As the three girls excited their hotel rooms they all locked eyes and instantly burst out into a fit of giggles, they were all dressed up for a night out in the town they had visited and each had their boyfriends closer than any of them expected that night.

“This was such a good idea Emily!” Michelle said excitedly causing Alice to clap her hands quickly together to show her appreciation aswell

“This is going to be such a fun night!” Alice cooed as she rubbed the tops of her stockings through the hem of her dress “Thanks for doing this for us!” she continued

“Now now, don’t thank me..” Emily smirked and she stood between them and rolled up the hem of her dress slightly “..I just provided the magic, the boy provided themselves” she said giggling as the girls followed suit and rolled up their hems “..but that’s not all; can you feel their whole body caressing you as they wiggle around, almost as if they are desperate for more? Well I can give you more; you just have to agree” she said with a smirk

Alice and Michelle both looked at each other before looking at Emily standing between them, sheepishly they both nodded and in unison agreed “But how can this night get any better?” Michelle questioned eager to find out what “I’m with my three besties, a large city and..” she said but was briefly stopped by the clicking of Emily’s fingers *CLICK* “..I cant wait to find a damn boyfriend!”

The spell Emily used on Michelle for the night wiped the memory of her boyfriend who was so delicately hugging both her legs from her mind, not a single trace of him remained until the night was over

“Michelle!” Alice gasped as she used one hand to shield her gasp and the other to lightly tap Michelle on the shoulder “You can’t be serious we are not here to find new boyfriends! Were here…” *CLICK* “ get laid! Our night in the big city, a one night stand to remember!” she said with a giggle as the second click effected her

The comments coming from the girls made their boyfriends go crazy on their legs “Looks like the bell boy is awake” Michelle said with a little moan as she felt the fibres on her legs contract and wiggle

“And the receptionist..” Alice said with a blush as she too felt hers stir wildly

“Teach you guys not to try to sneak a peek!” Michelle said as she pinched a bit of the fabric, pulled and let it snap back onto her leg, Emily suppressed a giggle as she watched the exchange before her; she had to give the boys other identities for the night it was only fair, though to them they were still wrapped around their girlfriends and not some random woman.

“Well girls are we ready?” Emily said poising her fingers ready for another snap, her stockings though remained still unlike her friends ones because they were used to this sort of treatment, most of the time Alex didn’t mind it; he got used to it after a while and started to embrace it

“We are in for a night of booze, partying and this cities finest..” *CLICK*, this was it, the moment the stocking would find out what sort of night he was getting himself into “!” Emily continued in a cheer wiping her own memory for the night.

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