12 thoughts on “Attitude Shift (With TFsRus Discord Info)

  1. So now nothing prevents me from destroying the server?

    I am just glad that Jay showed his true face…
    It’s just hard to believe that you made such a dickhead an admin…
    (Even I was not so rude to anyone)

    • Honestly, I tried the back down a little yesterday and you threw that straight back in my face by acting like you did.

      Exactly the way that made me need to cut contact from you.

      Then today…

      • (I’m not sure if the previous message was sent, there were some technical problems. So, here it is again)

        Acting like I did? I just asked some questions and expressed the bitterness that I missed so much during these months. You decided that it was best to punish me once again for the same. Instead of doing something to help me make these feelings go away, everyone around just fed them… And somehow I’m the one who lacks social skills…

        Was it really so difficult to give me some extra minutes to calm down instead of banning me straight away?

        There was nothing extremely snide in my comments. Just bitterness, but I hope this is understandable.

        You didn’t even refer in any way to the essence of what I wrote about yesterday.

        (Why are you saying this all post factum? And why did you delete my birthday wishes on DA? You know how important symbolism is for me)

    • Then you threaten to destroy my things. Well… Congratulations on confirming that I was right to cut contact. You’re obviously the aggressive unreasonable person I said you were.

      So go for it. Destroy my things. Prove everyone right and have your pathetic little victory.

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