A porcelain prison (day eighty nine)

Part six of my tale about the unforunate Dr. Black.  I will respond to comments in character, feel free to ask questions or suggest things to Natasha, Dr. Black or Dr. Grey. You never know, it might influence the next installment.These are the scientific notes of Dr. Jacob Black, written by his assistant Natasha Rubina due to Dr. Black’s current status.

Day 89
Natasha – it has been a very busy few weeks for me, first I met with a girl who wanted me to own her so much she actually paid me two thousand dollars and signed all of her belongings over to me. I would have kept her for a few hundred, but you know what they say about looking a gift horse in the mouth. During our meeting I suggested she became the other shoe of Dr. Grey’s pair, she was not very enthusiastic at first. But after I allowed her to chat with the Dr. she agreed to do it, with a few odd conditions. The next day I scanned the shoe into the machine and transformed her into a perfect copy of it. Knowing that the transformation was painful I had offered her some pain relief, she refused it saying that she wanted the full experience. She watched in awe as her legs fused together becoming the block heel, I think that she attempted to touch it, but her arms had already started to form into the ankle strap and buckle. Without any of her limbs to aid her balance she toppled over onto her side and began to cry as her body twisted and shrank to become the high heel. Once Katie was complete I slipped my foot into her and secured her strap around my ankle, as I have learned from Dr. Grey that I need to break her in straight away. I am unsure whether she likes being my heel or not, even after wearing her for a week (feel free to write a section in the comments, Katie).

I have had to leave Dr. Black in the executive ladies room while I get the things I need to replace him and sneak him out. The plan is simple, first I get my leg put on into plaster, I then need a wheel chair built in such a way that I can smuggle out a semi dismantled toilet and finally I will need a replacement toilet that is identical to the Dr. So far I am struggling to buy a toilet that looks similar enough, but once I find one or have a volunteer to replace him I will be ready to get him out of there. Until then I will continue to visit him every day.

Dr. Grey – I am starting to get used my new life as a ladies high heeled shoe, the addition of Katie as the other shoe to my pair has made everything a little easier for me. Both Katie and Natasha have been trying to make me think in a more feminine way and I have been trying my best, but I think that I really need a new name as Andrew really does not suit me in my present state.

Dr. Black – Spending yet another month installed here in this stall has been horrific. The only thing keeping me sane are the daily meetings with Natasha, she always brings some toilet cleaning products and freshens me up while we talk. But more importantly she looks into my bowl, seeing a human face is becoming quite rare for me. It’s either Natasha, the janitor or sometimes a woman being sick into me. The worst part is how used to the tastes of urine and feces I am becoming, by no stretch of the imagination could I be considered to like it, but I do not fear it being in my bowl anymore. Hopefully I won’t have to worry shortly, as I think that Natasha will smuggle me out soon.

21 thoughts on “A porcelain prison (day eighty nine)

  1. Hello again Natasha, I was worried that you had gotten caught or something. It is a shame you cannot simply use your new found money and goods to bribe a member of maintenance to swap the good doctor out.

    Have you found someone who could become an electronic device for you yet?

    Doctor Black: I know that becoming acclimated to your new surroundings can be seen as scary, but don’t worry. You are getting stronger. Rather than being incapacitated by a bowel movement now you can maintain your clarity of thought. You are overcoming this ignoble form and I know that you will continue to adapt and overcome.

    Doctor Grey: I’m glad that adding a companion has helped you to feel a bit better. I hesitate to suggest going by simply Drew as that would be a bit cliche. Might I suggest Kathy. So you two cute shoes could be Katie and Kathy.

    Katie: How is your new form and your new life? I would love to hear what you think of your choice to become a shoe.

    • Alice: It isn’t quite what I thought it would be. It took a long while to deal with the pain and having no control over my body. After a week or so I started to enjoy it, though it can be a bit dull when Tasha doesn’t wear us and we never know where we will be kept. Sometimes in the closest in the dark and others laying on the floor next to the bed while Natasha and her Boyfriend go at it not even bothering to apologize. Sorry…guess I am not quite used to being a heel yet. I know most people don’t talk to their shoes.

      • No need to apologize, I find the perspective on becoming an object quite fascinating. I understand that doctor grey has started to get along better now that you are are. Did you warm to him because he’s part of your pair, or has he become more personable?

        Anyway, I would love to hear all of your thoughts when you can record them.

    • Natasha – Hello miss Alice, luckily a volunteer has been found to replace the Dr. I am still searching for someone to be an electronic device.

      Dr. Black – Thank you for your kind words of support, but I still do not have much clarity of thought when I am being used. I tend to find myself getting a little excited about the fact that when they finish they will flush me.

      Dr. Grey – I think that I could live with the name Kathy, I will need to ask Katie first.

      • Natasha I’m sure that someone will pop up happy to be a tablet or a lap top very soon, after all someone did volunteer to be a toilet. I’m sure that being a computer is a much nicer exsistance than a toilet.

        Dr. Black it’s progress, and that is the important thing. A step on the path.

        • Natasha – you are a very helpful young lady miss Alice, full of information, advice and ideas. Perhaps you could be the first, you could be a mobile phone for me. That way you would always be on hand to help out.

          • An interesting offer Natasha, but it seems a bit limiting, given the progress you’ve made so far at altering people.. And mobiles need upgradeing so often..

              • That still seems rather.. small.. and vulnerable. I have people here who rely on me, and I would like to hear more from those who have chosen to change before I could possibly take the plunge myself.

                • I am kind of jealous if you get to be a SIM Card. I have always wanted to be a cell phone, but was always worried about being obsolete after a year or so. If I would have known that I would have volunteered to be her SIM Card.

                  Being her one heel is ok. Like I said before it can be boring be just tossed into a dark closet or left on a floor not worn when she goes to work with out me. Yea, I can talk to Dr Grey…I mean Kathy. Guess I made the choice.

                  I also notice that she seems to have more of my money than we agreed upon, but guessing I gave her power of atterny over me she does have full control over my assets and sold a bunch of my items she didn’t want. I even noticed some of my clothing and shoes next to me. I am a bit jealous of them for some reason too when she wears them over me.

                  • I’m sorry that your experience is being somewhat unfulfilling Katie. At this point I’ll have to comment that you did become a shoe and it might be a bit tough for you to manage your own fiances..

                    Natasha, I would love to visit sometime, not saying I agree to transformation, but it sounds like you are doing some amazing work and I would love to get a better handle on it.

      • To Natasha ~ for your tests. Am beginning to think that maybe you should find women who need to get rid of problem boyfriends and husbands. That way you can continue the testing and provide a valuable service.

        To Dr Black ~ in your situation there are few positives, but you could still have a purpose as a lavatory. If you took notice of the tastes and textures of the waste, with enough training you could do a stool and urine examination for your owner after Natasha helps you escape.

        To Dr Grey & Katie ~ personally I think you would both be better off thinking of yourselves as high heels. Names seem a little silly, why not just call yourselves left shoe and right shoe, after all that is all that you are now.

        • To Jessica,

          I was a bit upset at how you thought I should be thinking of myself as high heels and not having a name. Though after thinking about it I guess that makes sense. If someone saw me they would think I am just a shoe in a pair of high heels. I wonder what Natasha thinks we should be treated that way. I did tell Dr Grey…I meant Kathy that she was just a shoe when I had my meeting with Natasha to discuss becoming her other heel. I am again curious what Natasha thinks about this comment.

          • Natasha – I like the idea of using the machine to help vulnerable women with abusive men.

            As for calling Katie and Kathy shoe, I can understand the logic and agree to an extent. But it seems a little bit too cruel.

            Dr. Grey – I actually think that being addressed as shoe could be good for me, Katie and Natasha. Twice now, Natasha has worn us while on dates with her boyfriend. The first time she had the presence of mind to take us off when she got home and had sex, and we listened while discarded on the bedroom floor. The next time she never even remembered to take us off before they started… The next morning was embarrassing for everyone when she gave us her apologies. Thinking about it now it seems weird for a grown woman to find the need to say sorry to a pair of high heels for having some fun.

            Dr. Black – The idea of having a proper purpose would be great. But I am worried about your terminology, you called Natasha my owner…

  2. Natasha- I can see you are OK taking volunteers to be transformed. As you are struggling to find a toilet that looks similar enough to Dr. Black, I would be more than happy to volunteer to take his place as the toilet in the ladies executive restroom. Just let me know when you are ready to make the switch, and I will be ready and willing to be transformed!

    • Natasha – the Dr will be so relieved to hear that we have a volunteer, do you require any form of payment?

      I do need to check that you understand that I may not come to check up on you like I do with Dr. Black. Also are you sure you will be able to keep quiet when you are being used?

      • No form of payment would be necessary. Dr. Black is a brilliant man who can accomplish many great things. I am very impressed by his body of work and have always admired him. I would be honored and would consider it a privilege to help out in any way possible to save him from his current situation.

        As for checking on me and keeping quiet while being used, neither would be an issue. Dr. Black was/is a colleague of yours, so I understand why you check on him. I would not expect the same treatment. I will serve as a toilet should.

          • I won’t lie. The thought does scare me, but I feel it will be more than worth it if I can help the Dr. out of his current situation, thus allowing him to continue his work.

            I am also hopeful and confident that if the Dr. is saved from his current situation and given sufficient amount of time, he will come up with a solution on how to turn back and, hopefully, will turn me back as well…

  3. Dear Dr. Black,

    I’m sure that you’ve had more than a few attractive women use you. How do you reconcile being attracted to them while they use you?


    P.S. Before the accident, were you an ass or a breast man? Has your experience changed that?

    • Dr. Black – For the first few weeks I must admit that there were a few very attractive women that sat down on me only to urinate or deficate into my bowl. When I was first installed I craved them, especially since I had an unobstructed view of their vagina, but over time I have been forced to acknowledge that the taste of the waste of a great looking woman is just as bad as the waste from an ugly one.

      I have always loved breasts, but I have not seen any since the change.

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