5 thoughts on “Pretending to pretend

  1. Taking the picture and notifying everyone of his pitiful new existence was an excellent touch. I’d like to see some thing similar to that one day where the witch decides to update the victim’s social media status and profile pic what they’ve been turned into. XD

    • I really like the idea of that, not sure if I could do it as a caption… Maybe a short story.

      The question is, what item of clothing would he be?

      • Well I’m sure you can judge by my name that I like panties. XD so maybe a sexy thong or something like that. What would make it even better would be if it was done by the victim’s spiteful ex girlfriend. Maybe the girlfriend broke up with her boyfriend but wanted to have her cake and eat it too by wanting to stay friends, but the boyfriend refused and tried to move on. So the ex girlfriend decided that she still wanted him around but not as a boyfriend, and if he doesn’t want to be her friend, she’ll settle for making him panties and let everyone know about it. ;P

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