the blouse and not me then I would be fine with it”.

“You would?” John asked a little confused “I’m not sure I would..” he said being honest.

“It’s just flattery that’s all” Marie smiled as she rubbed his cheek “harmless as you said” she continued to smile, this just caused John to mumble a groan in agreement.

“So how am I meant to help then?” he asked not wanted to be caught off guard by a spell flung from that book.

“Well here’s the thing..” Marie said opening the book to a bookmarked page “I have figured out a custom spell if I combine this one and..” she said as she started to flip to the other spell before she was cut off by John.

“I’ll stop you right there..” he said at the mention of a custom spell “Do you remember the last time you even tried a spell that you made yourself?” he raised his eyebrow at her “your still learning that book, I think we should leave the customisation to better witches”.

Marie was a little hurt by his comment, sure she was a novice witch but she could hold her own “You ended up liking that spell..” she said turning it around on him “It wasnt too bad!”.

John chuckled “In the end yeah, but when you first cast the spell you had no idea the effects it would have..” he said remembering back to the time of the spell “Combining the transformation spell to turn me into a skirt and then the sensitivity spell to indulge me during the day messed up the spell remember?”.

Marie just nodded in embarrassment “You were only stuck a week, I had you back to normal didn’t I?” Marie said knowing she left out one more important part.

“If a zipper for a penis is what you call normal then sure” John chuckled, looking back on the experience it was humourous, but at the time he was mortified “Which you proceeded to fix by both changing it back and making it longer than it had any right to be” he said remembering the penis he had that was the length of his leg “Do you know how fun it was tucking my penis into my sock every day before work?”.

Marie continued to blush “I fixed that, and helped with the problem” she said blushing again but for another reason, one day during the incident she suggested he wear one of her stockings to work to help better secure his penis, she had no idea how well that worked but she knew it was the only day he had tried it and she also knew the stockings that were in the laundry basket covered in cum where not hers.

John rolled his eyes “Ok..” he said watching Marie’s face light up “I’ll do it.. whats the spell..” he said wondering if he would regret his actions as he watched her flip the page to the other spell.

“As I was saying, the spell to turn you into a satin blouse just like the skirt one combined with an altered version of the spell we used the other week.. you know the lust one?” she said looking up at John “It would be a perfect indicator as to what it is he is actually looking it and this time instead of casting one spell after the other I will be creating a new spell from scratch combining the two so its even more exciting!”.

John looked at Marie with a stunned expression on his face “The lust one?” he repeated “The spell where if you were to get a simple touch from the person who lusted after you was enough to bring you to a mind-blowing orgasm? The one you casted on us both on a night we practically couldn’t keep our hands off each other because of the effects?” John said still shocked “You want him to touch me?! as a blouse?!” he exclaimed not wanting to go with it “..and for me to orgasm from that?!”.

Marie shook her head quick “nono!” she responded “I said an altered  version of the spell, I plan on making it so that if he ever looked directly at the satin and lusted for it the spell would activate on you”.

“So I will be the one to orgasm if he lusts after the satin? and what? report back to you my ‘findings’?” he asked and was answered by a nod from Marie “Why don’t you just make him a satin blouse and see if he withers about on the floor in pleasure? or better yet put the spell on you! if he looks your way and you don’t orgasm then its the blouse!” he said trying to get out of it.

Marie shook her head no “I told you I don’t want to enable him much less show him the existence of magic and are you serious about your second suggestion?” Marie asked looking incredulously “If it turns out its me he’s looking at I can’t exactly be orgasming every time he comes around now can I?” she continued.

John pondered for a moment “Is this really the only way?” he asked hoping for another way out, she had not even scratched the surface of magic so there must be some other way.

Marie nodded again “It is, all I need to do is wear you for a day and then turn you right back! I will make it worth your while, please!” he said pleadingly giving John the puppy dog eyes, this almost always worked on him.

John just sighed, he knew he had to do this for her, he had no other choice “I’m sure you will! I would like it to happen every night for a week after I change back..” he said bargaining with her with a wide grin, if he was to do something so daring then she was too.

It?” she asked confused, but the sinister grin on John’s face made her realise what he meant “No! One night with no complaining from me!” she said with her eyes as wide as saucers, but John simply shook his head slowly no; this is something worth standing his ground for.

“Three nights..” he said coming to a compromise but again Marie counter offered with two nights “Ok..two nights but you have to serve me dinner wearing it with something else” he said with a wink “you know.. to complete the experience”.

Marie was about to argue back but realised she couldn’t bargain any further, her mind was racing imagining to the night she had in store for her after he got back to normal; how hot and sweaty she would get made her wonder if this experiement was worth it, but she quickly caved and agreed to his terms “fine..” she said pretending to pout but happy that she got her way even if it did mean serving John food in a maids outfit over the top of a latex catsuit

“So whats the plan? turn me the morning and back at night when you get home?” he questioned wondering about the logistics of such a plan, it is what happened last time he was a skirt for her but that was the only time he was ever worn outside of the house.

“That was the plan, but since you cheekliy wormed your own terms into it I think I should get my pretty little blouse tonight!” she said with a grin at John’s discomfort at being something so pretty at an earlier time.

“Please don’t be like that” John said embarrassed “Just make me a plain satin blouse, no bells and whistles? Its hard enough being a girly skirt back then let alone a feminine blouse now!” he said in protest.

“Oh no no” Marie said standing up while holding the spell book “Your already becoming satin, the most girly fabric I can think of..” she said loving that John was cringing hard “so I want to go all the way, im thinking pink, long-sleeved” she said with a grin “and that..” she said pointing to his penis though is jeans “A pussybow” she said with a wink.

John blushed deeply “Can we not discuss this? where am I even going to stay tonight, you know I don’t sleep when transformed, don’t I get a say in what I become” he said looking at her reading the book hoping that would be enough for her to call it off until the morning.

Marie didn’t say anything at first, instead she recited the custom spell in her mind and then looked up at John “too late..” she smiled as she snapped her fingers causing a puff of smoke to explode out of John, when it had cleared all that was left on the sofa was a puddle of satin shimmering as it quivered.

“What where you saying about withering about in pleasure?” Marie said with a giggle as she watched the blouse try to straighten itself out, she gently picked him up by his shoulders and inspected him “you turned out lovely!” she cooed.

John was super embarrassed at this point “I didn’t expect it to be so fast, last time it took an hour to turn into that skirt..” he said remembering the time as a half man half fabric monstrosity.

Marie just shrugged “Practice” she said with a smile, although last time she really enjoyed watching her husbands slow decent into a skirt “Now the important question; do you want to come up stairs and be with me while I sleep or would you rather be down here watching telly all night?” she questioned knowing about his inability to sleep in a transformed state.

“Upstairs..” John said without a second thought causing Marie to smile from ear to ear, she loved the fact that he would be forced to watch her all night from the door as she slept peacefully, like a watchful guardian; or she might just pop him in the closet with her other blouses, both ideas made her quite giddy.

“That is so thoughtful!” she beamed as she gave him a kiss on his pussybow causing him to let out a little moan of pleasure, but with that moan it made her realise just what he wanted to do up there “ooh no!” she said chuckling at the realisation “you’re staying down here tonight!” she said as she pushed him out at arm’s length “I will not get a good nights sleep with this thing rustling all night” she said as she playfully flicked his pussybow causing him to yelp a little.

John was a little saddened as she was sort of right about what he might do, it wouldn’t have happened all night but when the opportunity arose it most certainly would have, especially when the covers would eventually get kicked off her and reveal whats underneath “TV it is..” he sighed as Marie produced a hanger she brought down with the spell book and pushed it into his shoulders giving him a little bit more shape.

“Thanks for this honey” she said giving him another deep and deliberate kiss on the pussybow “Goodnight!” she said as she posted him on the door facing the TV and switched the channel to a show he liked and went to bed closing the door behind her.

“Wait your going to bed now?!” He called back to her as the door closed leaving him in silence “What was the point of making me this now? I thought we were going to have a little fun before bed, this could have been done in the morning!” he continued but he assumed they fell on deaf ears as the door was closed; only they didn’t, Marie heard it all as she walked up to the bedroom with the biggest smile on her face, of course she wasnt going to bed at least not straight away but the little bit of fabric John now possessed was not enough to satisfy her needs but a little something in her bedside cabinet would do just the trick.

Morning quickly came for Marie as she had one of the best nights sleep ever, maybe it was partly the excitement of the whole situation that exhausted her right away last night for a long sleep, but she had an incline it was something else. She could not be happier as she slipped into her black lacy underwear complete with black stockings and heels aswell as slipping slowly into a black skirt; looking at herself in the mirror as she completed her makeup she smiled and said to herself “All in black..mostly” she trailed off thinking of pink and girlie form John currently had downstairs.

Marie walked down the stairs without haste, she heard each click of her heels on the steps as she descended and hoped John would also hear it knowing she was finally coming to rescue him from his boredom; she paused for a moment outside the closed-door to the livingroom where John hung and then opened it and then closed it behind her to stand in front of John so he could have an eyeful of her shirtless body but she was shocked to find that he was not there, the hanger just slowly swayed on the back of the door empty.

Marie instantly started to silently panic, she had done it again; messed up and he has been reduced to nothing! Was it the transformation spell? maybe he got absorbed into the hanger? Marie touched the hanger as if it was a hazard but got no response, she was going though all the possibilities when she heard a rustling sound; it was a very distinct sound, and sound she didn’t want to hear all night as she slept.

Marie peered around the corner and looked into the dinning room and finally saw it, right there sitting on the table in front of the open laptop was her husband in the form of a crumpled blouse going to town on his now untied pussybow with his cuffs, she suppressed a giggle as she tried to silently walk over to him but was afraid her heels would give her away but thankfully they didn’t as she soon found herself standing behind him realising the reason he couldn’t hear her was because he had a pair of ear buds nestled inside him providing the sound for the media he was watching.

Marie reached from behind for a moment before leaning over and pressing the space bar pausing the video, the woman on the screen had just finished putting on her latex catsuit and was now paused with her hand just about to squeeze her breast through the slick material, this caused John to panic as his silky cuffs flailed about as if he wanted to close the laptop; he was deeply embarrassed to say the least.

“Don’t stop on my account” Marie said with a giggle as she picked up one side of the bow and twirled it around in her hand causing John to moan a little, but he was way to embarrassed to say anything “You know what happened last time I caught you, it’s just this time it would be a little different” she smiled as she stroked down his fabric as her hand travelled back to the laptop to unpause the video.

Marie then picked up the other half to the pussybow and then started to tease him as the woman in the video started to tease herself “So tell it her you want to be worn by?” she playfully teased as she manipulated the silk bow in her hand allowing it to fall between her fingers and twirl around her wrists.

John was in ecstasy even though he was burning with embarrassment after being caught but feeling his penis flow between her hands like that was bringing him over the edge “N-no..” John managed to stammered out between moans.

“Are you sure?” she said picking up the pace with the silk between her hands “You just watched her get dressed into that tight thing, maybe you were hoping she would be putting you on next?” she smiled as he moaned in response.

“I..don’t trust her..” he panted “!” he said as he was so close to orgasm, his cuffs now exploring his silky body only arousing him more as satin glided over satin.

“Maybe she doesn’t want to wear a blouse over that, it would be too hot and miserable for her; and I’m sure feeling that under you wouldn’t be as fun as say..” Marie said as she let the bow rub the top of her breasts and touch the lacey cups of her bra as soon as she done so she heard and saw John orgasm, his silky cuffs squeezing his quivering body as his loud moan echoed in the room.

“No mess..” Marie said rather impressed looking down at the silk bow in her hands, momentarily forgetting that as fabric John wouldnt actually produce any mess. As he was basking in the after glow of his orgasm she picked up the laptop and walked into the living room to take a seat on the sofa facing where she just left John.

“Wh-what are you doing?” John said sounding panicked and dazed after his orgasm, he lifted himself up and noticed she was looking through the laptop he had been using all night “Please don’t look at that” he said sheepishly.

“Theres no secrets between a wife and her blouse” she said giddy as she looked though the tabs he had opened, mostly just the usual latex videos but as she got further they started to change into satin blouses “Oooh” she said a little amused at his odd choice of videos, very off John’s usual tastes “It really does look like you were wanting to be worn by them!” she said teasing.

“It’s not like that! I was researching!” he said as he dropped from the table and landed on the floor in a silky puddle, he then managed to right himself and started to crawl towards Marie as a slow pace hoping to get to her before she saw anything else.

“Sure it was” Marie said with a grin as she opened up the browser history and giggled at what she saw, the earliest entries were just gibberish and she thought that must have been his first few attempts to get used to writting with cuffs instead of fingers as he tried to search for latex videos but then it started to change the further she went up the list with his searches deciphered easily as ‘Teasing satin blouse’ and ‘trying on satin blouses’.

Marie was so engrossed into looking into the search results she was rather startled when she felt John’s silky cuffs wrap around her stocking clad legs and try to climb, she quickly looked at the woman on the screen slipping her hands ever so delicately into her blouse “Is this what you wanted?” Marie asked playfully as she bent down and picked up the blouse putting it on her lap showing him whats on-screen.

“No..” John said meekly “It was research I wanted to know what it would be like” he lied as he watched another tab open to a blouse that looked rather similar to him; pink, satin and long-sleeved, the thumb nail had a rather cute girl posing wearing it.

“Oh..” Marie said feigning disappointment “So you don’t want me to pick you up like a delicate bit of fabric” she said as she narrated what the woman in the video was doing “Only to then slowly but deliberately slip my hands though your sleeves savouring the feeling of the satin dancing across my skin and only getting more excited to do it all over again with the other hand?” she said continuing to say what the woman in the video was doing in the video leading up to the picture in the thumb nail.

“It not like that..” John said, but one of his cuffs had already found their way to part of his pussybow and started to fondle it, the words coming from Marie’s mouth and the video in front of him was driving him wild once again.

Marie grinned noticing where his hand was, he thought he was being sneaky “It isn’t?” Marie responded to him “But doesnt that look like fun?” she said pointing at the screen as she watched the woman do up the buttons of her blouse “Gently fingering each and every button before and after it slips though the button holes, she is doing it that slow to tease him” she said with a giggle pretending the blouse she was wearing was another boy “Wouldn’t that be nice..” she trailed off.

“But.. I dont have buttons..” John said with jealously as he watched the woman finish doing up the buttons and then tuck the blouse into her skirt and then start to strike multiple poses.

“Maybe next time..” she said as she gripped both his cuff and his pussybow in her hand and jerked it for a moment before quickly dropping them as a man entered the scene on the video “But maybe not that part” she said with haste as she paused the video, but did wonder if that was the part John wanted to see.

“But enough of that!” she said as she closed the laptop and put it on the coffee table, she stood up as she picked John up by his shoulders and held him out in front of her “All that fun you had last night has given you creases!” she said looking him over “You need an iron!” she beamed as she walked to the kitchen where the ironing board was already set up, she had it all in place even before she spoke to him about the spellbook the night before.

“Ironed!” John exclaimed as he was placed onto the board and flattened out “I can’t be ironed it will hurt!” he said failing a little and it got even worse when he saw an iron come to just inches above him, it was something he had never experienced.

“It wont hurt, it hurts none of my other blouses! but it might if you keep wiggling like that..” she said as she tried to smooth him out with her other hand “burns are quite common if the fabric moves about all the time!”

“I can’t help it!” John shivered with fear as he tried to use his cuffs to get up off the board unstraightening his form and getting read to leap to the floor.

“I can help..” she said as she effortlessly pushed him back down and smoothed him back out, his arms sticking out of the side of the board ready to lift himself up again, but a simple click of Marie’s fingers made them drop limply down to the sides and caused his complaining to instantly stop “..that’s better” Maire said as she pressed the iron down onto her husband and started to iron him.

John instantly felt a loss of control of all his bodily functions ‘Marie!’ he tried to call out but found he could only think his words and not speak them, Marie had used the spell she used on him as a skirt that made him nothing but the object he appears to be to the outside world, he still tried to call out to her until he felt the hot iron press down on him and thankfully he found it did not hurt but instead felt like a hot deep massage that he sunk into and started to blissfully enjoy.

Marie happily hummed as she finished off ironing her blouse, after putting the iron back into place and turning it off she placed her hand on the still warm blouse “You look even better than last night” she said warmly as she felt the silk material beneath her fingers, ever so gently she started to stroke it

Marie picked him up carefully by the shoulders noticing how he still hung there limp like any other blouse instead of the broadness he had when still able to move “So tell me, want me to wear you like in the videos..?” she asked “or should I just put you on like any other blouse?” she asked knowing full well that John was unable to speak or move as she shook the blouse she was holding “John?” she said with a giggle a she gave the blouse a little shake.

John was screaming at her to hear him ‘Like the videos! the videos!!‘ he kept saying over and over for a moment as she walked over to the hallway mirror with him in hand, she held him up to her chest and showed him his form in the mirror.

Marie glanced at the clock through the reflection and noticed she had little time left before she had to leave “I take that as your answer” she said not giving him his control back as she quickly slipped the blouse on over her head and tucked him unceremoniously in just like she would any other blouse “Because of your fun last night and the ironing it ate into our time..maybe next time.. with buttons” she said with a wink to her husband through the mirror as she tied his pussybow in a beautiful blouse multiple times trying to get it right.

John was in agony as his bow was tied and tied again until it was finally sitting right, but that agony soon turned to pleasure as she started to fluff it about causing him to have another orgasm once again, but this would be a fraction of what was in store for John.

Marie snapped her fingers giving him his functions back and was a little surprised when she heard the end of his orgasm, after a few seconds John spoke after his moan died down “Sorry…” he said sheepishly.

Marie just let out a little giggle “You like what you like” she teased but before he could protest back she continued “You ready?” she smiled straightening out her skirt and blouse in the mirror

John was too embarrassed to say anything after the second unintended orgasm in front of his wife as he was wrapped around her chest “Ready..” he said as she clicked her heels on the floor and started to walk towards the door ready to start her day in work and excited to get the results of her little experiment.

The journey to work was uneventful, except for the fact John done a lot of back seat driving which caused her to mute him half way through the journey, she hated how he would tighten up at every corner or roundabout; the first two times were fun, but it soon got tiresome, after all she thought she wasnt that bad of a driver.

Once outside her building she took a deep breath and snapped her fingers bringing John back to full function “Nervous?” John asked instead of complaining about being muted during the drive as he gave her a squeeze hugging her tight “It will be ok, you will get your answers now” he said reassuringly.

Marie smiled and started to walk into the building “Just be a little quiet ok?” she said whispering down to her blouse as she covered her mouth to make it look like she wasnt crazy and talking to herself, magic is not common knowledge and would spook a few people if they found out.

John didn’t respond, he knew talking would give his position away and create a very awkward conversation with who ever discovers him; he just gave her a tiny pinch on her side as confirmation and tried to hang just as any normal blouse would.

Marie walked cautiously though the lobby of the building as if she was about to be ambushed any second, she had finally reached the elevator and was cautiously looking around to see if she could spot Alex to test her theory but she had no luck.

John noticed how weird she was acting and gave her a little pinch, but she seemed to ignore it so he pinched again a little harder only this time to be swatted away slightly “Act..Natural..” John said in a very quite voice so that the guy waiting for the elevator next to her wouldn’t hear.

“I am!” Marie replied sternly, but when the guy next to her gave her a weird look she simply faked a laugh and cleared her throat “I’m Marie” she said trying to save her embarrassment as she extended her arm to shake the man’s hand who greeted her back with a cautious handshake, it looked like he brought her lie.

The elevator arrived and Marie looked up to the ceiling and mouthed a ‘thank god’ as the situation was making her cringe, as she stepped into the elevator and turned around she watched as the door started to close on the guy who was too waiting for the elevator “I’ll get the next one” he said pointing awkwardly to the side not wanting to get into the same elevator as her.

“That could have gone better” John chuckled as Marie buried her face into her hands and said her muffled reply

“Shut up..” she said with an unsettled voice “I am a wreck right now!I I shou—” she said shutting herself up as the elevator dinged to the floor below hers and opened up wide to one of her co-workers standing there with a load of paperwork in her hands “Going down?” Marie lied as the co-worker shook her head “..Sorry!” she said pressing the close door button so that she could speak to John and continue her journey up to her floor.

“Just take a few deep breaths” John said to her as he felt her doing as he said “you said it would be an easy day today, we can just focus on your experiment then get out of here to relax!” he said reassuringly.

“Thanks honey” she said feeling a lot better and gently touched his pussybow in appreciation allowing John to let out a tiny moan that he clearly tried to suppress making her giggle a little “I was going to say I should have planned this better..”

John was about to say something but the door dinged and the doors opened to her floor “ok, natural..” Marie said to herself quietly “Natural..natural…natural” she repeated three or four times as she stepped out of the elevator and made her way to her office.

Time went rather slow for the both of them as they were both clock watching for the majority of it, they were expecting Alex to arrive any moment as she worked on her paperwork with each and every time the door knocked they would both brace themselves as she called them in but none of them were Alex.

For the 10th time that day the door knocked and Marie called them in “Meeting room 3, 10 minutes” the front desk secretary said as she then quickly closed the door to remind everyone else, this made Marie’s heart sink into the floor.

“Shoot shoot shoot!” Marie exclaimed as she opened her calendar “Thats today?!” she said as she gathered up a load of paperwork in a pile on her desk and started to double-check a few figured “I haven’t prepared much! I have been too focused on this experiment!” she continued in a panicked voice.

“What is it? you seem frantic!” John said with worry as he watched her rush around picking things up, feeling himself bump against the table a few times as she rummaged through the draws.

“I totally forgot the staff meeting, I am to present the earnings! I cant do this!” she said distraught as she buried her head in her hands on the desk again, John could feel her eyes getting a little damp on his cuffs.

“You can!” John said giving her encouragement she needed as he started to massage her shoulders to calm her down “You know all this stuff, you can do it all from memory!” he said wondering if it were true, and it was she knew everything there was about this company.

“Alex will be there..” she said as she lifted her head, this only produced silence from John as he had no idea how to respond, his massage on her shoulders slowing its pace slightly “I can do this, you’re right; dive into the deep end!” she said as she stood up proudly and almost marched though to the meeting room door.

Marie took another deep breath and opened up the door to the meeting room she stood in front of and took a step in, instantly she locked eyes with Alex as she made her way to an empty seat; he quite noticeably shifted in his seat and sat up straight and cleared his throat as he quickly adverted his eyes and stared at the blank smart board at the front of the room.

Luckily the seat that was empty was seated much further behind Alex so he could not easily steal a glance at either Maire or her blouse, she wasnt paying much attention to the meeting as her focus was shifting between the smart board and to where Alex was seating.

After almost an hour it was Marie’s turn to take stage “Marie will now take us through the quarterly earnings” the CEO said as he took a seat giving the floor to Marie, she first looked around nervously as she stood up from her seat and smoothed out her skirt and then walked towards the front of the meeting room.

As she passed where Alex was sitting she felt her blouse twitch and then start to get rather tight and constricting the more she walked away from him, a low and inaudible sound could be heard which made her eyes grow wide with shock as she knew exactly what was happening.

Before the moan exploded outwards Marie quickly snapped her fingers causing her blouse to go limp around her instead of getting tighter “Right!” she said after the snapping of her fingers as if it was part of her presentation, as quickly as she possibly could she made it through her review without any issue.

For the next half an hour John was having his mind absolutely blown by the sensations he was being assaulted by, he knew Alex was staring at him constantly through the meeting, he could feel his eyes burning into him and with Maire being front and centre he had every excuse to look her way. The feelings and thoughts John was having were very mixed, but he could not hold them for long as his mind was rolled about like putty making thinking less of a priority as the orgasms rolled over him like a wave.

As Marie was the last section the meeting wrapped up as soon as she finished and everyone left for their offices leaving Marie alone in the meeting room “I knew it!” she said as she sat down at the main seat and spun around with a happy smile on her face “You were right, harmless!” she said as she felt a weight was lifted off her shoulders.

Marie snapped her fingers to speak to John but instantly regretted her decision as the blouse once again tensed up tightly and John’s voice exploded as a massive moan escaped from the blouse but then instantly ceased and went limp as Marie snapped her fingers quicker than she has ever done before.

“What was that..” Marie said sitting there with a shocked expression on her face as she looked around to the room to see if Alex was looking in through one of the windows causing yet another orgasm “Hes not here..” she said as it dawned in her “oh crap..” she meekly said as she sulked into her seat, yet another spell that she had messed up “I can fix this..” she said wearily as she rushed out of her office to rush home.


As soon as Marie got home she went digging to find out where she went wrong with the spell and was mortified with what she had discovered.

The first and most obvious issue was when ever she snapped her fingers allowing him to move and speak his whole form would tense up intensely, so much so that when he was off her body and on the bed he would crumple up into a ball of satin since her body was not there to stop him; not only that a loud and almost animal like moan exploded from the blouse as John was orgasming over and over.

Marie had found that the amount of lust that was being projected to the blouse while she wore him to work from presumably Alex was so much that it over loaded the spell tied to him and was throwing John through endless loops of mind blowing orgasms with no end in sight.

She tried desperately to reverse that particular spell first, she didn’t dare try to make him a man again while still under its effects as consequences could be dire, a blouse can take a lot more of a beating than the human body could take so it was best to leave him in that form.

Every attempt to stop the spell ended with failure so Marie started to think out side of the box for a solution and with a spell she found she managed to transform his sexual organ that currently had the form of a pussybow into a realistic looking dildo that looked exactly like his previous member, this quickly dropped off from the blouse and became a seperate entity laying in the middle of a puddle of satin.

This too failed and ended in disaster for John, she hoped that removing the sexual organ from his body would isolate him from the pleasure, but the moment she clicked her fingers the blouse balled up again and the dildo violently started to vibrate off the blouse and across the bed.

Marie tried her best to catch the dildo but it kept evading her, when ever she did get a grip on the thing she couldn’t hold it for long as the strength of the vibrations was enough to all it to wrestle from her grip due to its ferocity, getting a little exhausted from trying to catch it and not thinking to just cease all of Johns functions again since she wasnt thinking straight she snapped her fingers and popped the dildo out of existence.

A wide-eyed Marie was left in shock at what she had done but was a little relieved when she saw the ball of satin start to settle and decompress and watched as he sheepishly tried to cower on the bed; the spell had been broken but at a great cost to John.

After a lengthy talk with the now normal functioning John it was decided that he would go without his private parts for the time being while that particular spell was sorted out, being without a penis was better than being totally incoherent; what Marie failed to mention was she had already tried to pop the dildo back into existence but found it impossible to do so, something she would have to keep from John for the time being until she figured it out, which unfortunately she never did.

When trying to get John back to his normal body the second issue came to light, most spells in the book are already premade and bound to certain limitations and conditions to ensure their usages are easy and clear to understand, but when making custom spells the user must ensure they specify the limitations and conditions or use the preexisting ones exactly as they appear in their own spell in conjunction with another, Marie failed to do this.

The spell she used was a simple transformation spell that gave a living being the form of an inanimate object until the user wanted it reversed, she had used the exact same spell when she made him her skirt but this time instead of specifying the conditions in her spell she forgo the part of the spell that made him into just the form of an object and instead went right ahead and made him into the object; for all intents and purposes John was a blouse through and though.

Unfortunately for John there was no reversal, for get John back into his old body was practically impossible as you would have to know the physiology of the human body down to the last nerve ending; not even a doctor could perfect it, the only way to realistically transform him into anything else now was object to object; but this was something Marie never done as it literally made him into nothing but what ever he was transformed into until he was reverted back remembering nothing.

After a few months of trying Marie and John accepted their new lives, no longer husband and wife but as blouse and wife, even after consulting with a senior witch it was evident that John’s fate was sealed the moment he became a blouse and even made an off-hand comment that she would have to try what Marie put John through on one of her boys.

The path they now both shared was never one they intended but it was one they were determined to not let destroy them as they continued their new lives with one inside the other, crossing every bridge and roadblock they came across and trying to make the best of a terrible situation.


John’s form the day they found out object to object transformations render the subject literally nothing but what ever they are transformed into; Though upset Marie had to take the oppertunity to wear her husband as a skirt one last time..

Although her husband was just a skirt unable to precieve the world around him she so deperatly wanted to wear him to work, it would only be for one day and she was already dressed for work..besides; how would he even find out?

Marie and her blouse on her first day promoted to Company Operations Director she loved to wear him on very special days as she wanted him with her during the best of it all.

Marie taking a quick selfie of them both before arriving at the posh restaurant for date night with a man she was surprised she ended up with. John being unable to satisfy his wife in the way she needed due to lack of equipment encouraged her to start dating again but wanted to be there during the first date to make sure it was the right choice.

John on the same night as the very first date, knowing it went a little too well wanted Marie to feel good about what she was going to do next and encouraged her to forget about him just for one night; Marie of course refused and came up with a compromise, one he didn’t have to remember and where she had him close.

Marie felt guilty about essentially moving on with another man whilst John had to just put up with it. So for his birthday, which Marie decided to change to the day he first became a blouse for posterity’s sake, she managed to track down the woman who was on the thumbnail to the video he liked wearing the blouse that looked just like him. Marie managed to get her agree to feature her blouse in her next video aswell as return it after, Marie was being very vague when answering John’s questions as to why she started to box up John ready for transport, she simply ended the conversation by snapping her fingers with a smile and sealing the box. This picture was sent to Marie by the woman with the caption ‘Getting ready for your shoot!’, Marie wondered if she should watch the video when it was released or wait until John got him to watch it with him, either way she really hoped the guy she paused out on would make an appearance.

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