Phone Girl

Phone Girl

Sometimes when I have a weird idea and need to take a photo myself (because the picture I want just doesn’t exist) I will mock something up quick in paint before I spend time on a cap I might not like… I thought I would add one of my drafts, just in case anyone is interested about my process.

Phone Girl

4 thoughts on “Phone Girl

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the new captions and stories.

      When Tasha and I started the site in 2013 we didn’t think it would get millions of hits, it was just a place for us to post things for each other so we didn’t have to send huge Emails. Then other people found us and it sorta exploded. When other people started to contribute we took a step back.

      Personally I stopped uploading as I didn’t like some of the negative responses I received (people used my polls to complain). But I’ve decided I want to post again (for now at least) because people have started making posts for me.

  1. Hello ! If a woman needs a man for a transformation, I would like to belong to her!

    Otherwise I love what you do!

  2. great caption. It’s a kinda new. i love when people are digitalized and i love when people are trapped,so i love this cap! continue! 😉

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