The k-Phone – Part 1

Alex’s plan was all set in place, the phone he was gifting to Katie appeared normal. It had a deep dark secret in the settings that would allow him to fulfil his fantasies “You really shouldn’t have” Katie said blushing as she received the gift from Alex

“It was nothing!” Alex said trying to hide his excitement “I was tired of seeing you with that same old phone day in day out, do you know they even have holo phones now!” He said rather amazed by how far technology has come “but this..” he said tapping the box in her hand “is truly something else”

Katie spent no time tearing off the wrapping paper and opening the box containing her new phone, she was so excited to finally have an upgrade but was so confused when the screen was just a blank and white “is it bricked?” She looked up at Alex wondering what was wrong.

Alex smirked “new tech” was all he said as he reached into the box and pulled out what appeared to be a pair of headphones “pop these in and all will make sense” he continued as he handed them to her

Katie was even more confused but put them into her ears regardless “What is this meant to do?” She asked quizzically as she watched Alex plug them into the phone.

“It’s to make the perfect phone, it literally copies your consciousness so it can be the best personal assistant ever” he grinned as he showed her the phone that was no longer blank, instead it had her name written on the screen and a copy button below “ready when you are” he continued as he held the phone up to her.

Katie raised her hand hesitantly, she had her doubts about this whole thing but thought that nothing bad could happen and slowly presses her finger down on the copy button, she stared at the phone for a moment but nothing happened.

Alex shifted in his seat “Sit back, close your eyes and try to relax” he prompted her as he placed the phone on the table “there will be a slightly buzzing in your head but that’s normal” he said smirking as she complied with his requests

“I can feel it” Katie said as the buzzing started from a low hum and built its way up, she started to grip the edge of the sofa she was sitting on as it was rather intense, “Alex..” she said cautiously about to open her eyes.

“Try to relax” Alex responded quickly not wanting her to jar the process “you need to loosen up so that a good connection can be maintained” he said looking down at the shaky progress bar on the phone.

Katie’s started to feel a little light-headed, and soon that feeling spread though her body until all of a sudden it ceased and she felt like she was floating in nothing, still she kept her eyes closed; partly because she didn’t think the process and finished and partly because of fear.

Alex watched as the body of his friend went limp in front of him, he then looked down at the phone and saw a completed message sprawl across the screen before the screen went blank “Katie?” He said not to the body but to the phone. “You can open your eyes now” he said as he watched the light of the screen slowly fade in from the black as if it were blinking.

“Di-did I pass out?” She shakily asked as she noticed she was now staring at the ceiling, she tried to get up she found that she couldn’t move a muscle and started to panic “Alex! Something went wrong” she exclaimed.

Alex stood up and peered over the phone that lay on the table “wow..” he muttered under his breath as he then reached down and gave the phone a little poke “Katie are you there ?” He asked as he picked her up from the table

This caused Katie to squeal with fright as she saw the giant hand descend down and grab her “what the hell happened!” She said in a panic as she started to try to get away which only caused her to vibrate in Alex’s hand

Alex didn’t expect the vibration to happen and almost dropped her out of his hand “calm down!” He quickly said as he stroked the back of the phone “just try to relax it will all make sense” he said soothing her as the vibrating started to die down

“Why do I feel so strange” Katie asked as she tried to look around her surroundings but found it very hard to move, from her view-point the world now seemed massive; and the fact her friend’s hand now spanned her entire body was freaking her out.

Alex smiled warmly down at her “you made yourself the perfect little phone” he said as he looked her over “your mind was transferred to the memory bank of this smart phone leaving behind your body” he said as he sat back down opposite Katie’s previous body “here let me show you” He said spinning the phone around in his hands to show Katie her own lifeless body, all that came from the phone was a little gasp

After a few moments of silence Katie spoke up “..why?” Was all she could manage to say, looking at her own lifeless body from an outside perspective was a very jarring experience and made her feel physically sick

“I’m glad you asked!” Alex said as he put her back down on the table, only this time propped up against the coffee cup she was moments ago sipping out of “angle ok?” He said standing up and gauging it whilst making minor adjustments to her position before pulling out the headphones that were connected to her; she had not noticed them before but now that they were removed it had felt like a dildo had been removed from her lower half making her feel a little empty

Ignoring her pleas for answers he walked over to her old body and connected what looked like another set of headphones and popped them into his own ears “Alex..?” Katie nervously asked “Please I’m feeling really scared right now..” but Alex said nothing as he closed his eyes and leaned back into the sofa, a few moments passed and his body went limp much like hers.

“Alex?” She called out again with no answer “Alex?!” She said almost screaming her words causing her to vibrate just enough that she shifted position causing her to fall flat on her face, Katie tried her best for the next few moments to call for Alex, but all that it showed to the outside world was a series of angry buzzes coming from a phone vibrating its way slowly to the edge of the table

These buzzes soon stopped when Katie felt hands grip her once more, only this time they were not the rough hands of Alex but instead they felt soft and delicate as they lifted her into the air, once she saw the face that belonged to the hand she was currently being cradled by she was speechless, not a word came from her mouth as she stared into the face that was once hers “A-Alex?” Katie managed to stammer our as her eyes darted back and forth from her own face to the lifeless body of her friend next to it.

“Call me Katie” Alex said with a wink as he took out the head phones connecting him to his old body “a good look for me don’t you think” he said as he put his hand under his chin and smiled at the phone in his hand

“This isn’t funny Alex!” Katie exclaimed you’re not me, I’m me!” She continued confusing herself a little “get us back into the right places this instant!” she angrily demanded from the palm of the hand she sat in

Alex giggled with his new voice “I don’t think you understand, I’m Katie” he said putting emphasis on his new name “and your..” he said as he flipped the phone around in his hand looking for a model of some sort but found nothing “well I guess you are..” he paused for a moment trying to come up with something witty “.. A kPhone” He said with a laugh at his own little pun

“Not funny..” Katie responded with a little bit of anger in her voice “I mean it, I’m not a phone!”

“Well not yet you’re not, I still need to set you up” He said with a smile as he started to tap away on Katie’s new body, every press of his now delicate fingers felt like they were sensually prodding her naked body

“St-stop” she shivered as the pleasure shot though her body as he went though the start-up menus, she could have sworn his fingers had swiped past her nipples a few times but it was nothing compared to when he pressed the home button at the bottom, the entire thing was a giant clit to her sending her over the edge in a matter of seconds; and that was only one press

Alex looked down at his phone a little dumb founded, he couldn’t believe the noises that were coming from the phone after pressing the home button, a little amused he continued to watch as the former girl orgasmed in his hand.

A few more moments passed and Katie’s moans subsided, Alex just giggled at the phone as he spoke “enjoy that?” He said giving the home button a quick swipe but not pressing it, the embarrassed Katie said nothing as another moan escaped her lips “there’s a setting for that!” Alex beamed as he navigated though her menus until stopping at the right one setting the sensitivity down to zero

Alex then pressed the home button multiple times in rapid succession “stop..” said the embarrassed phone meekly, the feeling of pleasure was completely gone but she could feel it none the less

“It’s just a button now!” He said with a giggle “can’t have a phone orgasming every time I open it” he continued before trailing off “..maybe a little” he said turning the sensitivity up just enough for her to notice it

“Now let me explain a few things to you” Alex said as he brought the phone closer to his face, his finger lightly brushing the home button to get her full attention “I am you, and you are my phone..” he said before looking over at his old body “Alex does not exist anymore but we will deal with that later” he said referring to the body he was sitting next to.

“You can’t just take my body and live my life! You will be found out right away by my friends and family, better yet my boyfriend will know something is off the moment you speak to him!” she shouted up

“Oh really” Alex said with a grin “see the thing is I have the encyclopaedia of your life right in the palm of my hands” he said as he gave the screen a little tap “so fitting in would not be so bad, so much so that not even your boyfriend will know” he said with a girly giggle as he started to navigate his way to the phone book

“What are you doing?” Katie defensively asked as she concentrated on her internal workings seeing exactly what he was doing as he pressed the call button on her boyfriends number “Oh no you don’t!” She called out as she quickly got the hang of things and cancelled the call as it started to ring

“You little!” Alex said a little frustrated as he began to go back to the phone book once more but watched as Katie managed to hang up the call “want to play it that way do you..” Alex said as he brought the phone closer to his mouth to speak into it “Katie, call MY boyfriend” he said clearly

“Are you mad..” Katie responded “why would I d—CALLING BOYFRIEND” Katie started to say before she lost control of her voice and commands as she blindly followed what Alex asked for, just like the Siri model of the iPhones.

Alex smiled as he saw no attempts from his phone to cancel the call as he brought it up to his ear, Katie on the other hand found that while this command was being issues she couldn’t act by herself and was forced to listen to the ringing while being pressed up against her own face as the call tried to connect

‘Don’t answer don’t answer!’ She kept repeating in her own mind but her heart dropped when she heard the call connect and her boyfriend’s voice speak through her “hello?” came a familiar voice

“Hey!” Alex said back through the phone making his best impression of Katie, this caused the real Katie to seethe with hatred at how spot on he got it “Thought I would just check in” he said as his smile carried through the phone

“All is fine here” Katie’s boyfriend replied with a slight chuckle, “Is everything ok?” he asked a little confused “You sound a little off..” he continued, Katie loved this; she was right her boyfriend would tell the difference right away.

“You know how it is..” Alex replied slightly worried “I’m just here toying about with my new phone” he continued as he gave his phone a little squeeze “..thinking about a certain someone” he said with a grin and then continued “and a certain little someone” he continued with the best seductive voice Katie’s body could muster

Katie’s boyfriend chuckled on the other end of the line “Maybe I can bring him home and show you just how ‘little’ he really is” he said back to her in a flirty way, Katie couldn’t believe it; Alex was successfully flirting with her boyfriend right in front of her and succeeding

Alex giggled down the phone “Hurry home from work and you can show me all night” he said to him knowing he had him right where he wanted “..and by the way..” he continued “I will be wearing your favourite dress of mine”

“Oh!” came an excited voice “But I thought that got damaged in the wash?” he asked, Katie knew the one he was referring to, it was her favourite to due to the effect it had on him but it was ruined after he went the washer wrong and it shrunk in the wash

“Somehow I don’t think that would be an issue” he said looking over at his old lifeless body “I’ll be waiting” he said before hanging up the phone and holding it up in front of his face and returning his attention to Katie “See that wasn’t so bad!” he said smiling down at her

“You’re a monster…” Katie replied back to him “That was horrible to hear, that’s my boyfriend!” she said sounding out of breath

“Correction, he’s mine” Alex said with a coy smile “now about this dress..?” he questioned realising he had no idea what he had agreed to wear “What does it look like?”

Katie scoffed at the idea of telling him what dress her own boyfriend liked “Like I would tell you!” she said in defiance “I am not letting you get anywhere near him, let alone in that dress” she continued

Alex simply smiled and brought the phone up to his mouth once more “Katie..” he said trailing off to allow the realisation to sink in “ me my boyfriends favourite dress” he continued with a sly smile down at the phone

Katie felt the urge build up within her again “Wait! No–I HAVE FOUND ONE MATCH” Katie was forced to say as her screen showed an exact copy of his and her favourite dress which would stay on-screen until Alex was done

“Oh wow.. I can see why that is his favourite” Alex said as he eyed the dress on his phone “I bet he will be ecstatic to have this one back” he said with a grin as he pulled out a different device that scanned Katie before he swiped away the image

“What was that?” Katie asked wondering what just scanned her, she saw the light pass over her screen blinding her for a second “Are you copying me again?!” she exclaimed

Alex laughed as he then produced a small syringe from the base of the device filled with some sort of liquid “Oh no..” Alex said to his phone “It’s something much..much.. better” he said as he jabbed his old body in the arm with the concoction and lifted up the phone so that Katie could have a decent view

“” was all she managed to get out as she watched the lifeless body of her friend twist in on itself in unnatural ways until it finally exploded inwards leaving a limp pile of fabric “you just killed yourself!” she said with panic, her breathing deep

Alex just giggled at her comment “No, I’m still alive” he said referring to his current body “I just made it into a dress; if I was still conscious in there I would still be alive just a dress just as you are a phone” he said as he placed her down on the table in the same position she was in before falling flat on her face before picking up the dress and pressing it against his new body “What do you think” he said giving a side to side sway to show off the dress

“You can’t do this to me” Katie said a little angry “I won’t allow you to wear that and seduce my boyfriend” she said vibrating slightly

Alex just tutted as he put the dress down and picked up the phone “You still just don’t get it” he said to the phone in his hand “You can either be a good phone and watch us as i shimmy into this cute dress and have my boyfriend take me any way he likes” she said putting her finger into her mouth and biting it slight before continuing to talk “Or I can turn you off and pop you in a random draw”

Katie was angered by the options presented before her, in a rage she started to shout at Alex “If you think for one second I am going to let this plan go ahead you got another thing coming!” she shouted, but since she was so blinded by rage she never took noticed that her voice was getting quieter and quieter until no sound came out at all

“That’s better” he said as he rubbed the home button on the now muted phone “Strike one!” he said gleefully down to the phone noticing it was now shaking rather quickly “get to strike three and well..” he said as he held down the power button causing the prompt to appear on the screen, his finger hovering over the button to shut down the phone

Katie realised she had to comply, her vibrating slowly stopped as did her muted aggression as she accepted what was to come as Alex took both her and the dress up to their bedroom for a night of fun.

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