The Awakening

(NOTE: This is a continuation from Boy-Louse, unfortuantly I deleted it before I managed to post it so I had to rewrite it to a lesser standard 😦 My plan here is to let you, the community, decide where this story goes next – head on over to the discord to give your suggestions 🙂  )

April walked down the street towards the cafe that she planned on meeting up with Emily in, ever since that night she revealed that she was wearing her boyfriend April couldn’t shake it off her mind and the suggestion of ‘finding you one’ was driving her wild.

As she reached the cafe she spotted Emily sitting in the middle, April noted what she was wearing; a light pink summer dress with matching shoes. She wondered what Alex was transformed into today as she looked the outfit up and down, the thought of it making her tingle

Emily waved over at April and pointed at the chair opposite her, April approached and took a seat; her favourite drink already ordered and waiting for her “Hi!” exclaimed Emily who was excited to see her friend.

“Hey!” April said back “How have you been? And how is Alex?” she said looking down at the dress she was currently wearing then back up to Emily “ he with us?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know” Emily responded “Planning on getting him off again is it?” she asked with a giggle

“I..I didn’t mean to.. you didn’t tell me” April said blushing slightly while stumbling over her words, the memory of what she did on the reveal night deeply embarrassed her.

“Relax girl! I was just kidding” she said back noticing how flushed she was getting “and to answer your question – no he isn’t here today, I left him at home in front of the TV” she continued

“Oh” April responded sounding a little disappointed “Is he back to normal now?” she asked

“Oh, heavens no! I left him as a pair of heels in front of the TV; I plan on wearing him tonight” she said but failed to mention that the shows she had put on for him were rich with adult orientated content and seeing as a pair of heels has no hands she would be returning home to a very frustrated stiletto.

“Oh wow, you just leave him like that?” April asked intrigued

Emily shrugged “I prefer him this way, he can be anything I ever desire with a snap of my fingers; why would I want anything else?”

“But what if you wanted to do couples things like dates or cuddling” April asked

“If I wanted that I could just snap him into a cute little baby doll and invite some hunky guy over” she said with a giggle

“You would do that?” April asked shocked “What would he think of it all?”

“..I have done that” Emily said with a wicked grin, she could tell that April’s jaw was about to hit the floor with shock “and it doesn’t really matter what he thought of it does it now? He was just a baby doll” she giggled again

April was speechless, she couldn’t tell if Emily was being serious or not and she had so many questions but Emily got to them first

“So you said you wanted to talk, what’s up?” Emily asked, her hand on a spoon stirring her iced tea; April looked at her fingers ‘such power in those finger tips’ she thought to herself before snapping out of it

“Yes..well…” she said as she was about to explain “I stumbled across Jason’s internet searches and found out some..interesting things’ she said as she looked around the room then leaned in and whispered “..cuckold stuff..” she said as she leaned back and cleared her throat

Emily let out a laugh and looked April in the eye “Really?” she asked

“Yeah..” April responded “He doesn’t know I know, but I thought I might do something he liked but I didn’t know where to start but then it hit me..” she said looking down at the fingers that were still on the spoon “..maybe you could help”

Emily’s eyes followed April’s gaze to her fingers “Oh I see..” Emily said mischievously as she looked back at April “I know exactly what you’re getting at” she said with a wink as she took her hand off her spoon and poised it ready to snap them “Tell me what it is you want” she smiled

“Just like that?” April asked confused looking at the hand like a loaded gun “Doesn’t he need to be in the room for it to work? I left the house 30 minutes ago and he was still sleeping”

“Just like that” Emily repeated “Where ever he is once I snap my fingers ‘poof’ goodbye Jason and hello…?” Emily stretched out the last word hoping April will fill in the blanks but she just sat there like a deer stuck in the headlights not knowing what to say “Too late..” she said as she snapped her fingers and went back to her tea

April finally managed to speak, the fact it was all so rushed caught her off guard and she didn’t put much thought into it “What do you mean too late?” she asked a little worried “What happened?”

“I changed him for you” she said with a grin “I figured you didn’t have much thought put into it so let’s just say I have turned him into something that will help you achieve your goal of satisfying his little..fetish” she said with a giggle

“You did?” asked a panicked April “He had no idea this would have happened” she said as she started to stand up “He’s most likely losing his mind if he’s awake!” she continued in her panicked state  “What did you make him?” she frantically asked

“No sit” Emily said gesturing towards the chair “We haven’t finished our coffees” she said taking a sip “I can assure you he will be fine, he won’t be going anywhere in his current state” she laughed “Take five and talk to me more; tell me what you’re going to do and when we are finished then you can go see your surprise” she said with a grin as she leaned back in her chair.

April slowly sat back down, still worried about Jason at home hoping he was still asleep but knew that Emily was right, she sighed and went back to the conversation; she needed pointers and it was clear to her that Emily might have been an expert in this subject.


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2 responses to “The Awakening

  1. I think you should continue as you would want it to be. Obviously part of reading stories here is for the excitement. Part of that, for me anyway, is imagining myself in the role of the would be extremely exciting to imagine that knowing my fate follows your personal whim.

    • Sanik

      That’s what I would normal do, but that usually goes more towards clothing made of satin lol

      I thought it would be a fun idea to allow the community to choose to allow a sort of interaction to the story but so far I have received on suggestion which I will be using since there was no competition!

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