A porcelain prison (day two thousand one hundred and fifty three)

Part eight of my tale about the unfortunate Doctor Black. I will respond to comments in character, feel free to ask questions or suggest things to Natasha, Doctor Black or Doctor Grey (now Kathy). You never know, it might influence the next instalment. These are the scientific notes of Doctor Jacob Black, written by his assistant Natasha Roberts due to Doctor Black’s current status.

Day 2,153
Doctor Black – I have been a toilet for six years now, after Natasha plumbed me into her home, she stopped documenting my progress. I guess I had nothing of value to add to her research anymore. Living in her house was odd at first, Natasha refused to use me, but I would still be cleaned daily. After spending so much time in a ladies room I really didn’t mind if Natasha needed me, it was the least I could do for her.
The first couple of years I was never used, she talked to me daily and she told me all about the things she got up to. She told me all about the guy she had met and eventually they got married, making her Mrs Roberts. She finally introduced us after the honeymoon, he was shocked, but promised never to use me as a toilet.
One day Natasha rushed into the bathroom and she was feeling very sick, I told her not to be silly and to just use me. In a way I was happy to be with her and help her with her first morning sickness. It became a morning routine and as she got bigger her bladder started to become weaker. Well from there it wasn’t long before she used me to pee and from peeing number twos inevitably followed. She would always clean me up straight away so that I felt fresh.
Once I was being used by Natasha daily it seemed silly to make her husband Garry use the downstairs loo and I told him it was fine to do his business in me. Being used by a man was quite humiliating in the beginning as I was so used to ladies. But he was always considerate and made sure to give me a wipe down after each use.
The proudest I have been is when Natasha used me one day and I was able to tell she was pregnant, as disgusting as it sounds… I could tell by the taste. The tests all proved I was right, and I got to be her trusty loo for a second pregnancy.
I really have come to terms with my fate and I am trying to make the most of it, I still dislike human waste being dumped into me, but let’s be honest here… I am just a toilet now.

Kathy – I have been a high heel along with Katie for what feels like forever, we don’t get used as often as we used to because unfortunately styles change, and a pair of black Mary-Janes are just not as fashionable as they used to be. Plus, Natasha has an enormous collection of shoes now. Some used to be people, but most of them are just normal heels.
Katie and I do get to go sometimes, and Natasha always treats us well. Being careful not to step in anything icky and she is rubbing our G spots with her toes as often as possible.
Whenever the family goes on holiday, she normally takes us along, we even got go on her honeymoon.
The proudest moment for me was when she wore Katie and I on her first date with the man she married.
All in all, being a shoe isn’t as bad as it could be… At least I’m not a toilet.

Natasha – I have finally gotten used to Doctor Black being my lavatory, I was incredibly reluctant to use him for the longest time. But now I cannot imagine my bathroom without him in there.
Kathy and Katie are also doing well, although they are not really in fashion at the moment, they are the most comfortable heels I own.
It has been very strange going from being a lab assistant to the only person on Earth with the power to turn people into inanimate objects. I started out only changing people that volunteered, most wanted to escape their life, but some had a fetish and wanted to be other things. Like a guy named Alex that begged me to turn him into a satin blouse. I only charged a modest fee for this service.
I also started a business where people could come to me and pay me a fee to have criminals that had wronged them turned into possessions they could sell.
I used the money from those businesses to set up a project where victims of abuse could come to me and I would transform their abusers into any object they desired and either give them to them or dispose of them accordingly. This is obviously a free service.

3 thoughts on “A porcelain prison (day two thousand one hundred and fifty three)

  1. First Katie, now Natasha ❤
    Definitely a comeback in perfect style. Wonderful story (although one event scared me a bit). I cannot wait to learn more about the adventure of these lovely heels on their owner’s feet.

    • Feel free to talk to the heels. I will respond in character.

      Start a new thread rather than replying to this.

  2. Natasha, I understand that it’s been a long time since you’ve started this and become the premiere expert in the field of inanimate transformations, but I was wondering if I could still help you further your research? At this point, the concern doesn’t seem to be people becoming items, but people being comfortable as items. So I propose turning me into an item which would likely be seen as one of these uncomfortable items, but looking at different paths to maybe make it actually feel good. The item I was thinking about was to become a box of trashbags or the roll of trashbags inside it.

    Conventional transformation wisdom would suggest that the person’s mouth would become the bag opening. However, if we were to change the pathways of the transformation, we might be able to control what body part turns into what part of the item. I propose an intermediate step in which during the transformation process I’m first turned into a woman. Then, my vagina would become the bag’s opening. This could lead to an orgasmic feeling each time the bag is filled up, and being an entire roll of trashbags would allow for multiple rounds of testing. If this can be done successfully, then it’s likely that it could also be reverse engineered.

    That way, even if items can’t return to people again, maybe they can be modified to live more pleasurably as items. Perhaps then Dr. Black would have no reservations or complaints about his life as a toilet. I would of course be willing to be the test subject for this, and as such I can even pay you as if I were a client.

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