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Protected: Silky Dress

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“Ar-are you really going to buy me?” came a scared voice from the playsuit Marie was currently trying on in the dressing rooms, she felt the silky material ripple against her skin as if it was shaking slightly.

“I don’t know tell  me” Marie replied as she gave a little twirl in front of the mirror “How do I look?” she said looking into the mirror

The playsuit didn’t want to anger the woman currently wearing him, the last woman it angered was the whole reason it was currently in this situation “You looks fantastic” the playsuit replied, although it was saying it because it was what Marie wanted to hear but it was also the truth.

“Then its settled then” Marie said with a smirk “I just have to have you!” she said delightfully but before she could say another word the playsuit spoke again

“No please!” it pleaded “My girlfriend will be by to pick me up, I can’t be sold like this..”

“Oh honey!” Marie said sympathetically “You were out on the store front, which means it’s been a month since your transformation and you are property of the store..” she said as she bit her lip, she didn’t like giving bad news “..she isn’t coming back” she finished as she felt the playsuit tighten briefly

“no..” it muttered “but I am a man, not clothes to be sold” it said with a panicked tone

Marie giggled involuntary, as she done so she could feel the playsuit staring at her “Wel don’t really look like a man” she quickly said as she started to stroke the sleeve of the playsuit “your just silk” she slowly continued.

Marie turned around suddenly and started to rummage through her bag looking for her phone, the playsuit had no choice but to follow her movements wondering what she was doing. Marie quickly found her phone and turned back to face the mirror and in one motion took a picture “What are you doing?” the playsuit asked as the blurriness from the flash started to fade

“Well we are at a stalemate, so I am getting a second opinion” Marie said as she tapped away at her phone, within seconds she had a reply and smiled “Looks like you have two options..” Marie said playfully

The playsuit was relived, it would of course choose to stay in the shop rather than be brought “what are they?” it quickly said waiting for her answer

“I can buy you right now and wear you out of the shop or..” she said as she turned around to put her phone back into her bag “..or I can take you off and you can come home with mein the bag; your choice” she said with a knowing smile

“No! You can’t do this, I refuse to go with you in a bag like some object” the playsuit shouted

Marie took no notice to the tone of voice the playsuit was using “Good choice..” she remarked as she picked up her bag and swung it over her shoulder “This way I get to show you off right away” she said with a giggle as she exited the changing room.



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