Every once in a while, I think about my old life, before I met Delia.  There’s little point to thinking back, since meeting Delia changed everything.  It’s not like there was anything special to remember about my old life anyway.  But every now and again I think back to that fateful day.  I imagine if I had stayed in the house a little bit later watching television, or if I had taken my car to the store instead of walking.  I wonder if she would have not taken interest in me if I’d dressed a little differently, or if she would have pursued me if I hadn’t stopped to speak with her.  But in the end, I had met Delia, and she had decided that she’d wanted me, and that was all that matters.

It was such an innocent chance occurrence, really.  I’d been walking to the store with my headphones on.  She was walking in the opposite direction from me on the sidewalk, and right before we crossed paths, she looked up at me and her eyes widened.  I thought nothing of it, but a few seconds later I felt a tapping on my arm.  I turned around and she was looking up at me with a beaming, expectant smile on her face.  Normally I tend to keep to myself, but she was absolutely gorgeous and had such a disarming smile that I felt compelled to speak to her.  “Um, hello.”  I took out my headphones and put them in my pocket.  “What’s up?”


“Oh, not much.”  She giggled.  “I’m Delia.  What’s your name?”  I opened my mouth to respond, but she quickly raised her hand and cut me off.  “You know what, that’s not important.  I’ll just call you cutie.”  I stared at her.  “Because you’re so cute!”  I furrowed my brow and took half a step back.  “Oh, sorry.  I hope you don’t think I’m being rude.  It’s just that you’re exactly the sort of boy I’ve been looking for.”


Clearly something about this girl was a little off.  “I’m sorry, but I’m on my way to the store.”  I began to turn away from her, but she moved in front of me to stop me.  I stopped in place, finding myself rather intimidated by this girl.  I giggled nervously.  “Um, what do you mean, you’re looking for someone like me?”


She stared up at me with a strange smile.  “Do you want to belong to me?  Yes or no?”


I gaped at her.  “Is this a joke, what do you mean?”


She just stared into my eyes with that smile.  “Do you want to belong to me?  Yes or no?”


I looked down at her, transfixed.  There was only one word that came into my mind, and it found its way out of my mouth.  “Yes.”  Delia squealed and clapped her hands.  Then to my astonishment she took my hand in hers.


“I, I…what are you…” I stammered as she rubbed my hand.  Then she gently pressed down on my hand with her palm.


I looked down and giggled in spite of myself.  It was more pressure than I would have expected.  I tried to move my fingers, but I found that I could only twitch them a bit.  I tried to pull my hand away, but it felt as though the pressure was spreading up my entire arm, draining all my energy.


“Um, something is…” But Delia grabbed my face, forcing my mouth shut.  My eyes went wide in surprise as all the energy seemed to drain from my body.  The pressure didn’t exactly hurt, but it was suffocating.  I became aware that my feet were leaving the ground.  Somehow this girl had the strength to pick me up off the ground!  And yet she didn’t even seem to be exerting herself, looking into my eyes with a calm, upbeat smile.  My limbs went stiff at my sides, and I found myself unable to avert my eyes from her gaze.


“I’m shrinking you.”  She said to me, with a tone that suggested that was supposed to reassure me.  As soon as she said that, I realized that I was indeed shrinking.  My feet came higher and higher towards my face, and I heard my shoes fall to the ground.  My clothes fell off as my limbs retreated towards my face.  She removed her hand from my palm, needing only the hand squeezing my face to hold me.  My body was losing its form, shrinking into a tiny little mass.  I could still see somehow, but I felt the features disappear from my face.


As my shrinking began to slow, she snapped the fingers of her free hand, and a small metallic case appeared in her palm.  “In you go, little one!”  She placed me in the case.  My body began to change form; my skin felt smooth and waxy, but I felt soft and mushy inside as well.  Completely baffled, I could only peer up at her.  She seemed to be a thousand feet tall, and pleased with my new form.


“Fantastic!  On your very first try, you became my favorite shade of lipstick.  I could tell you were going to be perfect!”  The words barely even made sense to me; I had been turned into a tube of lipstick.  She twisted a knob at the bottom of my case and I felt myself being pushed up and out.  The breeze touched my entire body.  “Now it’s time to get to work!”  I silently screamed in protest as she brought my face up to her lips.  She rubbed my body across her lips.  It wasn’t such a terrible feeling; her lips were smooth and moist.  I could feel a little bit of myself staying on her lips.  She pulled a compact mirror from her purse to observe her work and gave a giant grin; I could feel the tiny bit of myself that was decorating her lips stretch out.  “Wonderful, cutey.  You’ve passed the test.  That means you get to belong to me now.  Let’s go home!”  Ignoring my silent, helpless protests she snapped a cap on my case, leaving me in darkness.  Then I felt myself being dropped into her purse.  The purse started to sway as she began walking.


I tried to stay calm so I could think.  What had happened?  Who was this woman?  She was a witch, obviously.  Whoever she was, there was nothing I could do at the moment.  I was just a tiny bit of lipstick in a tube.  I was sure I was lucid and I wasn’t dreaming, but there was nothing I could do at all.  Eventually I heard a door open and close.  We must have been at Delia’s house.  She took a few more steps, then put her purse down.  I felt her fingers close around her case and pull me out.  She removed the cap and once again I found myself peering at my owner’s enthusiastic face.  She twisted the knob and pushed me out of the tube so she could give her lips another coating of me.


“So, you’ve done your job as my lipstick.  I don’t think I need you like this at the moment.  But I do want you to be useful to me.”  She pulled me out of the tube, dangling me in the air.  “I’ve got a perfect idea.  You’re going to love it.”  All of a sudden I felt the same pressure I’d felt before, forcing me into a different form.  My body seemed to flatten and expand at the same time, flowing outwards.  My skin seemed to take on some sort of smooth, stretchy form.  Delia shook me; I heard a loud crinkling sound as my body rippled, seeming to inflate.  I realized she was holding me by a pair of flimsy handles, and I could see my body as a thin sheet of white plastic.  It was as though I was a balloon, but I was aware of a large hole near my head.  I was a bag!


“You’re a garbage bag!”  She finished the thought for me.  She twisted me up into a knot, then shook me up again, having fun playing with me.  “I’ve been meaning to get some cleaning done.  You’re going to help me out!”  She skipped out of the kitchen with me floating along behind her, trailing from her fingers like a party streamer.  “Why don’t we get the place tidied up?  She took me into a bathroom, and from the corner of my eye I could see her pick up a wastebasket.  “Used tissues, empty bottles.  Yummy!”  She dumped the contents of the wastebasket inside of me.  “While we’re here, this comb has about had it..and this toothbrush…” A few more items found their way inside me.  “All right, I think we’re good to go!  Thanks, cutie!”


She took me back towards the kitchen, letting me swing from her hand by my handles.  It was strange feeling all the junk rattling inside me.  It tickled a bit.  The weight kept me from floating freely, but luckily it wasn’t enough to stretch my plastic.


“You know, I’ve been meaning to clean my refrigerator out for a while.  I could use a big strong man to help me out.”  Oh, no.  No, no, no.  She plopped me on the ground and swung open the door to the refrigerator.  “I don’t know why I buy so much when I usually eat out.  These vegetables can’t be good.”  A few plastic bags found their way inside me.  “Uggh, is this mustard really six months old?  I guess I really don’t like mustard.  I feel like I bought these other things around the same time.”  Several more bottles and jars came in.  Even though I was on the ground I could feel a definite increase in weight.  “This milk.  It’s still mostly full, and it’s only about a week old” She paused, before opening the cap and giving the mild a quick sniff.  “It still smells ok.”  Then she looked down at me and winked at me.  “But, I can buy fresh when I’m at the store!  Open wide!”  I would have gasped if I could as the carton slammed into me with a slosh.  It was by far the heaviest thing inside me.  I felt the milk spill out of the carton and trickle down my insides; the desire to gag was immense.  “May as well clean out the fridge too.”  I watched her spray some cleaner onto some paper towels and clean out the fridge, before tossing the dirty paper towels into me.  The weight barely registered amongst all the other garbage.  “And now the freezer!”  I silently begged her to stop, as I was already worried about the weight inside me.  “I didn’t like this ice cream, I’m not going to finish it.  Eh, I guess that’s it.”  One tiny act of mercy.


Delia  tied my handles together and grinned.  “All right, big boy.  You ready?”  ‘No I’m not.  Please don’t.’  She just chuckled.  I wondered if she could hear my thoughts and was amused by them.  “And, lift!”  She hoisted me up into the air.  I could feel my plastic stretch from the weight, the pressure all I could bear.  I could feel milk sloshing about inside me.  I could feel a bristle from her comb poking my side; it didn’t seem like it was enough to puncture me, but I feared that it would if she held me too long.


Delia put a hand beneath me.  “There, there.  You’re doing great.  Just don’t break!”  As if I had any control in the matter.  “Your job will be finished soon.”  She took me out the door, and I had a sinking feeling as to where we were going.  Sure enough, the garbage can came closer and closer into view.  “You were great today, cutie.  I hope you enjoy your new life.  Take care!”  She dumped me in the garbage can.  I landed on a garbage bag that was already inside, then rolled to the bottom.  The various bits of garbage inside me for a moment, then became still.  I landed with my whole facing down, and the only movement was the milk dripping out of me.  Everything was still, everything was dark.


Sometime later, I found myself feeling lonely and depressed.  I had been counting the drips from the milk to pass the time, but that had stopped.   Eventually, the ice cream melted and began trickling out of me as well.  Suddenly I heard the can open and light poured in.  For a moment I hoped that she would take me out, make me human and tell me it had all been a joke, but instead another garbage bag landed on top of me, and Delia put the lid back on the can without another word.


Later still-I couldn’t really keep track of hours or days-I became aware of a beeping sound that sounded familiar.  I realized it was a garbage truck.  I felt the can hoisted into high into the air, then found myself plummeting towards the truck.  For the brief moment I was airborne I could see Delia watching from the window, and I could swear she blew me a kiss.  I bounced off all the other trash bags before becoming still again, a small whole somehow tearing into my bottom.  I realized that my life was all over, as I was going to be crushed, taken away and discarded at the dump.  Delia had reduced me to a tiny, worthless, smelly piece of plastic and thrown me away, and that was all I’d ever be again.


And then, all of a sudden, I was back in Delia’s house.  I jolted upright, thrilled to be free of the garbage truck.  I could move!  I was human again!  I turned around, hoping to hurry for the door, but froze in my tracks when I saw Delia smiling up at me.  I was bigger than her again, but I still felt empty and powerless against her.


“Hello again, cutie.  How’d you enjoy your trip?”  She reached out for my arm.  Too afraid to try to stop her, I merely cringed and waited.  Once again, with a few gentle squeezes, she shrunk me down and fashioned me into a lipstick.


My mind swirled.  What had happened?  Had she reversed time?  Had she teleported me, or was the whole experience just an illusion?  What was she going to do now?


“Don’t worry your pretty little mind over what’s happening.”  Delia looked down at me with a reassuring smile.  “You belong to me now.  Mind, body and soul.  I can do literally anything I want to you”.  I was so terrified of her, I wished that I could just be closed in my case and hidden away forever.  “You make for a good garbage bag.  I like the thought of you being a trash bag forever.  But maybe you’d like to be something a bit nicer.”  I felt myself starting to grow bigger again.  I could feel myself taking on a new texture; I was definitely solid, but I felt softer then I was as a garbage bag.  As I grew larger Delia cradled me in her arms and stroked me lovingly.  If I had a mouth I would have gasped at her touch, as it felt so much nicer then anything that she’d put me through up to this point.  She gazed down at me with a sweet smile on her face and I dared to hope that I might enjoy whatever she had planned for me.


As I grew larger still and I began to spill down below her arms, she began to walk with me.  She took me to what I could quickly tell what was her bedroom.  She laid me on the bed, being careful to position me so that I was flat on my slowly forming back in the center of the bed.  I felt myself expanding more towards my human size, but I could tell I wasn’t returning to a human form.  I still couldn’t move, and my whole body still felt incredibly soft.


“I’m going to give you a more pleasant form, as a reward for being such a good lipstick and garbage bag.  As it happens, I have an important formal event tonight, and I think you might be perfect as my gown.”  A gown!  I tried to protest being made into such a feminine item before realizing I of course had no say in the matter.  Instead I focused on the way I felt my body changing.  My upper body seemed to take on a more humanoid outline but remained flat.  Meanwhile my lower body seemed to balloon outwards into a larger mass that must have been my skirt.  Even after my form seemed to settle I continued to feel little twitches and changes.  I wondered what sort of details and frills were forming along my body.


Delia clapped her hands.  “So pretty!”  She ran her hands along me, picking at my bodice and fluffing my skirts.  “You are going to be amazing tonight, cutey.  I don’t need to get ready for a few more hours, so I’m going to get some reading done.  See you in a bit!”  She sauntered out of the room, leaving me there on the bed.


I laid there for hours, only able to stare at the ceiling and wait.  I was still scared and embarrassed to be treated like Delia’s plaything, but I couldn’t help but enjoy the feeling of my new form.  I was just so SOFT.  I wondered what it would feel like for Delia to wear me.  And I couldn’t help but wonder what I looked like.  Deep down, I wanted to be beautiful.  Would Delia keep me this way if she liked me enough?


After what must have been a few hours went by Delia returned to the room.  She blew me a kiss on her way to the bathroom.  I heard her turn on the shower.  A bit later she returned and gazed happily down on me, wearing only her underwear.  Seeing her this way made my nonexistent heart skip a beat-I was desperate for her to put me on and be draped across her skin.


“It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for!”  She exclaimed.  adorned herself with my silken body.  She twirled with a little laugh, and I felt my skirts fly up about her.  She stood in front of a full-length mirror and struck a pose.  I was taken aback by our combined beauty.  I was a dark blue gown with a voluminous skirt, with a bodice that exposed her ample cleavage.  She looked amazing in me.


“You are just exquisite.  I am so glad I decided to make you this way.  You are going to be such a hit at the party!”  It dawned on me that I was going to be worn in front of other people.  This was going to be humiliating.  She sat down in a chair in front of a mirror, smoothing my skirts so I wouldn’t wrinkle, before getting started with her hair and makeup.  I quite liked the feeling of her sitting, as my fabric stretched slightly and there was a nice pressure from her rear end.  I waited patiently, staring at her face as she prettied herself.  When she was ready she lifted my hem and placed it in her lap so she could put on her shoes.  Finally she stood and swirled my skirts.  “It’s party time!”


The party was in a modern looking mansion.  When Delia entered, she walked towards a circle of beautiful young women.  One of the women saw her and shouted her name, and Delia squealed in happiness and ran towards them, grabbing a handful of my skirt and lifting me up so she could hasten her stride.


“Delia!  Thank you so much for coming to my party.”  The hostess gave Delia a hug, pressing my face into her cleavage.  “My, what a wonderful dress you have on this evening.  Wherever did you get it?”


Delia giggled.  “Thank you, Annette.  I saw it walking down the street while I was out shopping today.  He was just so cute, I thought he’d be a perfect toy.  So far, he’s doing wonderful.”  She swirled my skirts for emphasis.


“So this isn’t the boy you wearing to our luncheon last week?”


“Oh, no.  I wasn’t getting the right sort of vibe from him, and he just wasn’t any fun.  I turned him into detergent and let him give my dishes a good wash.  It felt like the right way to send him away.”


“I bet your new friend her hopes the same thing doesn’t happen to him.”


“Oh, it very well could.  Who can say if I’ll still want him tomorrow.  But I’ve found him to be adorable so far, and didn’t he turn out just gorgeous for tonight?”  She threw her hands in the air to show me off.  Her friends all expressed their agreement, then surrounded her to feel my material and compliment me on my prettiness.  If I had a face I would’ve been flushed with embarrassment.  Judging by the girls’ laughter, they already knew as much.


The party actually made for a pleasant few hours.  Delia mingled with her friends and other guests, taking drinks and dancing.  It was a nicer party then I’d been to in quite some time.  I tried to pretend that I was an invited guest myself and not just a piece of fabric.


Eventually it was time to return home.  Delia came through the front door and slipped me off.  I briefly crumpled into a tiny heap on the floor before she picked me up and draped me across the bed.  She disappeared from my sight for a few moments, then returned wearing a nightgown.  She smiled down at me lovingly.


“You are just a lovely dress, cutie.  Now be perfectly honest with me.”  She looked directly at my bodice, somehow looking directly into my eyes.  “Would you like to stay as a gown forever?”  The word ‘yes’ bubbled its way to the front of my mind.  “Well then, it’s settled.  From now on, you are my dress.”  She waved her hand, and a tiny padded display box, smaller then a shoe box, appeared in her arm.  She set it on the bed, snapped her fingers.  Instantly I could feel all the wrinkles smooth out of my fabric as if I’d been run under an iron.  She picked me up and gave me a series of crisp folds before giving me a kiss and smoothing me into the display box, with my bodice visible through the display window.  She then placed my box on a hook that appeared on the wall.  “I’ll keep you as my pretty little thing.  Your job will be to stay put and look beautiful for me for as long as I want to keep you there.  And if I ever decide I want you again I’ll take you out and make something else!”  She yawned.  “Well, it was a long day for me, Mr. Dress.  I’m sure it was a long day for you too.”  She got into bed and pulled the covers across her body.  “Well, I have a busy day tomorrow, and you have a new life to get used to.  So I think it’s time for bed.  Good night, cutie.”  She turned over to go to sleep.


All I could do was stare blankly at her from the window of my box.  But I still felt…good.  My fabric body felt wonderful folded up on itself.  I was safe and comfortable, and my owner liked me.  I was proud to be so pretty for her, and I was content to be a decoration in her room.  I was happy!


And then, I was back in the tube of lipstick.  Delia was wearing the same clothes she was wearing when she had first taken me.  We were back in the kitchen, with daylight streaming in.  Whatever trick she had played when she had turned me into a garbage bag, she had done again.


Delia burst into a fit of laughter.  It was a light, pleasant laughter, without a hint of cruelty.  “Oh, wasn’t that fun, little one?  Were you happy as my dress?  Would you like to have been kept that way?  I bet you would.  I could make you into a different dress every day.  Would you like that?”  She yanked me out of my tube and rolled me between her palms.  I began to smear in her hands, but she didn’t seem to mind.  The world spun as she rolled me back and forth.  “I could let you talk and make you into something new every day and let you be my little friend.  Or I could make you into a pretty little dress and sell you to charity.  Or I could tuck you away in my closet and forget about you forever.”  My body began to lose its shape in the heat of her hands, and she broke me into pieces.  “Or I could make you a trashbag that’ll never break and let you carry my garbage forever.  Or I could tear you to pieces and let you disappear into the dump.  Or I could wash my hands right now and watch you disappear down the drain.”


I should have been terrified, just a smudge of lipstick in the palms of this goddess’ hands.  But I was too broken to be afraid.  She owned me-mind, body, and soul.  She had everything and I had nothing.  Whatever she did I would just have to accept.


She pulled my broken, runny body up to her face and smiled.  “I’ve got the perfect plan for you, little one.  For real this time.  Here we go!”  I felt my body start to tingle…

4 thoughts on “Delia

  1. I’m really glad you liked it! I haven’t pu much thought into a sequel yet but I’m sure it could happen. What would you want to see next?

  2. I do not know. What I like about this story is that the transformations are surprising. I really did not know what to expect. Even when I thought it was the end, finally no, there was a sequel! So I would like to continue to be surprised! Here.

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