A porcelain prison (day thirty two)

Part four of my tale about the unforunate Dr. Black.  I will respond to comments in character, feel free to ask questions or suggest things to either Natasha or Dr. Grey. You never know, it might influence the next installment.

These are the scientific notes of Dr. Jacob Black, written by his assistant Natasha Rubina due to Dr. Black’s current missing status.

Day 32
It’s been a week since maintenance took Dr. Black. The next day I went to look for him in the ladies toilets that are being refurbished and the broken toilet was still there. I then checked all of the toilets on the floors that I have access to, I also broke into the maintenance storage area and could not find him. Which means that he has been installed somewhere I cannot get to, been packed and sent to the supplier that the company orders its toilets from or he has been found out.

Searching for the Dr. was only made harder by Dr. Grey. I decided that I should wear him, both to break him into his new life and to also give him some additional incentive to help to get the machine to work on inanimate materials. The morning after the unfortunate incident with Dr. Grey I removed him from my purse and stood him in front of the mirror. Without saying a word I then got ready for work, the last thing I did before leaving was to slip my foot into him and do up his buckle. That first day all he did was scream and shout for someone to rescue him. Luckily his cries were quite faint due to his new size, but in a quiet place they were very noticeable. As the week progressed he has become more well behaved in public, but whenever I try to speak to him directly or when we are alone he just swears at me constantly. I think that the only reason he is sometimes silent in public is just a fear of being found and dismantled like he wanted to do to Dr. Black. Maybe if I read him some questions from you he may respond better.

I have also used the machine on the mouse, I transformed her into a copy of a set of diamond earrings and a necklace with a small diamond pendant that my grandmother left me. While not worth more than a few hundred I figured that the money would come in handy. There is no way I can sell the jewelry as it keeps making distressed squeaking sounds. When I wear all three pieces of it and talk gently to it the squeaking tends to stop. I feel awful for putting the animal through this, but I now know that I cannot use the machine to just make quick cash. Unless I try to ignore the fact that I would be torturing animals.

Hopefully I will find Dr. Black soon…

6 thoughts on “A porcelain prison (day thirty two)

  1. Natasha,

    First off, you have my sincere hopes that you find Dr. Black quickly. You must be very nervous about all this, and I can only hope he has not been used and forced to keep quiet or risk discovery.

    For Dr. Grey, I wonder where you found a shoe to match him, since you only made him one of a pair? And as for the mouse, I understand it’s squeaking must be very trying, but since the device works on organics, what about using it on plants to provide raw material for transformations? And obviously, you have this secure forum to take questions about the experiment and reactions to it. Perhaps there are people willing to pay for participation, willingly, in more experiments. You could charge them a nominal fee to particpate, and perhaps convert them into items to be sold.

    • Natasha – I am terrified that I may not find Dr. Black, the idea of him being treated as a common lavatory is unbearable for me.

      As for Dr. Grey, I am using him as a replacement for the shoe I scanned, I am leaving the real left shoe at home. For some reason the machine sees plant material the same way it sees inorganic material, it can only target animal subjects.

      I cannot imagine that there would be many people out there that would be willing to let me turn them into objects for me to sell.

  2. Natasha, I’m very sorry to hear about you losing track of Dr. Black. I hope you are able to locate him soon. I don’t suppose you thought to supply him with any kind of transmitter device? I”m sorry to hear about that poor mouse. On the plus side you’ve got a way to test any attempts to undo the transformation without risking Doctor grey.

    Doctor Grey, First I must ask.. how does it feel to be a shoe? How does it feel being filled by a foot and walked upon?

    That out of the way, Have you gotten a chance to look over Blacks notes and see if there is a place where you can apply your expertise to restoreing your human shape?

    • Natasha – unfortunately we never thought about the possibility of him getting lost, in retrospect a transmitter would have been a very good idea. As for the poor little mouse, i’m not sure if I can bring myself to torture the little creature more than I already have. She only seems content when I wear her, in the morning she will squeak at me from my jewelry box until I put her on. I think it is because I am warm and she gets to move around a little.

      Dr. Grey – I am glad someone decided to talk to me, thank goodness someone is taking my plight seriously. Being a high heel is completely awful, it feels like my face is situated at the tip of the toe cap facing outward, meaning that I can at least see. The heel itself feels like my legs, they are fused together and feel very stiff. The ankle strap feels like my arms with the buckle as my hands. The insole feels like my tongue, alas I can still taste with it. But by far the worst thing about this is that the inside of the toe cap feels like my arse. When Natasha wears me I feel like I am carrying her, except to me she seems to weigh tonnes. My arms feel like they are handcuffed around her ankle and they start to ache after a while. All I can taste is the bottom of her stocking which is not too bad in the morning, but trust me it gets worse as the day goes on. Her toes jammed up my backside doesn’t hurt but it is very uncomfortable. When she walks I am either being stamped on or I am zooming forward about to get stamped on, hear all that Natasha? (he then began to swear at me and call me names, I do not see a point in documenting that, he never got to the second question… I will ask him again later).

      • Doctor grey.. this situation is terrible, but you did threaten to kill Doctor black so you have to accept at least partial responsibility for your current situation. Would you have been happier if she had simply used a gun to protect her mentor?

        A better use of your time, would be to figure a way to use the device to fix your body rather than cursing at the only person on the planet likely to view you as anything other than a fashion statement.

        • Dr. Grey – I can see your point, Alice, but I do not think that you understand how degrading and humiliating this situation is for me. Natasha has mentioned to me how Dr. Black still had the feeling of his former penis and testicles. I have nothing like that as her shoe, it is like they are totally gone.

          But I will start to help Natasha find a way to fix us… I just hope she doesn’t lose me like she did Dr. Black…

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