Night Before the Interview

Leanne knocked on her daughter’s door. “Honey, are you doing okay?” She waited a moment and knocked again. “Leslie, honey, is everything alright? Steven, are you in there?” She waited and still heard no response. “Honey, I’m coming in.” Leanne opened the door and saw her daughter lying on the bed, eyes glazed over as she stared at the ceiling. “Honey, why didn’t you answer me?”
Leslie didn’t get up, but she moved head to stare listlessly at her mother. “I don’t feel like talking right now. I need some time by myself.”
Leanne was more than a bit annoyed by her daughter’s attitude but tried to remind herself of the stress that she was under in order to hold her tongue. “Where’s Steven? I thought he was in here talking to you.”
Leslie gestured towards her closet; Leanne noticed a yellow cotton dress hanging up that she had never seen her daughter wear before. “I needed to put him away for a little while. He kept going on and on, trying to cheer me up, and I just got tired of it.”
“Leslie Anderson!” Leanne exploded, startling her daughter into sitting upright on the bed and snapping to attention. “Is that the way I taught you to use your powers?” Leslie opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. “How dare you transform your own fiancée, when he’s just trying to help you!” She rushed to the closet and pulled the dress of its hanger.
Leslie heard a heavy set of footsteps come towards the room before she saw her father standing in the doorway. A couple of teenage boys came up behind him; when they saw what was going on they snickered and left. “What’s the matter, dear? Is Leslie alright?”
Leanne held the dress up and glared at her husband. “Fred, why don’t you ask your daughter who this is? Ask your daughter what kind of witch we raised her to be.”
Leslie felt tears begin to form at the corners of her eyes. She had a job interview the next day for a sales position at a major pharmaceuticals company, the only interview she’d landed out of a dozen she’d applied to. Her parents had raised her to understand that she did not have the right to use her powers to solve all her problems, but she had never doubted that she would find success in any legitimate career. But this interview was the difference between a successful career and another several months of applying for jobs while living with her parents. Her confidence was shaken that she had only scored one interview, and her self-doubt turned into anxiety which had spiraled out of control over the past several days. Now, though, she realized that she had gotten herself into trouble that went well beyond worrying about her job interview. knew that she had a better chance of coming out of this situation unscathed by appealing to her father then her mother. “Daddy, I’m sorry! It was a mistake, I just got so upset.”
Her mother cut her off immediately. “Well if this is how you get when you’re upset then maybe you shouldn’t go to your job interview. You might get too ‘upset’ if it doesn’t go your way and make your interviewer into your new purse.” Leslie just stared at her sadly. “In fact, if getting a job is too ‘upsetting’ for you, maybe you shouldn’t even have a human job at all. There’s a position as ‘my purse’ that’s available, if you don’t know how to handle yourself then that might be the perfect job-”
Fred cut her off. “Leanne, stop scaring her! We all know she’s going to her interview, and she feels bad enough as it is. And for goodness’ sake, would you stop holding Steven like that?” He took the dress from his wife, gently laid it on the bed and ran his had across it; in a moment the dress sat up and took a human form as Steven found himself sitting naked next to his wife.
Steven was somewhat bemused by the whole thing but took it in stride. It had been quite a while since his fiancée had transformed him without his consent, but he’d had a feeling that he might have been pushing her too far today. And he’d known it would have been a few hours at most before he’d been transformed back anyway. “Thanks, Fred. Thanks, Leanne” It was mildly awkward being naked in front of his fiancée’s parents, but it couldn’t be helped. At any rate he was grateful to them for how respectful they always were to him and how adamant they were that he be treated with kindness and dignity, even though he was entering a family of people that could erase his existence with a flick of a finger.
Fred gave his daughter a stern look. “I believe you owe Steven an apology.”
Leslie stared at the ground. “I’m sorry, Steven. I’m so mad at myself for treating you like that. It’s just that…I don’t know if I can get through this. I want this to work out so much, I don’t know if I can handle being rejected.”
Steven smiled warmly at her. “You’ll get through it, baby. And even if you don’t, it’s just a job. We all still love you.” He kissed her on the cheek. I’m going to get dressed. I’ll see you at dinner.” He walked out of the room.
Leanne started to talk again, but Fred managed to speak first. “You need to get some rest, Leslie. We can talk more at dinner.” He turned to walk out of the room. Leanne seemed annoyed at being cut off from her righteous anger, but her expression softened her husband walked out the door. She looked back at Leslie one more time.
“You’re my daughter no matter what happens, Leslie. I’m there for you no matter what.” She walked out the room and closed the door, leaving Leslie to flop back onto her bed and cry into her pillow.
A few hours later Leslie came downstairs. She had calmed herself down and was ready to apologize. She took a seat at the table next to Steven, who put an arm around her. Her big sister Brenda was chatting with her husband Rick and their teenage daughter Kylie while her mother set the table. Her father began serving and shouted “Chad! Kevin! Get down here!” Leslie’s teenage brothers bounded into the room.
“Hey Leslie. Are you done going crazy yet?” Chad immediately asked.
“Yeah, you don’t want to be losing it when you go in tomorrow. You need this job don’t you?”
Leslie loved her brothers and she knew that they loved her, but she really wished they weren’t such annoying idiots. “Everyone, I’m sorry about how I’ve been the past few days. And I’m especially sorry to you, Steven.” Steven pulled her in tighter. “It’s just….I feel so stressed right now. I’m having a hard time getting myself ready.”
Brenda spoke up first. “You’ve been talking to Rick, haven’t you?” Rick was an executive and conducted job interviews regularly.
Rick said, “We’ve been practicing. And you’ve been doing really good! You know everything you need to know, and you’ve got the skills to do this.”
“I know that I have all the skills, Rick! You’ve been really helpful to me. All of you have. It’s just that I freeze up whenever the pressure is on. I just know that when I get there tomorrow, I’m going to go blank, and forget everything I know, and it’s going to be a disaster.”
Kylie jumped in. She idolized her aunt, who had taught her much about using and controlling her powers. Since her mother and grandmother were so strict about the way she use her magic, she considered Leslie the most fun member of the family. “But you’re amazing, Leslie! Your magic is so amazing. and I know how much you want this. Of course you’ll be fine.”
Leanne’s eyes lit up. She had an idea that she couldn’t believe she hadn’t thought of sooner. “Well, maybe if the family was there to encourage you, then you wouldn’t feel so nervous.”
Leslie raised her eyebrows. “I don’t think the interviewer is going to be impressed if I bring my whole family to the interview with me, mom.” Then she realized what her mother was getting at. “Oh. Oh! No, no, I could never ask…” While a witch or wizard could resist being transformed, once they were transformed they were as helpless as any other person-turned-object. While her family members trusted each other and let themselves be transformed by each other now and again, she couldn’t remember the last time that the whole family had been transformed by one person.
Brenda jumped up. “Of course! We’ll all go as your clothes. That way, we can be your clothes and cheer you on!”
Leslie grinned; she couldn’t believe how fortunate she was to have a family that would do this for her. “I mean, it would help me to have you all there for me…”
“Then it’s settled,” Brenda concluded. She turned to her fiancée. “What do you think, Rick? You’re the one with the most knowledge, so we really need you on this one.
Rick grimaced. He had to admit that being worn by Brenda was a more sensual experience then he had ever expected and he had long gotten used to it, but he still struggled a bit with lacking the powers that his wife and daughter had. “I’m not really sure, Brenda.”
“Brenda gave him her cutesy, pleading look “Rick, this is an extra special favor, for my little sister. I would never ask if it wasn’t really important. And if you do this for us, I’ll…” She looked mischievously around the room and whispered something in Rick’s ear. Kylie blushed and looked away.
Rick turned bright red. “Well, in that case…okay. Just this once.”
Brenda clapped her hands and gave him a kiss. “Thank you, sweetie! She snapped her fingers, and Rick’s clothes crumpled in his seat at his body shrunk away. She fished Rick out and patted him before mashing his body between her fingers, kneading his now formless body between them as she thought to herself. “You’re going to need to need to give Leslie the most pointers, so you need to be up close to her head. So you should be…” She pulled Rick’s putty form in half and concentrated on the two tiny bits of him until he took the shape of a pair of diamond stud earings. She carefully handed him over to Leslie.
Leslie put Rick up to her ear. “How do you feel, Rick?”
“I feel tiny, and really hard. I can tell you that you should wax your ears tomorrow morning. You know that if you drop me you’ll never find me right?”
“Well, I’ll just have to be extra careful then! Thank you so much, Rick. I’m sure Brenda will make this worth your while.” She took a napkin off the table and wrapped Rick up in it before putting him in her pocket.
Fred chuckled. “Guess we won’t be needing dinner tonight. I’ll start putting it away for tomorrow. I’m sure you could use the quiet from having us all put away tonight anyway.”
Leanne turned her eyes towards her sons. “All right boys, how about you two next.
Kevin and Chad looked at her in surprise. “Wait, why do we have to do this?”
“Yeah, we don’t know anything about job interviews. And tomorrow we were going to-“
Leanne looked at them both sternly. It worked on them just as well as it had on Leslie. “We’re all doing our part to help Leslie.” Her expression softened. “Besides, you jokesters always know how to cheer her up. We need you to help support her and keep her calm and happy.”
“Well, I guess just this once, we can.”
“Yeah, just make sure you turn us back as soon as we’re home.”
Leanne smiled. “Very good, boys.” She snapped her fingers as she walked towards them. By the time she reached them they were each six inches tall, and she fashioned each of them into a high heeled shoe, which she picked up to take to the foyer.
“Me next!” Kylie exclaimed. “But I don’t want to be jewelry, I want to be front and center. What can you make me into?”
“How about my blouse? I think you’d be a lovely blouse.”
“Perfect!” Brenda prepared to transform her but Kylie got up. “I want Leslie to do it. I don’t want my mom picking my style. Besides, it’s her job interview.”
Leslie smiled warmly. “And I have the perfect blouse in mind for you, dear.” She shrunk her niece down and weaved her magic into her as she carefully converted her into satin. Kylie felt relaxed and comfortable as she took on the form of a blouse.
“Take me to a mirror! I want to see what I look like.”
Leslie rolled her eyes. “Be right back, everyone.” She took Kylie back to her room and held her up in the mirror so she could see her shiny black form. “I know you’d like to have more colors, but Rick says that it’s important to look professional, and that means more muted colors. What do you think?”
“I’m perfect. We are going to rock it tomorrow!”
Leslie stroked her lovingly. “We certainly are.” She hung up her niece in the closet and returned to the table.
“So, Brenda, guess it’s your turn. I’m sure you’ll want to be close to Kylie, so how about my jacket?”
“I was thinking the same thing. Let’s do it!”
A minute later Leslie returned to the closet where she had stored Kylie. “Hey again, Kylie. Got a visitor for you!” She hung Brenda up right next to her.
“What, no! You can’t leave me here with my mom, she’ll drive me crazy!”
“Of course I won’t Kylie. And we hardly talk anymore, you only talk about magic with Leslie or the twins, this is the perfect time for us to do some bonding-“
“Leslie, please come back!”
“Have fun, girls!” Leslie returned to the dining room, where only her parents and Steven remained. Fred smiled at her.
“It’s so good to see you happy again, Leslie. You’ve been so down. I’m happy to see you with some spring in your step.”
Leslie realized that he was right; she was happier then she had been in weeks. “I still need a skirt, daddy.”
“You know, when your mother and I dated she told me that I made the best skirt that a girl could ask for.”
Leanne chuckled. “You made for a great denim skirt back when I wanted to go dancing. You have to be a little more serious to be a skirt for work, dear.”
“Well then, why don’t you transform me? You should know exactly what to do.”
“You know, I don’t mind if I do.” She shrunk him down and took him in her hands. “Do you remember when you and Brenda were little, and I would transform your father to entertain you?” She turned her husband into a flower, then into a balloon. “I’ve always loved to see you happy.” She made her husband into an elegant grey skirt, then took him to Leslie’s room. “You sister and niece are fussing at each other in that closet so I put him in the cabinet.”
“Thanks again for everything, mom. Steven?
“Yes, my love?”
“I’m only missing one thing. My pantyhose.”
Steven gulped excitedly. That was his favorite form. “Well, I’m not up to much tomorrow, and I can’t think of anything I’d rather do then be around those legs of yours.”
“Well, then, what do you say we-”
“I’m sorry, dear.” Leanne interrupted. “I hate to butt into your foreplay, but did you say we were only missing one thing? You don’t have your underwear yet.”
“Steven prefers being pantyhose. I can just use regular bra and panties.”
“Well, isn’t that thoughtless of you. Not even considering your own mother, who might want to be the closest one to you.”
Leslie’s jaw dropped. Her mother never allowed herself to be transformed. The only time she had relented was when Brenda wanted her to be her wedding dress, so that she could be walked down the aisle by both parents. That was it. While Fred was very nearly her equal in terms of magical power, she never allowed him to transform her. It just wasn’t her way. “You mean…you really?
Leanne smiled. “I know I like to be in charge. But I felt so terrible at the way I treated you today. It’s time for you to be in charge, and for me to support you. And I’d love to be the closest one to you on your big day tomorrow.”
Leslie was stunned. She tried to find the right words to respond, but she couldn’t think of any. Her hand trembled so much she almost couldn’t cast her fingers to cast her spell, but she did, and her mother shrank away as the whole rest of the family had. She found her mother sitting amongst the folds of her skirt and changed her into a delicate set of a silk bra and panties. She cradled her gently, almost unable to believe that the wisps of fabric were her normally all-powerful mother. “How do you feel, mommy!”
“I feel wonderful, sweetheart. Put me with Fred. I’d like to talk to him”
Leslie took her mother back to the cabinet and laid her respectfully on her husband before closing the door. She faintly heard her sister and niece from the closet on the other side of the room and remembered she still had Rick in her pocket. She pulled out his napkin and whispered to him, “Brenda and Kylie are…bonding. Do you want to be over there with them?”
“Umm, why don’t you just put me somewhere else. I don’t mind resting by myself.”
Leslie thought that it made sense to put him somewhere where she’d see him and not forget him in the morning anyway. She put him by the sink in the bathroom. Finally she returned to Steven.
“So…the house is ours tonight. You know, I’m going to put everyone on altogether in the morning, but maybe you’d like to be rolled up these legs a little early?”
“I think I like that idea. I’m sure there’s a few things we can do to make sure you’re relaxed tomorrow for your interview.”
Leslie grinned. “Let’s not use the word ‘interview’ for the rest of the evening. I’ll worry about that in the morning. Let’s worry about how we’re going to enjoy ourselves. And I have some ideas…”

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