Blue Dress part 5

I can see Jess grin and then smile into the mirror as she turns her head to look at John.   Jess responds back without really thinking thing through, “Nope it is just me in here.”  I can see in the reflection John smiling and then close the door behind himself.

I quickly become quiet as John approaches Jess and wraps his arms around her waist from behind and says, “You were amazing out there and looked so sexy spinning and twirling in that outfit.  I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you.”  He leans in and gives her neck a few soft kisses as he works towards her face and then her soft lips.  He continues with the kiss and pulls her into him further.  I feel something poking at us as I am forced to watch in the mirror as they start to make out in the bathroom.  Jess starts to eagerly kiss him back in response.  Even lifting one of her legs to wrap it around him as his hand slips under me and grabbing her bare thigh.  Jess starts to push him towards one of the stalls as nothing but lust is driving her now.  Not even bothering to say anything to me though she probably couldn’t if she wanted too.  I start to get worried as I told Jess I didn’t want her to have any sex with me in the room and of course not wearing me.    Hearing the lock on of the cubicle door clicking behind me as John must have locked it.  Feeling John pushing her against the door as move his hand up and down her leg as it moves over me as her stockings.  It moves higher and higher with each pass as I feel her starting to soak me further as her panties.  Hearing them making out above me as I taste he sweet juices soaking into me.

I hear a zipper sound around me as I feel Jess fumbling with her his zipper and button as she finally manages to get them undone.  I hear her working at setting his manhood free from his underwear.  I hear John letting out a moan as she must have free him as he says, “Mmmmmm, honey what has gotten into you.  I love whatever it is.  I just came in here to sneak a few kisses from you and you shove me into a bathroom cubicle and get my pants off.”  He reaches down and slips his hand under the hem of me and slips two fingers inside of me and into Jess’s warm hot vagina as he starts to kiss Jess back.

Jess breaks the kiss and responds, “I’m just so turned on right now.”  She smiles at him and starts the kiss again as she lets out a small moan as she feels him slipping her finger in and out of her.  She finally finds his penis and starts to stroke it and can’t wait any longer.  She moans out, “Take me John…Here and now!”  The drinks and the excitement of the situation taking over for Jess as she forgets the no sex deal she made with me.  He quickly slips his fingers from Jess’s vagina and breaks the kiss.  He doesn’t hesitate as he takes his penis and slips it against me as her panties into her soaked vagina.  I am very mad as she breaks the promise that we had made as I thought she knew I had feeling, though I have found myself enjoying it as well.  I feel Jess’s breath quickening as he slips into her.  I feel Jess’s back against the door to brace herself as John holds her one leg as she wraps it around his back and wraps her other leg around him as well.  I feel John’s cock slipping past me faster as more of Jess’s juices soak into me as she starts to kiss him passionately.

I feel John grabbing her ass with both hands through me as uses that for leverage to help move her up and down his penis faster and harder.  He lets go of her leg though Jess keeps it there as he loosens the top of me as the dress so he can get at her breasts.  He starts to cup them and work them in his hand as my vision goes black since I am facing myself with my eyes in each cup.  I still feel his hand on her ass as he continues to pump into her.  Feeling my soul bouncing and swaying as Jess is taken faster and harder by John.

Jess is overcome by how turned on she is by the fact she is having sex in public and that her dress is actually a girl her first orgasm comes pretty quickly.  Hearing her gasping and moaning as John’s speeds up bouncing her on his cock.  He keeps kissing her as she orgasms on his cock.  He quickens his pace even faster as her pussy grabs at his penis trying to milk him for his cum.  He starts to kiss at her neck and working his mouth towards her breasts.  Feeling my body pressed against him as Jess’s stockings as she holders herself close to him.  Feeling violated as I continue to soak in her juices, but also very turned on that I am part of their love making.  After a few more minutes I feel Jess having another orgasm taking hold of her body as I feel him stiffen against me as he starts to ejaculate into her and continues to drive into her.  He slows down and slowly lowers her to the floor and Jess seems to be carefully holding her skirt and petticoat as he withdraws from her.  As I feel myself as her panties pressed snuggly against her. 

She finally re-ties the halter neck as I regain my vision as she smiles up at him and slowly sinks to her knees.  She then gently takes the tip of his penis into her mouth.  I hear John gasping as she takes his cock into her mouth and says, “Ohhh honey you are too good to me.”  As I am disgusted as their mixture starts to soak into me further as I can taste and smell it as she works her mouth at cleaning his penis.  Once she finishes she gives it a little lick before tucking him away and zipping him back up as she ushers him out of the cubicle.  Once Jess is alone she uses a little toilet paper to quickly clean herself up a little, but noticing she is a little too late. 

Once I hear the door behind John close behind him I quickly ask, “Jess I thought you weren’t going to have sex with me on or at the very least the same room.”  Hoping there isn’t someone else in the bathroom with us.  Even though I thought it was a bit hot, but feeling very violated as I feel their mixture still coating me. 

Jess starts to blush above me as she looks down at me and says, “I know Katie…But the wine…and the dancing…and the fact that I am wearing you means me soooo…” as she stops talking and turning bright red.

I quick respond back, “Are you telling me that I am making you horny.  It is almost like you are enjoying that I am your outfit and like that you now own me and wearing me.”  I feel a bit bad as I say it.

I start to hear and feel her tears dripping down on to me as Jess sniffles and says, “Oh I am so sorry Katie.  I couldn’t help myself.  It felt so magical.”  As her make up starts to run on her face.

I feel bad as she apologizes to me as I slowly tell her, “Oh I am sorry.  I didn’t mean to blow up on you.  I am just very confused and scared right now.  I felt a bit violated, but I am sure if I could I would turned a bit red, because I may have enjoyed being part of the two of yours special moment.”  Hoping that I don’t regret tell her that.

I see her looking around before say, “We are alone, do you want me to play with your petticoat to make up for it.

Feeling almost like a bribe, but not wanting to upset her further I respond, “Really I ask?  You don’t have to if you don’t want to.  I know you thought it was a bit weird last time.”  I feel her lifting her skirt of her dress up and untying the strings to the petticoat of me.  I feel her fingers run along the opening before she slides me down to her knees and back up.  I let out a gasp and whimper as I feel her moving me up and down.  Trying my best not to make any noise in case someone comes in, but I still hear the moans and whimpers coming from me.

As she continues to move me up and down she asks, “Isn’t this worth a bit of humiliation Katie?”

To wrapped up in the pleasure to think straight as she tries to justify her having sex with me on by pleasuring me all I can do is moan, “Yesss…I guess it is.”  I feel her moving me faster and making sure to rub me a bit more against her soft skin as I give her the answer she is looking for.

She slips in as she continues my sexual bliss by telling me, “You know Katie…” as Jess speeds up, “John is much bigger than me, maybe he could do this for you sometime.”

Confused as why Jess would bring this up, but too much pleasure to argue at the moment, “What are you getting at Jesss…you mean letting him wear me.  Wouldn’t that be kind of strange for you to see him wearing women’s clothing and strange for him to wear me.”  I start to let out moan moans and squeaks struggling to maintain my composure as I get closer and closer to the edge as she finally drive me over the edge as I start to orgasm.  “Ohhh my god,” I moan out loud.

She doesn’t bother saying anything as she quietly smiles and slips me back into place and ties me back into place after I orgasm.  She smiles and says, “Oh no silly, just the petticoat.

Still in a high I agree with her by responding, “I guess we could maybe try that sometime.”  A bit unsure of why she would want John to wear me.  Thinking how quickly I have come to terms with being just a dress and to all my friends and family I am dead.

I feel Jess checking herself in in the cubicle to make sure everything is in the right places, before she leaves and heads to the mirror to reapply and fix her makeup.  I see her start to run some water in the sink before cupping her hand a few times as she swishes it in her mouth and spitting it into the sink to get rid of the old taste of John from her mouth.  As I watch I finally break the ice by saying, “I still can’t believe you just had sex in a bathroom.  Not sure if it is ok that I was kind of turned on from it or should feel disgusted.”  I start to giggle a bit and then realizing I can still taste John on the panties as it starts to dry a bit.

I see her smiling at me in the mirror as she says, “Well…he does really like you and maybe we could find out together later.”

Wondering what she means by that I ask, “What do you mean later?  Are you planning on having sex with him again with me on later?”  As I am sure she can hear the nervousness in my voice and feeling wrong as I kind hope she does.

I see Jess putting her hands on her hips and stare at her chest and respond, “I thought you said you were a little turned on.”  She sighs and slumps her arms and continues, “I guess it isn’t fair on you if I make you be there…”

Not wanting to upset Jess I reply, “I was turned on, but it also kind of feels wrong to watch it and all.  It is like I am invading your privacy or something.”  I can see the disappointment in her face as Jess pouts back into the mirror.

Jess quickly responds back without thinking, “How can you invade my privacy?  You’re not even a person…”  As the words escape her mouth a bit more harshly that she had wanted as she says, “wait…I didn’t mean that Katie.  I just that you’re only an outfit…No I mean…I don’t know what I mean,” as tears start to well up in her eyes.

I hear those words come from her mouth and I quickly get pissed and yell, “ bitc…” as I stop myself.  I regain my composure and continue, “I guess you are kind of right.  I am just an outfit now at least that is what everyone sees.  Are you saying maybe I should act like now since there is no way back?  It kind of makes sense that I should do that and would probably be easier for both of us and the world.”

I see a tear finally run down Jess’s face and smearing some of her mascara as she tells me, “I am sorry Katie…I mean how does an outfit “act” anyways.  I was just being selfish.”

I feel bit badly for how I have acted so far as I respond, “I think that is just it.  I used to be a mean, spoiled rich bar.  I used to make fun of people and act like I was always the best.  Maybe this is my punishment….making others look better since I always thought I was better than everyone.  You weren’t being selfish you were being human.  “I guess an outfit “acts” like an outfit by making you look very hot and sexy.  I am guessing it must have worked, because John was all over us.”  Giggling as I try and cheer Jess up.  I then add, “I was turned on by the way with being part of your fun and being my first time having bathroom sex.  You have been so kind to me so far with spending all that money on me to get all of me and I should be grateful that you bought me.  I am sure most other women that would have shopped in those stores wouldn’t have even cared and would have treated as just clothing.  You have been kind of enough to care.”

Jess finally chimes in, “Just wearing you turns me on…I can’t believe I am wearing something used to be alive.  I mean is a live…”

Giggling as I reply back, “It is fine.  You know that I am not alive anymore.  Plus you are wearing my should on your neck right now.  Who knows maybe that is the side effect of wearing me?  Maybe you get horny wearing me?”

I see Jess start to repair her makeup once again and ask, “Do you think you could…”she stops and then says, “No that is too much, forget I said anything.”

Unsure if I should, but I do ask, “Could what…?” 

to be continued…

Note:  This was supposed to be the last part, but due to the material I have left I have decided to make one more chapter.  It will probably be shorter than the rest, but hopefully you will enjoy it.  It should be posted hopefully in the next week or two.  I already knocked out half a page of it.

8 thoughts on “Blue Dress part 5

  1. I have started working on the last part. I know this was supposed to be the last part, but wanted to get it out the door and there was a bit more material than I thought. I hope you enjoy this part and as I have stated already I have started the next part and have about half a page done and out of around 2 to 3 pages in word. Again enjoy and please let me know what you think.

  2. Sorry everyone life has gotten busy again, but I will work on it again soon. I feel like I always make promises and don’t keep them here. I made 3 new caps this afternoon and hope you enjoy them. I don’t know when this last chapter will be done, but I want to work on it soon.


  3. Sorry everyone I thought I was going to finish up the story today, but the material I thought I had saved was not there. I lost about a page and half of what I wrote a week or two ago and now have to re-write it. I apologize and hope to re-write that stuff today instead the last of what I had. I hope to have this posted soon!

    • I worked on it a bit today, but to many interruptions from my roommates. I will try and work on it again tomorrow. Sorry again for the delay 😦 working my best to finish the last chapter.

    • I feel bad how I keep saying I will be done soon. My goal is to either finish it tonight or tomorrow evening and maybe another day or two to have some people look it over. I have about 4 pages from the original roleplay, which is a lot of comments. So baring anything major I should be done before the end of the weekend. *Crosses fingers*

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