Blue Dress part 4

I feel Jessica’s breasts bounce a little as I try to keep them somewhat secure.  Since they are bouncing this causes my vision to bounce up and down as she scampers down the stairs towards the taxi.  I feel the cool night air and breeze around me.  I notice that it is cold, but it doesn’t actually feel uncomfortable since I am guessing I am no longer alive.  Feeling the cool breeze blow my skirt around her as it must feel cold on her bare skin.  I watch as John opens the door for Jessica as she slides into the car I feel the pendant portion of me sliding across her chest between her breasts until she are fully upright again.  I hear John run around and get in the car on the other side and place his arm around her and me.  Feeling him pulling her closer to him as she rests her head on his on shoulder as he caresses her shoulders as we.

After a quite a long taxi riding listing to them chat we finally get to their hotel in London.  John pays the driver as they both get out of the car.  John takes the bags from the trunk of the taxi as Jessica slips out and stands on the pavement, the wind blows my skirt section all over the place as she attempts to hold me down.  I notice the very nice and luxurious hotel and I am a bit confused why we are stopping at the hotel.  Some reason the whole time I thought we were going dancing in their home town.  I whisper to Jessica, “I thought we were going dancing.  Why are we at some hotel?”  I feel her shivering as she waits for John.

She whispers back, “We are going dancing in London, but we don’t live there and it is a long drive.”  She quickly quiets down as John makes her way back to her with their luggage.  I feel myself still being blown around as she makes her way with John to the front door of the lobby.  She says to John, “I will wait here as you check in.”  I watch him walk away and then she says to me, “Are you ok?”

I respond back, “Yes, I am fine.  It is strange how it is cold, but I don’t feel cold.  I guess I didn’t know you London.  I just assumed you were going dancing around your town.  I have always wanted to go and visit Europe and see the sites.  Guess I won’t be able to do that since I’m just an outfit.  One question though, why are we at a hotel?  You could have gotten a taxi home.”

She giggles and says, “It is a weekend away and we are dropping off our luggage before we go dancing.  Also you can still go site seeing Katie, I can take you on holiday with us all the time.  How is it so far being worn?”  She smiles down at me as she says that.

I respond back, “I hope I don’t get in the way of your weekend.  I really love how nice you are and that you would be willing to go on holiday with me.  Plus I guess that would be cheaper than if I actually went on holiday here.  As for being worn it is very interesting, but fun so far I guess.  I can feel each time you inhale and exhale and it feels like I am giving you a big hug since I’m wrapped around you.  Your breasts are pushing on the back of my eyes so my vision changes each time you adjust your dress or your breasts bounce.  Plus I felt you get a little damp on the ride over as you two flirted.”  Knowing I would be blushing if I could.

She blushes a bit and says, “Is it wrong I am getting a bit turned on by wearing you.  I mean look at us.”  She moves towards a large mirror in the foyer.  “You are such a sexy outfit Katie and everything is perfect…but the shoes are spectacular,” she adds. I feel her toes wiggling a bit inside of me.

I slow tell her, “I don’t think it is, but I do feel a bit guilty listening you two talk and flirt to each other.  I can hear what you are saying and that feels wrong.  There is also a part of me for some reason enjoys listening to the two of you in love.  It was also a bit strange being sandwich between the two of you as you cuddle on the car ride.  Even now people are walking by us as you look at us in the mirror and not even paying attention to us.  They just see a sexy and lovely woman looking at herself in the mirror and not that woman wearing some girl that is dead.  I do like that I am helping make you look perfect.  Please stop wiggling your cute toes because it tickles.”  Feeling her continuing to wiggle her toes and start to gently swaying to make me rustle.

In a playful tone she says, “What will you do to stop me Miss Katie?”

Giggling uncontrollable as she keeps wiggling her toes, but I finally manage to say,”Ummm I don’t know.  Maybe I won’t talk to you anymore.”  Feeling myself rustling around her legs as she keeps showing me how helpless I am now.  I feel her start to gently rub her legs together teasing me more as she sees John coming out of the elevator.  I feel myself start to dampen as she rubs her legs together as she becomes a bit aroused teasing me.  I start to taste her as she sees heading towards us.

She finally says, “Ok you win” She giggles and walks over to john.

He looks her over and smiles and says, “Ok then Jessie, the cases are in our room and now we can hit the town.”  He leans down and gives her a little kiss as I feel myself being pressed between the two of them.  Feeling him step back and takes her hand and leads her back outside into the cold.  I feel myself being blown around as her as she tries to keep me in place as she walks to go dancing.  They walk a few blocks to the club as I keep getting blown up and exposing Jessica and I guess me as her panties to the public.  Once they get there they get into the queue outside and slowly making their way towards the door.  I can tell she is cold as she shivers as we slowly move as I provide very little protection to the cool evening breeze.  I feel myself being blow up exposing us to the people in the queue for the next 10 minutes as we wait.  Once we get to the door I see John pays their admission as Jessica scampers through the door to the ladies room to warm up and check her makeup.

She smiles into the mirror looking us over and grabs her lipstick from her purse and says, “Are you ok Katie?”

She starts to touch up her lipstick in the mirror as I respond, “Yea I am fine.  Sorry I didn’t keep you warmer.  It was kind of strange though I could feel the cold and actually being cold, but there wasn’t any pain or the sensation of being cold.  I guess that is a benefit of being clothing I guess.”  Giggling as I wonder why I even care that I didn’t keep her warmer.  I watch as Jessica finishes touching up her lipstick up and then put it back into her purse.  Then feeling her grabbing the dress part of me and pulling me up and causing my vision to change and adjust.

She finishes straightening me out a little and looks at her chest in the mirror and says, “How do we look?  Are we ready for the dance floor?”

I giggle and say, “We look amazing of course since you are wearing me.  I think I am ready.”

She strides from the rest room and makes her way towards John who is over by the bar.  He has a big grin on his face as Jessica and I both see he bought a bottle of expensive Champaign.  Hearing Jessica say, “Are you trying to get me drunk tonight John”

John looks you over and says, “Yes,” but has a wry smile now on his face.  “You do look amazing in that outfit honey.  I don’t even mind how much you spend on it.  It is probably my favorite one you have gotten so far,” he says.  Handing her a glass of Champaign and says, “Here is to my beautiful wife and how lovely she looks tonight and to our marriage and may we be happy forever”  I watch as they clink glasses and drink some of the Champaign down as she smiles at him.  She sets the glass on the table and grabs John’s hand and tries to lead him from his seat to the dance floor.  I feel John teasing her a bit as he resists before he finally gives up and goes with her to the dance floor.  Once they reach it he quickly pulls her into his arms as I can feel myself being pressed between them once again as the new song comes on.  I hear a fairly fast American jazz song come on as John starts to dance with Jessica as she is spun and twirled around as I rise up into the air as they dance.  I see other couples joining them on the dance floor as other people are around us.  I start to feel her sweat soaking into me from all the dancing and another wetness soaking into my panties.   John ever so often pulls her close to him as they dance as I’m pressed tightly between them before being spun away as my dress and petticoat rises up into the air.  I hear all around me the click of the heels on the wood dance floor.  After a few songs I hear Jessica say something to John, but unable to hear them with the loud music.  I then see her heading to the ladies room.  Once we are along she looks into the mirror at me and begin to babble to me, “How was that for you Katie?  I thought it was amazing…Oh my god you are the best outfit I have ever owned.  I am pretty sure John loves you too…I am so lucky to have found you.”  As she finishes babbling she realizes that she wasn’t even thinking about how I might feel being trapped in an assortment of her inanimate objects.

I slowly reply back, but not realizing how she talked to me like she owned me, “That was a lot of fun.  It was like a ride at an amusement park.  The spinning and twirling, but a few times I thought you were going to flash my panties to everyone in the room.  Luckily I stayed just low enough not to show them off.  Wow I can’t believe the thrill it was.  Plus I don’t get nauseated or sick or anything from the spinning.  It must be the perks of being your outfit.”  I can still feel some of her sweat wicking into me as she fixes her make up.

I hear the door behind her open so I shut up and notice John’s head poking into the ladies room and asking, “Anyone else in here?”  I see a big wry smile on his face.

To be continued…

5 thoughts on “Blue Dress part 4

  1. Haha….for the amount of material I have left to write the story this was the perfect spot to end at 😉 The sad thing is it will probably be a few weeks unless next weekend I have a lot of time to write it all

  2. Sorry for the delay on this. The nice weather and vacations have delayed me from being able to finish this story. This next part will be the last part for now. In the future who knows. I apologize again for take over a month in half to finish this up for you. I hope to have it finished in the next few weeks.


  3. Wow I feel really bad…I just started the story as it will be the last one. I apologize again for the delay. Just so many things going on lately. I finally have some time and hoping to have a lot of it written this weekend if nothing comes up. I did get about half a page written this afternoon/evening. Hopefully this will be finished soon and ready to read this weekend or early next week


  4. Sorry everyone I got sick over the weekend and didn’t have a chance to work on the last story. My plan is to work on it this week when I start feeling better. I’m sorry if you were hoping to read it today or tomorrow. I will do my best to get it post as soon as possible.


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