5 thoughts on “The best bridesmaid

  1. Tasha doesn’t feel any emotional connection to someone else’s baby, a baby she never wanted. Doug bonds with the child over the course of the pregnancy and begs to keep the little girl after the birth. He wants to remain a woman so that he can breastfeed the child. Eventually, he decides that he can’t go back because he doesn’t want her daughter to lose the only mother she’s ever known.

    Dani (new legal name) enjoys being a parent, is worried about the pressures of being a single mother, and is a little scared because she doesn’t know what to teach her daughter about being a woman. A few days after the party, she is showing Tasha photos of her daughter’s first birthday.

    After looking over the photos, Tasha says, “You know, two years ago today you told me that you would be willing to pitch in for a day but there was no way you would want to spend the rest of your life as a woman. You even laughed about it as I recall. Don’t worry about not knowing what it is like to grow up as a girl. You’ve become the woman she needs and you two will do fine.”

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