A porcelain prison (day fifty four)

Part five of my tale about the unforunate Dr. Black.  I will respond to comments in character, feel free to ask questions or suggest things to Natasha, Dr. Black or Dr. Grey. You never know, it might influence the next installment.These are the scientific notes of Dr. Jacob Black, written by his assistant Natasha Rubina due to Dr. Black’s current status.

Day 54
Natasha – I have spent weeks searching for Dr. Black, today I finally found him in the ladies executive toilets.

Dr. Black – This has been a terrifying ordeal for me. The guys from maintenance took me from the laboratory, and brought me straight to this ladies room. I thought it was the one that Natasha had told me about, so I never said anything while they bolted me to the floor, attached my waste pipe to the network or when they Hooked me up to the water main. Once fully installed the maintenance guy flushed me to check I was working correctly and left. It felt nice that my cistern automatically refilled after my orgasm and I looked forward to when Natasha would come to visit me.

It must have been less than an hour after I was installed that I first heard the clicking of heels in here, I was about to say hello to let Natasha know where I was when I heard them walk straight up to me. What I saw next terrified me, my view from the bottom of the bowl was filled with the sight with the vision of a middle aged woman pulling her panties down, she then pulled her skirt up and sat down on my seat. Within seconds she urinated into me, the taste was utterly disgusting and I was desperate to scream at her to get off of me, but I knew I would then be discovered and taken apart by some of my old colleagues. Since she did not move straight away after urinating I had a moment to mentally prepare for what was going to happen next. Watching her defecate was utterly horrific, her feces was slowly pushed out of her anus, it hung there for a moment before dropping into my bowl. The taste was so bad it took every fibre of my being not to shout at her. Luckily she quickly wiped and flushed me. The taste of her urine and feces lingered in my bowl, even after it had been taken away down my waste pipe. I figured that when Natasha came to check up on me I would get her to rescue me, I prayed that the next person to enter my stall was Natasha, unfortunately it was not. I was used a lot of times that first day by many women of all ages.

That night the janitor came in and cleaned me, after a day of keeping quiet while women emptied their bladders and bowels into my mouth I found it quite easy not to speak as she wiped me down and squirted bleach into my bowl. It tasted bad, but it was much better than the flavour and odour I had gathered throughout the day. I spent the rest of the night praying for Natasha to come, but the next day followed the same pattern as the last. I cannot believe I have been installed here for over a month and although I still find human waste in my mouth unpleasant I have managed to get used to it and come to terms with the situation. What I had a bigger problem with was the loneliness, having nobody to converse with has been hell. I just hope Natasha comes to visit me often until we figure out a way to get me out of here.

Dr. Grey – Spending the last month as nothing but a high heel has been a hell for me, constantly getting trod on and having the feeling of a girl’s toes up my arse has been deeply unpleasant. For the first few weeks Natasha wore me daily, which was horrible. But the last couple of weeks she has been alternating me with another pair of heels, only wearing me once every two days. The days spent on the closet floor are boring, but they make a nice change from being worn.

Natasha also decided to try and find an erogenous zone on my body. After touching and rubbing lots of various areas we found that inside my toecap if she moves her toes right she can stimulate my prostate which gives me somewhat of a sexual release. It still feels a little bit strange to enjoy having something up my backside making me orgasm. Natasha seems to think that maybe I should try to think of myself as female and pretend my toecap is a vagina rather than an anus, since my male organs were not converted. She has this idea that maybe that will somehow make all this easier for me.

Natasha’s notes.
I am so glad I have found the Dr… Although I am upset that my plan backfired and caused him to be subjected to this, I am relieved he does not blame me. Dr. Grey has also started to come to terms with his new life. He has been assisting me with my research, unfortunately the more experiments we perform the more we seem to prove the changes are permanent. I have also been toying with the idea of using the machine to transform willing subjects, maybe there will be a market for this.

21 thoughts on “A porcelain prison (day fifty four)

  1. I would love to be a first volunteer for a change. Not quite sure what I want to be, but would love to offer to pay you of course. It would have to cost a fortune.

    • Natasha – I have been thinking about this for a while now. In my opinion the best two ways to do it would be;
      ¤ you pay to be transformed into an item of your choice which I then keep.
      ¤ I transform you into an item of my choice free of charge and then sell you in an auction.

      Let me know if you are interested in using this service.

      • I think I would enjoy being something that you could wear. You can have all my possessions, but most would be located in the US. I only 20,000 USD. So not sure if that is enough to have you pick an item, but enough for you to be nice as what I become.

        If that works I would be interested in meeting to discuss this further with you.

        • Natasha – that is a lot of money, I would be willing to make you into anything you wanted. If I could make a suggestion though, perhaps you could be the other shoe for Dr. Grey to help him get through this.

          • Either that or maybe an expensive purse or dress. Youa re going to need that once you start making money. I wouldn’t like it if you found a way to change Dr Grey back and now im left in the closet as a single heel to be left there or tossed away.

  2. I would love to partake in your experiment as a volunteer!

    But how do you plan to keep something like this under wraps from your supervisors? It’s just a matter of time until someone notices any monetary transactions and missing persons from the building, and I’m not entirely sure your company would back such a project.

    • Natasha – I have an idea of scanning the machine itself then making the first person into a copy that I can smuggle out. After that point I can perform the transformations anywhere. As for the money, I will hide that offshore.

  3. Doctor Black. I’m glad to see you were located, even if in an unpleasant circumstance. it may help to think of the positives rather than dwelling on the negatives.. You may not enjoy the flavors, but perhaps if you focus on what you find enjoyable about the current situation you may find yourself better able to bear up under it’s weight.

    Doctor Grey, I’m sorry that your experiments have so far proven unsuccessful. Remember most of science is discovering things that don’t work. As to the idea of viewing yourself as female now… well you are a very feminine item at the moment. Besides, focusing on making your voice sound more womanly should be a good distraction for you.

    Natasha, I doubt you would find yourself lacking in market for either people wanting to be items, or people wanting to own items that were once people. Do you know why they retain their voices though?

    • Dr. Black – the only enjoyable thing really is that I get flushed about 20 times a day. Regrettably that only seems to happen after a woman has used me to empty her bowels.

      Dr. Grey – the more experiments we perform the more I think that I will spend the rest of my days as a shoe. As for pretending to be female… I guess I have nothing to lose.

      Natasha – so far we have not been able to figure out how they retain the ability to communicate, I have a feeling that it may have something to do with their soul.

      • Natasha, I saw the note you made about turning someone into a copy of the device, I assume it is computer controlled. I question the wisdom of turning a person into a computerized object. Thus far the forms have been either unmoveing or mechanical in nature. What if the active mind of the transformed allows more control of a computerized environment. You should probably conduct more experiments to this effect, otherwise you may end up with a transformation machine that decides you would look better as an object..

        • Natasha – thank you for the advice Miss Alice, that is an eventuality I did not consider. Perhaps I could test by having someone converted into something benign like a tablet or mobile phone first.

          Since you seem to be quite good at thinking outside the box, I was wondering if you may know of a place I could go to find a volunteer to replace Dr. Black in that ladies lavatory? You see I have an idea of how I can smuggle him out, but I would need someone to take his place so security would not be looking for someone stealing a toilet…

          • Before I go looking for a volunteer to take the tempting offer of tradeing their humanity in for an eternity of kissing butts I must ask:

            Is there a reason you could not simply buy a toilet?

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