A porcelain prison (day one hundred and twenty four)

Part seven of my tale about the unforunate Dr. Black.  I will respond to comments in character, feel free to ask questions or suggest things to Natasha, Dr. Black or Dr. Grey. You never know, it might influence the next installment.These are the scientific notes of Dr. Jacob Black, written by his assistant Natasha Rubina due to Dr. Black’s current status.

Day 124
Dr. Black – It took Natasha a few more weeks to come and rescue me, when she did come she was in a bulky wheelchair and there was a strange man with her. First Natasha scanned me and then between them they drained me of water, uninstalled me and dismantled me. I was feeling very scared, my cistern ached with the emptiness, and being in pieces made me unable to speak. Natasha and the man then put all of my pieces into the wheelchair, I then heard sounds of the man screaming, Natasha talked to him for a while then she sat down in the wheelchair and we made our escape. Once at Natasha’s home she carried all of my pieces up stairs and installed me in her bathroom I have been here for over a week, Natasha cleans me everyday, talks to me while she has a bath and flushes me regularly. She has not used me as a toilet although I have told her I would not mind, as my time in the ladies room has left me with no delusions what the purpose of my form is for.

Kathy – Natasha has been calling me Kathy for a little while now, that coupled with Katie as my counterpart has made this month a lot more tolerable. In between days when we are worn Katie and I talk about things while on the floor of Natasha’s closet, Katie also decided that we should play a game. When Natasha wears us we see who can stay quiet the longest, I always lose but I made it all the way home without talking last time, I didn’t know that the game kept going until one of us broke the silence. I’m sure I can beat her next time.

Natasha – I took a guy named Chris into the executive ladies room with me when I went to rescue Dr.Black. As we uninstalled him and stowed him in the wheelchair we took with us, we realised when he was not whole he lost the power of speech. After transforming Chris into the replacement and installing him I decided to leave one of the screws out of the top of his cistern. I explained to him I would carry it with me and that I would screw it back in on the rare occasions I checked in on him, but the risk of him giving himself away was far too dangerous.

After returning home I plumbed in Dr. Black in my upstairs bathroom, I think we were both relieved when he got his speech back. It is helpful to have the Dr. in my home, since he is now on hand to help me with any questions that I have about the machine. I must admit that it took me a few days to get used to him being in the room when I was taking a bath, but all I need to do is remind myself that he is always looking straight up from his bowl and cannot see my nudity. I have also not been able to bring myself to use him, mainly because of the embarrassment at the idea he would see my vagina.

I have also decided to expand on the uses of the machine, I could use it for common good, by transforming abusive spouses and violent criminals into harmless objects.


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9 responses to “A porcelain prison (day one hundred and twenty four)

  1. Natasha: I’m pleased to hear that your rescue mission was a success. it would be a shame if that screw was ever lost. Dr. Black seems to have accepted his new shape. This may or may not be healthy, but as it is his choice you should accept it and use him. If I ever manage to tear myself away for that visit I certainly would.

    The idea of using the machine for justice can be a slippy one. While I do support it over other forms of vigilante justice, you need to be careful when acting as judge and jury.

    Dr. Black: I’m pleased to hear you are free. Do you find yourself missing the variety of tushes that sat on you while you were installed in a public bathroom?

    Kathy: Keep it up, you’ll win that game yet.. if you want to cheat.. ask Natasha to replace your insole with a new softer one.. You’ll win the quiet game forever.

    • Natasha – I am keeping the screw in my safe at my home.

      I have thought about using Dr. Black a couple of times, but the idea of him seeing me exposed really puts me off. Wouldn’t it make you feel even a little bit embarrassed to know that he was watching as you used him?

      I was thinking of doing the transformations to people who have been convicted.

      Dr. Black – I only miss a few of the girls that used me, if Natasha doesn’t want to use me, I guess I will just have to live with the fact that I will never see a woman in that way again.

      Kathy – I do not think that I want to cheat.

      • To answer your question, it might be a little embarrassing, but that feeling of exposure also makes it a little bit hot. I think I would be squirming and quivering on poor Dr. Black.

    • Alice, Please don’t give Cathy any ideas. I heard Tasha reading your email to her. That isn’t very fair. Besides Kathy hasn’t quite learned to control the sensations.

  2. Kathy has no chance in beating me. She hasn’t fully embraced the life of being just a heel and embrace the pressure and turn it in a pleasurable one. That or maybe since he was a guy it might be a bit harder for him having something slipped into than it is for me. Who knows maybe something of his is constantly being stepped on.

    Though between me and everyone but him, I mainly do the game to keep him quiet and to stop being annoying. Since I am with him a lot his voice can become a bit aggravating all the time. So the game helps with hearing nothing or the click click click of us on the ground. Everyone please don’t tell him I told you all of this.

  3. One other thing I think I do regret being so anxious to be something other than me I wish I could have thought about being that SIM card that was offered a few weeks ago. Guess I can’t go back, but make sure you think about what you want to become and be certain. Otherwise you might end up with a Cathy Kathy like I have.

  4. Tasha: Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Something has come up that changes things.

    (In other words im me when you have a moment and we are both online)

  5. Just wondering if when we might see the next part of this :D.

  6. Bryan

    Love this series!! Any plans to continue it further?

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