The k-Phone – Part 2

Alex took his newly made phone and dress up to the bedroom, in one swift motion he threw the phone down onto the bed having it land on the pillow facing outwards; this gave Katie the perfect angle to watch her former body strip down to nothing and shimmy into the dress that was once the body of her ex friend.

“Panties or no?” Alex said to the phone on the bed but since she was muted there was nothing she could say, although what she would have been saying had no relation to the question he asked and instead would have been a rage fueled argument.

Slipping on a pair of satin panties Alex walked sexily over to the bed, picked up the silent phone and sat on the edge of the bed thumbing through all the options; Katie was shocked at how feminine Alex was acting in her body, almost as if this was practiced  from the way he walked to the way he crossed his legs while sitting.

“Oh wow, so many options!” Alex chimed as he was awaiting his new boyfriend, Travis, to come home for a night of pleasure “interesting..” Alex mumbled as he stumbled across a setting that caught his eye “..Can’t have my phone sounded exactly like me now can I?” he said to Katie.

Katie was seething in hatred right now ‘sounding like you? You mean sounding like myself!’ She screamed to herself, to her surprise a text bubble appeared at the top of the screen with what she was saying; Alex just idly swiped it away without reading it.

“Oh here’s one..” Alex said as he pressed the voice on the screen, and auto managed message played to demonstrate the voice.

“HI HOW MAY I HELP” Katie was forced to say in a deep robotic male voice, this just prompted a giggle from Alex as he pressed another button and Katie repeated herself but this time in a squeaky female voice.

Katie was deeply embarrassed by the voices she was saying but that soon stopped when Alex decided in keeping her as a generic robotic female voice “perfect don’t you think..” he said as he confirmed the selection.

Before he closed the setting another setting caught his eye as he grinned “Katie, you will now respond to a different name” Alex said waiting for the response, Katie’s heart sank in her electronic chest as she was forced to say “AWAITING INPUT” came the robotic voice from Katie.

Alex thought for a moment “Siri” he said as the confirmation got accepted by Katie against her wishes causing her to buzz slightly with rage but she soon stopped when she felt Alex turning her volume back up.

You have had your fun! Now revert this mess before he gets home!” exclaimed Katie in her new voice, this just prompted a giggle from Alex as he pressed the volume down button on her side once “Wh-what are you doing” Katie asked as he heard and felt her voice get slightly quieter

“Every time you talk out of character tonight I will press this button” Alex said gently fingering the volume down button but not pressing it “I don’t like using the ‘S’ word, it takes the fun out of it all” he said referring to the word ‘Siri’ “But every time you disobey me I will turn you down bit by but until the real you can’t speak and I let the programming take over your voice” he said quite sternly “Do you understand?”

You are actually crazy you can’t expect me to agree to that!” Katie exclaimed but audibly gasped when she felt the volume button being pressed “I will tell him when he gets in! I will scream at the top of my lungs and he will rescue me!” she continued to shout, she was about to say more but she felt the button bring pressed twice in succession which made her stop dead in her tracks; For a moment or two she paused, he mind racing and anger rising but the next words out of her lips were exactly what Alex wanted to hear “I understand…”

A smile grew on Alex’s face “See that wasnt so hard was it” he said moving his finger away from the volume button “Open up the camera, front facing” Alex said as he held the phone up to his face.

Katie at first struggled to open the right app as she was still getting used to this new form, Alex didn’t help as he found it amusing watching as different apps opened until finally the camera popped open.

“How do I look?” Alex asked as he admired what he currently looked like, looking at the camera feed and ensuring his makeup was good but before Katie could respond they both heard the front door open quickly and then close loudly

“Katie?” A voice could be heard shouting up the stairs, Katie’s heart sank as she realised Travis had come home a little early and sank even more when she realised the promise of the dress most likely made him rush back.

“Upstairs!” Alex gleefully chimed as he opened the bedroom door to responded to him, as he turned back into the bedroom he put Katie down on the set of draws that had a decent viewpoint to the bed and then made his way over to the bed to lay down in a seductive pose facing the door.

Katie’s mind was reeling right now, so many thoughts and emotions flooded her mind as she watched her own body sitting there ready to seduce her boyfriend as he made his way up the stairs, each creaky step sending a chill down her metallic spine.

She thought for a moment or two, should she instantly shout to him the moment he gets through the door? What would see even say to get him to believe her before Alex had time to muted her, time was running out as she heard the steps getting louder and louder signifying she had little time to decide.

“Siri, start recording..”  Alex said as he put his index finger to his lip giving Katie a silent hush gesture, Katie could do nothing as her programming took over; she could not do anything of her own accord as the sound notification dinged starting the recording and her vision began to be stored in her memory banks.

The next hour was hell for Katie, she watched as Travis entered the room and almost instantly started to touch and feel her old body in ways she currently longed for, she knew the effect that particular dress had on him and now had to endure watching it from an outside perspective as many different positions were taken.

Finally the ordeal came to a close as Katie watched Alex spin around from his current position and kneel there with Travis’s penis inches from his face, she watched mortified as he came all over her old body’s face, Katie was so angry as soon as she figured a way to get back to her old body she would kill him for what he has done or even worse make him a cum rag.

Alex stood up, being careful not to drop any from his face into his newly acquired floor as he made his way to the bathroom to get cleaned up as Travis lay down on the bed exhausted. On his way out of the door he reached over to where Katie was sitting and pressed the stop button on the recording allowing control to be given back to her as she reverted back to the home screen.

Katie waited for a moment as Alex left earshot of her and she instantly started to call out to Travis on the bed “Travis!” she exclaimed “..Travis!!” she repeated trying to sound louder but since Alex had left her volume at half setting she was hardly getting a word out.

Alex had promptly finished wiping the semen off his now feminine face, changed into a silk nightie he found hanging from a rail and was heading back to the bedroom when he heard a faint robotic voice, confused for a split second he realised it was Katie breaking his rule and he rushed into the bedroom and looked around frantically expecting Travis to be speaking with Katie.

A smile crept across Alex’s face when he looked over at the bed, a snoring Travis was passed out after the session they just had and the phone on the counter was making pathetic attempts to gain his attention.

Katie had no idea Alex had reentered the room, she only figured it out when she felt his tight grip around her body as she was brought up to his face at alarming speeds for her perspective “What did I tell you?” Alex asked sternly.

Katie didn’t respond at first, she felt her form quivering in the palm of Alex’s hand but not due to anger this time; instead she felt nothing but fear causing her to shake “I-I’m sorry!” Katie responded “I couldn’t help it!” she almost begged.

“I told you to do one thing, you need to face the consequences!” Alex said a little upset and a little angry that she almost blew his new identity, the vibrating phone in his hand showed that his message was getting across as he held down the power button and the prompt appeared.

“No! Please!” Katie begged when she saw the prompt “I will not try it again! Anything but being turned off please!” she continued to beg really not wanting to experience what comes with her body being turned off.

Alex thought for a moment, pondering what he should do “Your right..” Alex said as he swiped the turn off notification away “That isn’t fair, just turning you off like that” he said as he walked over to his night stand next to the bed and sat down.

This made Katie hopeful “Yes! it isn’t fair!” she said sounding a little happier now that she wasnt getting turned off “We can talk about this in the morning!” she continued trying to appeal to his kinder side, maybe she can convince him to give her old body back.

“The punishment wasnt severe enough for what you tried to do..” Alex said a little angry “So here is what you are going to do..” he said as he opened up the stored videos though the Siri app and clicked on the only one available; the sex tape.

“You are going to sit in this draw..” he said opening up the draw next to him “and this video? It will play on repeat over and over again” he said as he set up the video to do just that “and you will watch it again, and again, and again all night” he said as he placed her down into the draw “..until your battery runs out..” he said as he turned Katie’s volume down all the way and pressed play before shutting the draw and turning around to cuddle Travis and go to sleep.

Katie had no time to protest, as soon as the video started to play her vision was filled with nothing but that, she tried to desperately advert her eyes or close the video but since it was a Siri application she could do nothing but watch the same video all night; rewatching the same positions, sex acts and messy finish right up until her battery started to fade, maybe just being turned off was the right punishment in the first place.

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