Gum Pt1

“I don’t know honey this seems pretty damn risky” Alex said as he watched Emily looking through her spell book, she didn’t even take her eyes off the book when she responded

“It isn’t any more risky than that time you became my stocking remember?” she asked as she flipped through the pages of the book “so delicate, so frail..” she mumbled to herself remember the time she had him stretched over one of her legs “nothing bad happened then did it?” she asked finally looking up at him

“This is so much different, you wont even know which one is me!” he exclaimed in protest as he sat down on the bed beside her

“Thats part of the fun” she giggled as she gave him a peck on the cheek before going back to find the spell she was looking for

“Fun..” Alex mumbled “Just like that time as your pen..” he said thinking back with a shudder to the time he was used during her busy work day “Why don’t we just do th–” Alex began to say but was cut off when Emily finally found all she needed

“Got it!” she squealed as she stood up from the bed and placed the book down where she was sitting “You ready from some sexy russian roulette?” she said with a giggle as she pulled out a packet of gum from her pocket and shook it between her fingers

“Not really..” he said looking at the gum then down at the book “I really don’t feel comfortable with the–” Alex said but was cut off when Emily finished his sentence

“..Risk..” she said a little saddened “..but can’t you see how fun this will be? she said as she put the packet down on the spell book “I will chew one of these sticks of gums every day, maybe it will be you; maybe it wont” she said as she pulled one of the sticks of gum out of the packet

“I will treat each and every one the same, chew them for the entire day; blow many bubbles and just an all round sensual massage each day” she continued as she carefully slide the gum out of the foil packaging

“Then right at the end of the day, I will spit the gum out of my mouth onto the bed where one of two things would happen” she said as she laid the foil down on the bed next to Alex “ would just be a bit of gum I spat out on the bed that will just be thrown away” she said as she picked up the spell book with the packet of gum still on top

“Or two.. the conditions of the spell are met, your malleable form has just hit my freshly made satin sheets where you turn back after a whole day of sexual stimulation..” she said looking down at the growing bulge in his pants, with a grin she continued “..I would be standing there in the satin nightie I will be buying on the first day of chewing waiting for you to take out all that pent-up frustration” she said as she saw his now full pitched tent pole

Alex was immensely aroused by the whole scenario that was put forward to him that the risks he first thought just melted away “Do it..” he quickly said as he shifted uncomfortable with this dick at full mast

“Huh?” Emily asked teasingly

“Do it!” Alex exclaimed as he pushed down at his erection

“I already did..” Emily said with a grin as she picked up the packet of gum off the spell book before snapping it shut and putting it back into the nightstand
“Oh..” Alex said as he felt a familiar tingle all over his body, his clothes melted away as he shrunk down onto the bed, it was a strange sight as he looked at Emily; his whole body was shrinking but his penis stayed the same “This is odd” he remarked as he body was slowly melting into his own dick

“Just a little more fun I have added” she said with a wink “..and maybe a bit of flavour” she said with a giggle knowing full well the whole packet would taste the same, Alex was now fully merged with his dick as Emily reached down to pick him up

“Oh Emily!” Alex exclaimed in pure ecstasy, he was just about to cum before Emily squeezed tight

“Nono” she said as she held him in her grip “I didn’t mean THAT flavour” she said as she slowly released her grip after successfully stopping him, she had to admit she was a little amazed as his pleas of an orgasm slowly faded out as the penis in her hand melted into a stick of gum “Perfect!” she said as she placed him down on the open foil on the bed

“I tell you what..” she said as she put the packet of gum next to him on the bed “When I go shopping tomorrow for that nightie..” she said as she started to folder the foil over his body “I will make sure to blow many, many bubbles while trying them on..” she said as she only had one more flap to fold “..So you better hope you are the first one used, because I will be trying on a lot of them” she said with a wink as she folded the final flap carefully

Emily straightened back up and looked down at her handy work “Now for the final part..” she said as she snapped her fingers, in a flash the packet of gum and her newly packaged boyfriend blinked out of existence for a moment before reappearing in an instant randomly mixed up in the packet

“Good luck..” she said as she popped the packet of gum into her purse.

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  1. Birdie

    So, what is the risk mentioned in there? If he gets chewed on all day and then hits the bed sheets, he turns back… Or am I missing something? 🙂

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