Accidental ensemble

Natasha’s skirt fluttered around her thighs, her top wiggled a little, her tights squeezed her legs, the laces in her shoes tightened and loosened themselves a little, her panties pushed themselves against her sex as her bra lightly fondled her breasts all of this happening while a happy humming sound emanated from her top. Natasha looked a little shocked, then smiled.
(Natasha)”Having fun, Chase?”
(Chase)”Yeah, its been so long since I could move or speak… How long has it actually been since you wore me?”
(Natasha)”I wear you nearly everyday, Chase”
(Chase)”I know you wear parts of me most days. I meant to ask, how long has it been since you wore my ensemble?”
(Natasha)”Um… I think it was a couple of years ago”
(Chase)”I’m guessing you put me together for a reason? What do you need to talk about?”
(Natasha)”Actually I forgot these were your tights… I kind of put you back together by mistake… I’m just getting dressed for a party”
(Chase)”Oh, well you don’t want a talking outfit at a party… You should find some other tights or change my heels… Those 6 inch pumps go well with the rest of me or maybe wear that cute pink blouse to add a little colour”
(Natasha)”You’re right, I am going to have to change at least one part to silence you… But there is a whole two hours before the party and what you are doing with your panties and bra feels really good”
(Chase)”Then I will do my best to please you, Natasha. I won’t stop until my panties are soaked. You should replace my lingerie part with that sexy red lingerie that Garry bought you for valentines day. I know how much that turns him on, I expect my parts to be strewn around the house as he strips me off of you after the party.”
Natasha moaned as the panties and bra she was wearing doubled its efforts, she laid down on the bed and squirmed as her outfit ravaged her in the most delightful way.

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