Blue Dress part 6

Jess looks into the mirror and asks, “Well I was thinking…John will find out in the end right?”  She takes a deep breath before she continues, “Maybe we should tell him….and then you might not be so embarrassed, because you would be participating instead.”

I sigh, before I respond, “How about you guys have fun one more time.”  Realizing after I say that I am giving her permission.  Knowing there is no turning back as I add, “Then after you guys finish you can tell him.  I want to see it once more without him knowing I am there.”

I wait nervously as Jess stares into the mirror as she rearranges her bust as my eyes shift.  She finally says, “It is a deal.”

She quickly walks out of the bathroom and back towards the booth where John is sitting.  I can see John smiling at us.  He already has a glass of wine waiting for Jess as he stands up giving her a kiss and says, “Wow you look even more beautiful.”  He reaches down and hands her the glass of red wine and slips back into the booth after she sits down.   As she sits down I can taste more of their mixture soaking into me as she sits and wishing she would have cleaned me off a bit.  I see Jess taking a drink and setting the glass back down on the table and starts to chat with John.  A few minutes later John asks, “So what are you up too?  It looks like you’re up to something.”

Jess giggles, “Not really honey….I have a surprise for you later…”

John grins and looks back at Jess and says, “Ohhhh really…I can’t wait.”  He finishes his drink and asks, “Do you want to keep another glass of wine or do you want to dance again?”

As I watch knowing I am the gift that Jess is telling him his surprise is.  Wondering what is going to happen and getting nervous but excited.  I see Jess grab at his hand and dragging him back to the dance floor for a second time that night.  As it starts to feel like I am at an amusement park as I spin and float in the air.  After an hour of continuous dancing Jess’s sweat soaks into me as I feel her tip toe and whisper into John’s ear.  I assume after they stop dancing and John taking her hand and making their way towards the door she must have asked him to go back to the hotel.  I see John flag down a Taxi as I guess with it being so cold they didn’t want to walk back.  As soon as I hear the door close behind us I feel Jess pushing John’s hand down to the hem of me as his hand slips under me and to Jess’s soft bare leg.  John smiles and says, “Baby what has gotten into you tonight.  I love it!”  He leans into Jess and starts to kiss her neck working it down towards the top of her breasts.

I hear Jess tell John, “Don’t talk baby…”  I feel Jess gently pushing his hand up higher on her leg.  I feel her flick her head back as she moans louder as he moves to the top of her breasts.  I feel John’s hand move up between her thighs as he starts to rub my nose and mouth of her panties against her already soaked vagina.  Hearing Jess whimpering and moaning as he continues to work his fingers faster against her as Jess’s juices soak into me as I can taste her arousal.  As John shifts himself my vision is mostly blocked as he kisses between her breasts and around my soul locked in the pendant.  I then feel his large hard start to cup at her breast and I.  Jess smiles at the Taxi driver by looking at his reflection in the rear view mirror and whimpering “More!”

She parts her legs a little more to make it easier for John.  He rubs against me with his fingers faster.  I feel more of her juices soaking into me, before John slips me out of the way to get his fingers into her.   I feel him hesitating on my ties for Jess’s top.  I hear her whisper to John, “No I want to leave it on.”  Hearing her saying it a bit hesitantly between her pants and says, “I like this dress it turns me on wearing it.”  I feel him start to finger her and rub her clit harder as he hears that.  He starts to move his kisses, licks, and sucks down her neck.  Jess closes her eyes and softly moans from John rubbing her clitoris as hear breathing becomes ragged and her moans louder.  She starts to shudder as she starts to orgasm harder.  I feel the taxi cab stopping as Jess slowly realizes as she opens her eyes they are at their hotel.  As John shifts I can see the driver watching us and John with a bit smile on his face.  John slowly helps pull me back down as he leans over and gives her a quick kiss.

Feeling Jess slowly exiting the cab and John behind us asks, “So how much the fare is?”  Jess turning and watching John pay the driver and climbs out and leads her into the hotel.  Things move so fast as they start to kiss and cuddle once they make it back into the elevator and then the hallway towards their hotel room door.  I watch as John quickly opens the suite door and sweeps us into his arms and carries us into the suite and kicks the door shut.  He quickly moves into the bedroom and sets her down on the bed and lean forwards and softly kissing her.  Jess pushes him back playfully and reaches forwards and un-buckles his belt on his trousers, pulling them from the loops and throwing it to the floor.  She then stands up and starts to unbuttons his shirt with one hand as she unbuttons the trousers with her other hand.  John reaches behind her head and unties her dress and I flip forwards as I start to face myself and become blind to what is happening around me.  Feeling him taking one breast into his hand as he kisses her deeply and presses her back onto the bed as he positions himself between her legs and slowly lies down on top of her and starts to try to remove me, but I feel Jess stopping him.  I feel Jess pushing hands away from me and hastily ties the halter back up.

She then says between kisses, “I want to keep her on.”  She then pulls at his trousers and boxers down his legs and then breaks the embrace and scoots back on the bed.

John chuckles and responds back, “Keep her on?”  He crawls over to her and positions himself between her legs and I start to get more and more nervous as he gets closer and especially, because she said she to him.

Jess not realizing her verbal slip a moment ago looks confused and then smiles and says, “You hear us talking earlier?  How long have you known you big tease?”

John looks even more confused as I see him looking at Jess and replies back, “Ummm yes I heard you talking to your dress when you were getting ready.  She is such a lovely dress.”  As he plays along as he thinks she is being loopy from too much wine.

I feel Jess running her hands over my sides and say, “There you go Katie.  John knew all along.  So there is no need to be scared.”  I feel her start to life the hem of me as her petticoats and skirt up and then say, “You always did want a threesome sweetie.”  Shen then smiles and winks to John.

John smiles and laughs and says, “So she is a talking dress?  I have never seen a talking dress.  So how do I get her to talk?”  He starts to try and tickle her to see if she is still being loopy.  I am too nervous to say anything as he starts to tickle the both of us.

Jess tells me, “Come on Katie!”  She is over come with giggles and laughter as and adds, “Say something…”  I feel her scrunching me with her hand as she tries to get me to say something and fight John off with the other.

I struggle to hold back, but can’t as I start to giggle and say, “Stop it John please just stop it.”  Giggling as I struggle to from going mad.

I see John quickly stop and pull away as he hears me talking and asks Jess, “What…what was that Jess?”

Jess rolls her eyes and replies, “That was Katie.  Who do you think it was?”  She quickly goes to John and hugs him, but I feel him slightly pulling away and unsure of what to do or think.

He finally says, “I thought you were joking or loopy from the drinks.  I know you are into turning people into things, but I didn’t think you could really do that or actually had.”

Jess starts to blush and turn red and tells John, “I didn’t turn her into this…It just happened.  If found her in a shop up town.”

I finally chime in and say, “It is true John; Jess was kind enough to find all of me in the different shops that I somehow ended up in.  The strangest part is that I fit her perfectly like I was meant for her.  Then she was also kind enough to look online and showed me that I had died a few years ago.  It is kind of crazy going from a normal college girl to being an outfit hanging on a shop rack and having Jess find me hanging there.  I apologize that she had to spend so much money on me today to buy all of me and I felt really bad that she had no dress to wear tonight.  It also didn’t help that you saw what she got and couldn’t wear a different outfit.”

I watch John still looking at me confused and surprised, but seems to be taking it in so well though.  Suddenly I feel Jess hiking the skirt part of me up and exposing me as her panties as I’m soaked and taste all of her.  I then hear Jess tell John, “I want you inside me John.  Don’t worry about Katie she is just my clothes after all.  She can be quiet if you want.”  A broad smile spreads and she then says, “She could also let you know how much we both love you…Umm…”  Jess turns even redder before he finally says, “fucking me.”

I can’t believe what I am hearing from Jess about being just clothing.  Then seeing John smile and says, “So that is why you were so aggressive tonight.  I love it!”  He slowly positions himself between her legs against and then pushes me aside as he probably doesn’t know how much of me she is wearing of me.  I then hear John say, “So what exactly is she on you?”

Jess moans a little as she feels John entering her for the second time tonight and then tells me between the little gasps, “Tell him what you are Katie.”

I’m still a bit upset at the comment about me being just clothing, but I finally say happily, “I am everything she is wearing except the earrings.  I am her dress, panties, stockings, petticoat, and my soul is the pendant she is wearing.  I am also her lovely heels.”

I feel John starting to speed up a bit and start to undo her ties that hold me around her neck.  He quickly tells her, “Don’t worry I will keep her on you.  I just want to see your lovely breasts.”  He leans down and starts to suck and nibble on her nipples as starts to rub her breasts.

I can hear her gasping and whimpering as I can tell she is enjoying herself a lot.  Between gasps she finally manages to say, “Tell us how much you love being worn Katie.  Tell John how good his cock tastes and if you do it right I will have John play with your petticoat.”

Hearing her I am still a bit surprised, but slowly starting to break my spirit so I see myself as clothing and owned by  her as she uses the gift of pleasure and the felling of sexual release if I am a good outfit.  I finally say, “John I love being worn by Jess.  She makes feel sexy, because I make her sexy looking.  Your cock tastes amazing, especially mixed with her wetness.  I got to taste your mixture since the bar since you left a mess in her there.  Since my nose and mouth are in her panties I tasted you leaking from her.”  I am shocked that I said that, but know that is probably the only way I will get any pleasure or attention.

I hear John ask Jess, “What do you mean by giver her pleasure.  She is clothing?”  I feel him thrusting faster and harder into her.  He leans up and kisses her deeply and then moves back down her neck and towards her breasts and nipples.  He then reaches down and lifts her legs and uses them to drive harder into her.

Jess struggles to think and manages to blurt out, “The petticoat opening is her vagina.  When you put it on it is like fucking her.  It is kind of dirty, but very hot.”

I hear John moan and grunt and finally say, “I am getting close baby.  This is so hot that you have a talking dress.  So is that why you were out of breath earlier tonight?”

Jess is too lost in the pleasure and all she manages to say is, “Mmmmmmmm.”  I can feel her body responding to him as she must be getting close again.  I hear John let out a loud moan and grunt and thrusts hard and deep into her as his balls smack her ass.  I feel him pull out slightly and then starts to cum hard as his cum starts to fill her vagina and holds himself there.  Jess bite her bottom lip as she arches her back as she finally pushed over the edge.  She slowly falls back to the bed as John starts to soften and places more and more of his weight on her.  He slowly legs go of Jess’s legs, but keeps himself buried inside of her.

John looks into her eyes and kisses her softly and then says, “Wow that was an amazing threesome.  We will have to do it again sometime.”

Jess leans up and kisses him again before pushing John off her and smiles at him.  She reaches under her skirt and starts to untie the petticoat and lifts her bum and slides me off.   I see John settling back in as I flap up and down over Jess’s breasts.  She smiles at John and tries to hand me to John and says, “A promise is a promise.”

John looks at Jess confused and says, “You want me to wear this thing?”

Jess looks back at him quizzically and says, “Like it would be the first time?”  She then smiles and when she sees a smiles says, “Oh don’t be shy Katie won’t care if I make you dress up for me sometimes.  If you get her off I will wake you up with a nice blow job.”

He laughs and finally agrees and tells Jess, “You know the way to my heart.”  He reaches for me and slowly slides me over him as I feel his semi hard cock brushing against me as it still has their mixture on it and some ends up on me.  I feel his large frame running over my vagina as he slides me on.

I hear Jess giggle as she starts to finally flip me back up and cover her breast up with the halter portion of me so I can watch John wearing the petticoat portion of me.  Jess smiles down at me and says, “Oh you both look adorable together.”  She smiles broadly watching the red climb up John’s face until looks like the embarrassment might kill him.

John looks embarrassed and finally asks, “So what do I do with her”

I hear Jess burst out in a giggle and tell John, “Well if that hole is her vagina…What do you think you need to do with it babe.”  I can feel Jess’s hand slips down between her thighs as she starts to gently rub her vagina through the quite wet panties.  Jess finally asks me, “So how does he feel Katie?  Bigger than me I would bet.”

I feel those sensations growing quickly from John’s larger frame.  Feeling strange almost as I am having my own threesome with John as Jess watches us.  I feel Jess’s fingers rubbing against me harder and forcing my face nose and mouth against her wetness and vagina.  I feel myself soaking up their mixture further as John’s mess starts to run out of her faster and making it stranger I feel John running me over his waist and legs as my mind starts to become confused and unable to think straight from all the sensations.  John moving me up and down his body feel strange as I can feel the hair on his legs rubbing against me and the larger frame rubbing against different parts of me as he does it faster and faster.  I finally moan out, “MMMmmm god yesss.”  I hear both of them laugh at me as they can tell I am getting closer and closer.

Jess smiles with glee as John uses me and does so with such enthusiasm and demands almost, “Tell John how much you like him wearing your petticoat.”

I moan louder and louder as I feel myself getting closer and manage to say, “I…I…I love…it”

Jess leans back further and pushes me to the side with her fingers and she slips them into her freshly used vagina.  Hearing her let out a soft moan and says to me, “Tell him how pretty he looks wearing you.”

A little confused, but I don’t want him to stop I quickly tell him, He looks so pretty in me.  I love him wearing me and it feels sooo good.”

I can fee Jess getting closer again as she works her fingers into herself and moans filling the room.  She continues to watch John working me over his body.  I finally can’t hold back any more as John manages to push me over the edge as I cry out and moan from her panties.  Feeling far more intense than the ones I have had with Jess not knowing if it is from his size or the 3 of us being in the room together.  John finally slow down and just drops me to the floor not even bothering to pick me up and slips back into bed with Jess.  Jess starts to tease the two of us by saying, “D’awwwww you took her off, maybe next time you can wear her to bed.  She teases and pokes at him as John undoes my straps on her shoes and drops them to the floor next to the bed as I thud on the hard carpet.

I finally speak up, “Hey now you’re not being very nice to me John.  You are just tossing me to the floor.”

I hear Jess sigh and then starts to unclip the suspenders from my stockings and roll them down her legs and says, “I will clean you and put you away tomorrow ok Katie…It is getting late and I need to sleep ok?”  Without even waiting for me to respond she just bunches me up and drops me down next to my heels.

I finally respond, “Yea, but I am a person you can’t just toss me around like that.  It isn’t very nice.  Can’t you put me on the chair and I can’t believe I am going to say this, but the closet.”

I hear John chuckle and whisper, “I can’t believe she think she is a person look at her.

I hear him whisper to Jess, “Is she serious she looks like clothing?”

Jess quickly unties the halter and unzips the side of me and lifts me over her hand and balls me up a little and does her best to throw me to the chair, which I hit somewhat haphazardly.  Then she says, “Happy?”  She slips the earrings off and drops them on the bedside cabinet.

Hearing John laughing as I am tossed he then asks Jess, “I think I have one more left in me if you want another go.”  He leans in kissing Jess and running his hands over her sides.

Jess unhooks the suspender belt and halfheartedly throws it towards the chair, it misses and lands on the floor and then slowly slips off her panties and hands them to John smiling and saying, “Sure we can go again sweetie, but only if you put these on until morning.  Deal?”

John looks at her and says, “Do you want me to wear her during or can I put her on afterwards?  It might be kind of hard to wear her and fucking you at the same time.  We can toss her on the floor until I need them.”

Jess rolls her eyes and replies back, “As long as they are on you when you go to sleep.”  She roles over and looks towards the chair and asks me, “You don’t mind do you Katie?”

I quickly reply back, “Ummmm yes I kind of do.  He will probably stretch me out and I will never fit your right.”

I realize Jess doesn’t like that answer and yells, “Fine!”  She snatches the panties away from John and slings them across the room towards the chair and then she rolls over onto John wearing nothing, but the pendant containing my heart and soul.

John places his hands on her hips and starts to help side himself into her again.  I hear him rubbing salt in the wound by saying, “She is being kind of ungrateful to you right now for all that you have done for her today.

Jess starts to move her hips up and down as she begins to ride John’s cock and quickly replies, “Well she got you out from having to wear panties…I thought you would be glad.”

He then says, “Yea, but I think she upset you though.  Even though she doesn’t want me to…if you do I will wear her for you.”  He smiles hoping that might cheer her up as he rests his hands on her hips and starts to thrust up.  He reaches up and starts to cup and work her breasts in his hands and working her nipples.  He then finally adds, “Plus she has to learn her place that you are in charge.”

Jess replies back finally, “She is right.  You will likely stretch her out.”  She finally manages to get that out.

John quickly tells her, “Ok, but I would have worn them for you if you wanted me to.”  John leans forwards and kissing her.  I can feel myself swaying between her breasts as she rides John’s large hard cock.  John grabs at her waist and bum and uses that to take her harder.

I feel Jess shuttering as she is driven to her umpteenth orgasm today as she holds on to my heart and soul in her hand.  I feel strange as she holds me I can feel the energy surging through me as if I was having an orgasm with her making me feel the pleasure with her.  I feel Jess climbing off of John and slipping his softening and cum covered into her mouth as she starts to clean him off.  After a few minutes she lays back on the bed next to him utterly exhausted.  She says loudly, “Good Night Katie.”  She then leans over and kisses John softly on the cheek and whispers, “Night Babe.

John then says, “Good night sweetie…thanks for being the best wife ever.  He leans down and kisses her softly and pulls her into his arms as she falls asleep in her husband arms and I am scattered across the room disorganized and covered in their fluids.  Unsure of what lies ahead of me as Jess’s outfit.

The End…for now..

5 thoughts on “Blue Dress part 6

    • That is very true. Power can get to people’s heads though she might just have gotten this way after a very long day. Though I guess I am just clothing now. Also doesn’t help John pushes her to see it that way too.

      • Yea he pushing her into that way and she probably just little drunk too probably that making her feel that she has power over her now ;o wonder if there be more to this and maybe once she gets up figures out what happen maybe then she feel bad what happened

        • Guess I will have to figure that out. This was actually based on a roleplay that Jessica and I did. So maybe that could spark a new roleplay to continue it lol. I forgot about her being drunk too, that could have easily help her become drunk with power lol.

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