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Relaxation Nightmare

Alex had a very busy and stressful life, he was always working even on his days off and would hardly have any time to sit and relax; that all changed when he learned from a client of a new age relaxation method she learnt while she was abroad, the art of an object she called it.

He thought it was some hippie mumbo jumbo when she had handed him an oddly shaped stick that she called a wand and ask Alex just to try it out and that it would give him the best relaxation of his life.

Alex agreed and she immediately walked over to the fish tank in his office and fished out a small pearlescent pebble from the bottom of the tank and handed it to him “Now all you need to do is touch the object you want to imitate, close your eyes and picture it in your head, the wand will do all the hard work”

Alex sighed not believing a word she was saying but still done it to amuse her, he started to feel a little giddy as a feeling of butterflies in his stomach increased; he attributed this to feeling stupid at holding a pebble and imagining it in the middle of his office.

“See? How does that feel?” Alex heard is client say, her voice sounding a little bit louder than usual as he opened his eyes and almost died with the shock that washed over him; she was now as tall as a sky scraper. Her giant hand the size of a truck came racing towards him and he tried to run away but found he was completely immobile as her thumb and index finger plucked him up off his chair and brought up to her now giant face

Alex tried to scream but found he couldn’t say a word “See, just a little pebble!” she commented as she twirled him around in her fingers “Now I know how you feel right now – trust me I was the same” she said thinking back to her time on the resort “But you just need to accept it and relax – its why your doing it!” she said as she walked over to the fish tank.

“I am your last client for today and your first tomorrow, I will leave you here over night so you can experience the whole thing” she said as she was about to drop him into the fish tank “Oh!” she stopped and rummaged though her bag with her free hand pulling out a dark red nail polish “I wouldn’t want to lose you!” she giggled as she opened the varnish as dabbed a little of it on Alex, blowing on it to make it dry before dropping him into the tank.

Alex wanted to scream as he descended into his fish tank and settled on the floor, he watched his client blow him a kiss and close his office door but that all soon faded when he actually started to feel rather relaxed and at ease, the bubbles of the filter blowing over him and the rippling of the water easing his busy mind – for once Alex was rested.

That marked the day of a new Alex, as promised his client returned and fished him out of the tank and explained that he only needed to be near the wand and imagine him back as himself and it would happen; after turning back from a pebble she handed him his own wand and told him to relax every once in a while.

And relax he did, he found himself finding more and more time merging himself with objects around the house when the stress of life got too much, he spent time as a lamp, a pillow and even his wifes sex toy on occasion; but his favourite by far was his secret little place deep inside her closet. He never told his wife about the wand and so would always pick items that would never leave the house, more importantly never leave the wand so that he could change back and would never stay changed for more than an hour as a personal rule.

Deep in Emily’s closet was where his favourite item to be was, he spent most of his relaxation time as this item and loved every second of it; that item was a long sleeve satin blouse – a blouse his wife had not worn in years but every time he became it was his most relaxed; it was something about being so light and satiny that he craved so much, just hanging there limp amongst the other clothes.

After one hell of a stressful day he decided he would break his rule and sleep over night in his wife closet, wash all that stress of the day away to help deal with the next. He left his wife before she got home saying he was staying late at the office before walking into the closet and finding his perfect spot.

In a moments notice he was hanging there limp on the hanger as the satin blouse and within minutes he was into a deep sleep where he remained the rest of the night before being jostled awake by Emily moving stuff in the closet.

“Where is it?” he heard her say as the sound of hangers ringing against the rail, the ringing sound got louder and louder until stopped close to him “Here is it!” she excitedly said as Alex felt her run her hand down his satin sleeve before grabbing his hanger and taking him off the rail.

Alex was mortified when he was face to face with his wife who had a look of admiration on her face “I knew I still had you” she said to herself as she walked out of the closet and away from Alex’s only chance at turning back.

Emily placed Alex on the bed along with a skirt, he was trying his hardest to change back but could feel he was too far away from the wand for it to take its effect, he watched as he wife picked up her skirt and slowly started to slide it on as he tried to come up with a plan but soon faced facts that he would need to endure the day wrapped around his wife outside in the real world before he would be back in the closet with the wand.




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