“Oh my” commented April “is that really him?” She continued out stretching her arm to touch Emily’s blouse but jerked it back when she realised it was weird to do such a thing

Emily just laughed “go ahead” she said looking at her sudden movement “you can touch him, he’s feels just like an ordinary blouse” she continued

April started to move her hand towards the blouse once more and stroked her finger down the length of the bow “” she said as she felt the blouse quiver at her touch “ really is him”

“Yep” Emily beamed “he’s the best boy-louse I have ever had” she giggled

“Funny..” April laughed at her silly play on words while continuing her attention to to the bow part of the blouse, she took part of it in her hand and played about with it a little “I just can’t believe this is real” she said feeling the satin between her fingers “it’s just fabric..”

“If course it’s just fabric, it’s a blouse!” She giggled knowing full well the blouse could hear her teasing “..except that part is a little something more” she said looking down at the part in April’s hand

“Hmm?” April hummed a little confused as she looked at Emily

“Put it this way, when I gave him the choice between keeping his hands or his penis..well you can guess what he picked” she giggled

April didn’t understand fully until she looked down at the part of the blouse she was still fondling in her hand, it was only then the penny dropped as fast as she dropped the part of the bow she was holding “ew..!” She exclaimed

“Ew?” Emily chuckled “it’s just a pussy bow” she said as she unceremoniously adjusted it back into position then gave it a little pat

April wiped her hand up and down her dress as if she was removing an invisible substance from it “how did you even get to the point where that became a choice” she asked wondering if she would regret knowing

“Well you wouldn’t beleive it..” Emily started to explain “he was originally blouse for work much like the one he is currently just pinker and with longer sleeves; you remember don’t you?”

April thought for a moment a little more confused until she remembered “he was that blouse the other week?” She asked gob smacked

Emily nodded “that’s right!” She replied “well I wore him that day and you know me; never wear the same outfit in a row” she continued to explain “so I put him in to the closet like any of my other blouses”

“Except he isn’t..” April quickly said “..he can move..”

“..and talk” Emily continued April’s sentence, the look on her face showed that she wanted more “but only when I allow him” she giggled

“Anyways he was in the closet all day the following day just hanging there on his little hanger until I got home; when I got to the bedroom I heard a strange rustling coming from the closet and can you guess what he was doing when I opened the door ?” Emily asked

“What..?” April asked a little enthralled by the fact she kept him locked in a closet as nothing but a silky blouse

“He had his silky cuffs on his silky bow and was going to town” she giggled “he didn’t even notice I was there”

“What did you do with him” April asked

“I picked his hanger up off the rail and placed him on the bed carefully, he didn’t even notice I had moved him he was so engrossed with his orgasm” she said the last bit a little sternly down to the blouse “so I stood over him and waited for him to finish, you should have heard his reaction when he realised I was there!” She laughed

“..and that’s where the choice came from?” April asked looking at the missing sleeves on her blouse

“Indeed! I told him one of them was going as punishment and without thinking he said his hands” she said as she stroked her blouse “so a snap of my fingers later his sleeves shrunk into his bodice and another snap made him white and voila” Emily said striking a pose to show of her outfit

April was speechless still looking at the blouse that was once Emily’s boyfriend “” she muttered

“Let’s go get another drink!” Emily reached out and held onto April’s hand “maybe we could discuss getting you one” she said with a wink and she pulled April over to the bar area.


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