8 thoughts on “What do you prefer?

  1. I love various TF’s, but my favourites are sex dolls (inflatable or solid) and pantyhose. Also small sex toys are nice!

  2. I prefer “objects to be used”-themes in general. In particular toilet, sex toys, tampons, pads and similar.

  3. I’m a body part and object guy. Specifically feet for body parts; shoes for objects. But I have a real fondness for becoming an ass, dildo, condom, and buttplug. A little ashamed about it, but I also like the idea of being turned into, pee and poop.

  4. Food TFs are definitely my favorite. I love the idea of being turned into any food, especially sandwiches. I like the idea of being turned into someone’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich because they got mad at me.

  5. I agree with Marvin. I am a huge fan of Food TFs and would love if this site included a lot more of them. I kind of like what Marvin likes, but maybe it would be my mom turning me into a pb&j instead. Hoping for more food Tfs! You guys rock.

  6. That sounds awesome, Michael. If my mom got really mad at me and turned me into a pb&j sandwich. That would just be awesome.

  7. I think Food TFs are not as popular, but it would be great if this site featured some more of them. Besides, who doesn’t like mom’s homemade pb&j’s?

    • …. (strange that’s my exact favorite too!….)… I’d LOVE to see it as a story especially if it had a toilet ending 🙂

      I wrote a story once about being turned into a PB&J as it’s a favorite of mine too
      Feel free to use whatever you want from it 🙂

      Other possible reasons?

      Brought as a PB&J to help cheat on a test
      Digestion Field Trip?
      Crush forgot her lunch and you volunteered?
      Hiding from your girlfriend’s parents and her sister took the wrong lunch to school.

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