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Forgotten Panties

Jessica finally returned home after a long day at the office, she threw her jacket onto the clothes rack by the door and dropped her handbag down on the floor below it whilst kicking her heels off to the side. “What a long day!” she yawned as she stretched in the hallway, a little bit sleepy from the workload she had been keeping on top of all day.

As she began to walk into the living room she suddenly stopped and yelped when she felt her panties tighten and shake around her groin, he hands instantly snapped to her privates over her pencil skirt  as she was a little confused as to what was happening in her sleepy state; “John?!” she said hastily looking around the hallway.

Jessica heard a muffled voice coming from under her skirt so she unzipped it and left it fall to the floor in a heap, she turned to the full length mirror beside her so that she could look at the pink satin panties she was currently wearing “John is that you?”

The panties finally spoke up again “Yes” they said as they were now free from the tight pencil skirt “I didn’t mean to scare you, your stretch was just contagious” he chuckled as he looked up at his wife who was wearing nothing but him and a long sleeved white satin blouse “you’re looking sexy” the panties said as he constricted slightly to signify a hug.

Jessica paid no attention to his comment “John!” she exclaimed with a little worry “I have been wearing you all day and you haven’t said a thing! I had no idea I was wearing you” she said as she slowly started to run her finger down the front of the panties to comfort them causing the panties to shiver slightly “you poor thing, i thought you were just normal panties..” she said a little turned on by the situation

“It’s ok Jessy, it was an alright day; i thought you wanted to be left along because you just slipped me on without a word and pulled the skirt over me” he said thinking back to being under that skirt all day “I still got to be your sexy panties for the day right?” he said lovingly, but Jessica just looked down on him with a look of disappointment and worry

“I feel silly now..” she said as she blushed a shade of red, but before the confused panties could respond she answered “I thought you were the black pair” she said bowing her head in shame “the pair that is currently upstairs that I left listening to the radio all day” she said embarrassed as she remembered the morning, how she was being flirty to a pair of normal panties; even kissed a pair of normal panties thinking they were her husband.

“As I said I had a good day, and I am ready to be turned back” he said looking up at his wife

“You want to be turned back now?” she said with sadness in her voice

“Well yeah?” the panties said a little confused “I have spent more than enough time down here, why don’t you change me back, ill make us dinner and then we can put those panties upstairs to good use” he said with a hinting tone

“Yeah ok..I guess” Jessica said with a defeated tone “Its just I had plans for those pretty little panties upstairs that were meant to be you, I have been thinking of it all day” she said as she slowly slid her hands into the waistbands pretending to take them off whilst giving her panties the best puppy dog eyes she could muster

“Wait wait” the panties said as they felt themselves slowly sliding off “I guess I could stay like this for another couple of hours” he continued expecting to be pulled backup but instead he continued down his wife’s legs

“Its ok John, its been a long day for you and a couple of hours isn’t enough anyways; we can do it another time i guess” she said with a shrug whilst trying to make it obvious to her panties she wasn’t too happy about its decision

“Come on Jess” he said slightly pleading “I tell you what, I’ll be your panties until bed time, hows that?” as he said that Jessica stopped pulling him down just above her knees, he looked up at his wife and she had her head slightly tilted to the side with a smile and a raised eyebrow, a look that told him she expected a little more “Ok..maybe until tomorrow morning?” he said cautiously as he felt himself slowly being pulled up more but stopped again like it was a game of hot and cold; the panties were unsure of what she actually wanted “….turn me back whenever you feel?” as these words left his mouth he was yanked up tight and his waistband was let go with a snap.

“Yay!” Jessica squealed as she ran a finger along the satin once more, causing them both to shiver “Maybe we can make use of those pretty little panties tonight, won’t be jealous will you?” she said teasingly as she practically skipped off into the kitchen to make food.


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